Viral Crap #1: Thrift Shop

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  1. So. This thing got viral pretty fast. And I don't really know about it. It has it's pros and cons


    1. Cool Chorus.
    2. I half agree with the message of the song (Don't buy expensive clothes to show off, that's for the weak)
    3. It dethroned Gangnam Style.


    1. Tons of idiots like the song.
    2. Macklemore is not a good rapper.
    3. It's viral.

    So yeah, I kinda like the song, if only it wasn't viral. It will get parodied like crazy and I will probably get an alergic reaction to this, but so far, I listen to it when I come across it on my music channels.
  2. 1. Ton's of idiots like anything shoved on the radio, it's huge for an artist not on a major label to get that big, so it's a win/win/lose deal with douchy people hopping on the bandwagon for as long as its #1.

    2. :pity2: agree to disagree, watch some of his other videos.
  3. Yeah, but that kind of lowers the value of the song.

    Think of your favourite song, and then think of the type of person you hate the most humming it and calling it "DA BEST SONG EVAH"

    I did. Just seems like an Eminem (the new, worse Eminem) wannabe.
  4. There are asshole fans even in underground hip hop, it's just something to ignore and should have no personal effect on your artist.

    Comparing him to eminem in any way is a huge positive, chief. Dude is authentic all by himself, in my book.
    Any time we have a quality white rapper, he gets compared to eminem, and i always say the same thing. Awesome.
  5. Of course he gets compared to Eminem. He is considered the best white rapper of all time.

    But now he is pretty generic and most of his songs are him screaming the lyrics and talking bout his childhood.

    It's true Macklemore has his own flow and a pretty unique voice, but he doesn't stand out yet. He does have potential, but right now I see him going commercial.

    Let's hope I'm wrong.
  6. Lets all just be thrilled to see a chart topping song with an actual positive message.
  7. Have you heard Wings? :rock:
  8. Yep.

    Thrift Shop>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Gangnam Style.
  9. Cool song..

    Lol everytime I hear the R. Kelly reference...

    .......Piss :dawg:
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