Vote for next Superstar in a WWE Studio movie

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Aug 26, 2014.

  1. Brock Lesnar. Portraying the bodyguard and protector of the main villain would suit him well. He would have made the perfect sub-boss in a Mortal Kombat game (ala Goro, Kintaro, etc.)
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  2. Actually, the fact that Reigns is only being beaten by the Undertaker helps confirm his level of 'overness' with the fans methinks. Just an observation from the current scores. (Reigns - 21%, Undertaker - 35%)
  3. I think it means something, but polls shouldn't be taken too seriously. I think there's usually only thousands of people (as opposed to the millions that make up WWE's entire fan base) that vote in these.
  4. Daniel Bryan - my favorite wrestler, portraying a lumberjack going on a murder rampage. lol

    Seriously, I dunno. I'm not really amped up about the WWE movies these days, they're usually meh. However, I am looking forward to The Lockdown starring Ambrose...
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  5. Of course
  6. I voted for Bray. I love his promos, he would do great in a movie
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  7. Paige - Playing a stuck up b****.
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  8. I voted Reigns but lets be real.. why is Stardust on that list?
  9. Good actors are weird. They are off a little bit. It is why they don't work 9-5 and five days per.

    Ambrose has a bit of Piper in him. Sorry, but Piper is the best actor WWE ever produced.