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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Just Kevin, May 27, 2014.

  1. I doubt the voting will matter and it will be rigged as all WWE polls are... but anyway, here ya go..

    Vote Here

  2. I voted for Laurenitis but Hulkster is tearing it up in the voting, that could be cool too I suppose.
  3. I love how the comments are filled with "STING!!" lol
  4. Lol right.. I mean I guess that would be okay but I think there are a few better options currently.
    Who'd you vote for?
  5. Regal. Been a Regal mark since I was a kid.
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  6. I can't decide between having fun and voting Adam Rose, being a mark and voting for Regal or Johnny Ace, and being Serious Snow and going "Other. Nobody."
  7. Hogan.. call me a sap but I like having him around for nostalgic reasons lol
  8. Guy can't even cut a promo without botching. It would be a disaster waiting to happen.
  9. Exactly... more entertainment... and a drinking game as well... take a shot for every botched Hulk promo on RAW lol
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  10. In hindsight I probably should've just wrote in Shane McMahon's name.. We haven't seen him in awhile and he could be an interesting GM for the promotion.
  11. Stadiums and arenas around the world would be reduced to smoking rubble with him around.
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  12. I vote for Ron Simmons
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  13. I doubt we will ever see Shane in the WWE again... he, wisely, went and made his own way in the world.
  14. Can't decide between Regal and Big Johnny. Screw it, I'm going with other and putting up Otunga.:otunga:
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  15. Awesome... the world needs chaos to stay balanced =)
  16. Essentially if that happens then I'm jumping ship for good. lol
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  17. I heard his company isn't doing that great, plus he's just a chairman now so he has one of the more flexible schedules as one of the high ups in the company. I loved Shane idk why I thought he was entertaining, I give him props though on having a $25-35 million dollar net worth over the past several years not being part of the company.
  18. God, Hogan is winning in a land slide. I don't want to see that white wig of his and those tight jeans more than once a year.
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  19. Shane McMahon was badass.... coming out there and taking the huge falls and big bumps as the son of the owner of the company. Gargantuan balls and ultimate respect from the people in the locker room.. that's what he had.
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