#VoteForHannah As Admin

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Hannah Bee, Aug 12, 2012.

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  1. Let's make history. Be a part of it.

    Vote For Hannah To Become the FIRST FEMALE ADMIN!

    Show your support by buying #VoteForHannah merchandise!

    Shirt ($15):


    Buy at:

    Stickers (Good for everywhere like car windows and walls!) ($2 each):

    Buy At:


    Buy At:

    If you can't buy these merchandise, you can still show your love by putting this on your signature!

    [size=7][color=#FF1493][center][b]Vote For Hannah Heywood as Admin! #VoteForHannah[/b][/center][/color][/size]
    Vote For Hannah Heywood as Admin! #VoteForHannah

    Thank you!

    Much love, Hannah. :emoji_kissing_heart:*
  2. No, Hoss for admin.
  3. :((
  4. Xanth for Admin!
  5. Man I'd love some wweforums merchandise.
  6. mike for admin
  7. soldius is a girl just ask her
  8. Typed "momentum" instead of "merchandise". Ugh.
  9. That would actually work with a RandySavage quote t-shirt line.

    I'd buy it.

    We'd be funded for life if we made that.
  11. Randy for Admin :hmm:
  12. vouch
  13. xanth for demotion, sophie for admin.
  14. :sad: Bu-but I do HQ posts and threads, why I no get chance :((
  15. Come on guyssssss... <3 I know you want me as Admin!
  16. Closed. I see others trying to make threads like these.

    We just had a talk. :tough:
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