Wade Barret.

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  1. How would you book this man? Really want to see him as the next WHC. Would you change his gimmick, well, give him one? I'm gonna sit on the fence on this one, would love to see some suggestions.
  2. I always disliked him as well as NXT.
    I would just make him retire after a bad injury or something :emoji_wink:
  3. Lol fair enough. I'm a massive fan so I don't approve! :emoji_wink:.

    Any particular reason you dislike him?
  4. He's too skinny to be a WHC.
    Also from being owned (when he started) he's now one of the top contenders?

    He's been embarrassed too many times imo.
  5. [​IMG]
    Skinny? :O!

    Everyone does that though. I mean Daniel Bryan has jobbed to everyone this year, and is now WHC lol. Punk was a jobber not so long ago, and now look. Your choice though, it's good in a way, he needs people to hate him since he's a heel lol.
  6. I never said I hate him.
    Well I could only see him in midcard.
  7. I'd turn him face and give him a few month with WHC, feud with DB (heel) :emoji_slight_smile:
  8. Oh my bad, I apologise. He would definitely give the mid card some credit I suppose.

    I'd also love to see him in a feud with DB for title, and eventually him winning it.
  9. Wade's been floating around since the end of Nexus sadly so I'd prefer he has a longer build up to the WHC were he's in and around the main event but doesn't challenge for the belt until roughly 6 months has passed.. He needs to stand on his own two feet no more stables or even alliances just give him the mic and he will get heat as the money grabbing bare knuckle fighter. I wouldn't mind him having his own talkshow segment such as the cutting edge. A feud with Sheamus should happen soon they seemed to be going with it before Sheamus turned face then it just disappeared basically.
  10. Good idea actually. Though I despise the money gimmicks, they don't go far (not including ted). I'd love his own talks how, did you see him interviewing people on wwe.com? He's had 2 segments on there interviewing other stars, very funny.
  11. He wouldn't be keyfabe rich such as Dibiase or JBL but just a really money hungry heel as in the only reason he wasn't the title is just to get the bigger payday.
    Yeah when he hijacked the camera? It came off really babyfaceish for me in a Rock kinda style were his was mocking people but it was so funny.
  12. i dont know really but there is three people in my mind set to win the rumble Wade Ziggler or Cody so id Wade wins that could set up him and DB for wrestlemania but i'm not actually sure he is ready for that if they bring back MITB at Mania he could always win that but the direction he is going in has more twist's and turns than i can count
  13. I could actually see Wade winning the Rumble and going up against Bryan. There is alot of history to that feud with their beginning on nXt then onto the nexus. You could build the feud with Wade being jealous of Bryan for getting the WHC and the bigger payday. Especially after Wade won nXt and was Bryan's leader in the nexus.
  14. That would be great, I'd love that. Wade is on my short list of potential winners with Orton, Sheamus, Miz and Jericho among him.I think Wade should go over Bryan at Mania too (Seeing as though Bryan would of had a long reign by then, and it'd boost Barret significantly).
  15. i like the sound of that also it would be another step closer to the future i like both guys and for Wade to make an impact like that on wrestlemania it will keep him relevent for a while
  16. I loved his from the very start of Nexus. The core when that was going what a pile of shite. He is best on his own and his feud with Orton could get him in the title picture. He should go for the WHC.
  17. He should already be a 1 time WHC/WWE Champion. They messed up with that, so I do hope he does become WHC next year.
  18. He should have won at survivor series with that free of fired idea they had with Cena. Have Barrett win the belt Cena gets the living crap beaten out of him by Nexus after attempting to attack Wade. Barrett holds the belt till Mania were Cena beats him to end the feud. Then Miz cashes in on Cena at Mania. It's just a rough outline but I'd have prefferd it to Wade getting literally buried under all the chairs.
  19. Exactly. When Cena did get fired he was there every week, they must of known they were going to do that, so why not just free him but continue the feud. Sigh. Nexus was the best thing to happen in a long, long time.