Wade Barrett Injury Update.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Zamorakian, Feb 21, 2012.

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  1. Source: Wrestlezone

    According to Road Dogg..a sidelining injury, I know how it feels to dislocate your elbow he must of got really hurt.

    Pity you Big Show.
  2. Hope he gets well soon.


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  3. Thanks for the update.
    Get Well Soon, Barrett... I assume he'd be in MITB, so who would take his place?
  4. Noo! I knew it was serious but I had my hopes. Poor guy.
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  5. Because of wrestlers like Show, great young talents like Wade are career-threatened every day at work and that's what I call unsafe working environment.
  6. To be honest, even though I'd jump at any chance to blame this on Big Show it wasn't hit fault. It was just a bad landing, they do these spots all the time (catching superstars), just bad luck on Wade's part. Hope he comes back into some major story-line though.

  7. What happened to Randy? Like non-Kayfabe where is he?
  8. Lol Big Show gave him a concussion.

  9. "According to WWE.com"

    So basically he's on vacation again for a few weeks I suppose.
  10. I think he has a small legitimate injury, I can't see him wanting to go on vacation on RTWM season.
  11. It looked to me like he threw him too hard/far. He should have just dropped him. Also R Truth wasn't in position on time, you can see the ref having to tell him to get up when he's laying on the floor just before the spot happens (but Truth himself took a hard bump right on his arse)
  12. I guess he'll miss WM then...
  13. Poor Truth, in the wars recently. Probably right, Ziggler was flung. Don't think he's hurt he's just that damn good at selling.
  14. Yea Ziggs is fine, was probably just a little woozy
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