Wade Barrett return.

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Urn Anderson, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. When the hell is he supposed to be coming back?
  2. Apparently it would take him 6 -8 months to rehab so around September I guess.

  3. wonder what storyline he would be in if he didn't hurt himself getting thrown over the ropes -.- :((
  4. I can't wait for this guy to be back I miss the Barrett Barrage. And I miss him on the mic and just been a general all round epic heel.
  5. Apparently he was to win the MITB briefcase.
  6. If that fat fuck Big Show didn't injure him, we would have him in the summer angle and it would be a fucking hit!
  7. I miss him so much.
  8. I thought he'd be back earlier. Well, I'm sure it won't take that long.
  9. What really gets me is the fact it was such an unnecessary spot. The match was entertaining enough, the fans were into it, the stipulation was big enough that it didn't need Dolph ZIggler to fly into an already injured Barrett outside the ring; the crowd would have gone "woah" then forget it ever happened 2 minutes later.

    Incidentally what a pro Jericho is, checking on him non-kayfabe. Such a top guy.
  10. No I heard he coming back in to for the World Title MITB match.
  11. I wish tbh, mind linking me to the source?
  12. Well he can't be in the RAW one. I'd mark if he was in and won the SD one.
  13. I herad it a few month ago idr the site it was on though. But I did heard te WWE was pushing for he to coming back in time for the MITB PPV to be in the Smackdown aka World Title MITB Match win it sine that are going to 6 or 8 people in it not have him do that much and he get the cheat win and then for the 1st month that he the winner of the MITB he just sit at teh comment booth and be backstage for a mouth promo he the MITB winner and then when fully ready to return to cash it in. But this was a roomer that I heard a few month ago and i don't remember the site it was on?
  14. I'd honestly mark my pants off for Barrett returning in time. Sadly his injury was quite serious so I don't think the chances are big though. He was originally slated to win MITB at WM also.
  15. yet but if that put him in the the SmackDown one and he just does promo until the mitb match at the ppv and with 6 or 8 other guy in it wade would half to do much get a cheat win and the for a month can just promo about being MR.MITB and commetent here and ther until he fully ready to return. I mean he has a fully to cash it in so I think we can wait a month.
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