Wade Barrett trolled you! - Crayo was not wrong.

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Zamorakian, Feb 9, 2012.

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  1. I guess english people can read each others mind, yes Crayo was right Wade was trolling us :emoji_slight_frown:

  2. Was this him in character? or else sad face :verysad:
  3. Fuck him then. I no longer like the guy.

    The theme is THAT bad
  4. Love Wade's Twitter posts sometimes :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  5. We can kiss his arse, but if he thinks he is sticking it to us he is wrong. He is sticking it to himself
  6. Oh how I love being right.
  7. Like I said, he might think he was trolling the fans, but he is trolling himself if he thinks that theme is worth a damn
  8. I can see how you're pissed off, don't worry i am too.
  9. I'm not pissed off. If I were a WB fan I'd be pissed, but I hate the guy. I hope he keeps that piece of shit theme for the rest of his career and never gets near the World Title scene
  10. Why do you hate him? You loved him a day or so ago?
  11. In Conclusion, I would like to state this-

    Wade's theme sucks.
  12. Him, and his 100'000+ fans can kiss my venomous arse. The Viper owns Barrett :emoji_wink:
  13. On Dec 26 2011, Chris Jericho tweeted : I'm done w/WWE. Deal with it
  14. I can't support someone who has this theme
  15. That's ridiculous. I hate Jericho's theme. You mark for the superstar - not the theme.
  16. .... Jericho's theme is ancient, even HBK thinks Jericho needs a new theme
  17. I can't mark for a superstar with that theme; period.
  18. Agreed.

    Once he cuts a sick promo - so when he gets his next period of mic time, you'll either retract your statement or you weren't really a big mark of his anyway.

    If Jericho came out to the Simpsons theme tune I'd still love him.
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  19. Think what you want to think man, I used to love him and now I don't. It's pretty simple.
  20. Actually, it's not ancient, it's new to be honest. He's had several different versions of "Break the Walls" now.
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