Wade Barrett vs The Miz

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  1. I see a lot of people saying it is dumb to let Miz win at Mania w/ Barrett taking his belt back the next night.

    I disagree. I think it is good for a couple of reasons.

    Besides the obvious, it was surprising to most of us, it also helps add validity to the rematch clause stipulation. While most take it for granted that the former champ will job, in the 'reality' of kayfabe these should be viewed as two even talented wrestlers so there should be more guys who regain their belt when using their rematch clauses.

    I don't think it should happen all the time or be used as an excuse to play hot potato w/ belts, but on occasion it can be a solid booking ploy, which it was in this case IMO.
  2. Whenever Miz loses and Barrett wins, it's good news to me.
  3. It can also help kickstart Barrett again. Which is what I hope. Kayfabing it so that the title meant so much to him that he had to get it back. Let him gain some real momentum now and maybe make this a feud to help solidify this reign. Something his old one didn't.
  4. Does miz get a rematch for his 24 hour reign?
  5. Hope not, let him go off and make another shitty movie for 6 months - 20 years
  6. I thought it was a waste of time, I like The Miz, and actually kind of pissed about it, but yet again, Its ok because he will get it back at extreme rules. Wade Barrett sucks, and is about as boring as watching fucking paint dry.
  7. I suppose as DZ said it makes you feel the former champion has a chance when 99.9 % of the time the current Champ will win the match. Not that i am a fan of rematches as wwe overdoes them for every single belt and we see no fresh feuds.

    Not that i care about Barrett but if wwe are serious on him as a main event player then they must book him properly from now on,kill two birds with one stone and make the ic title important.
  8. I am glad Barrett got it back, and hopefully they can get some feud going between them for this title, but not just a feud to Extreme Rules, invest in it. Miz is great on the mic, Barrett is a bruiser, work with their strengths WWE
  9. This made us realize that the rematch clauses are important.Than anything can happen.
    Even if we don't see something like this in the next 20 years
  10. I agree that rematches suck.. if I had a choice I would get rid of that stupid rematch clause BS... but since we are stuck with it I like that the former champ reclaims his title when using his clause for once.. if they insist on rematch clauses this needs to happen a little more regularly.
  11. Miz should be at the top fighting with Rock imo
  12. :eww:
  13. Fixed :phew:
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  14. I like the fix LOL.
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  15. Exactly but who wanna have a 24 hrs title reign?
  16. I doubt that Miz cares. He isn't a self mark, and knows wins/losses aren't real.

    if I were a hardcore Miz fan I would feel a little gutted, but that is just part of being a wrestling fan.
  17. Since Undertaker's retiring, they're splitting up his character among a bunch of young guys.

    Dark, creepy entrance: Conor O'Brien
    Keeps getting buried but come back more over: Ziggler and Bryan
    The Streak: Miz. 4-0 bitch
  18. Cool Big E sig, I have the same one. I wish that asshole in front would gtfo of the way though so I could see those bodacious D cups of his.
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  19. Marked out when Barrett won the belt, indeed I do like that the rematch clause meant something, also hoping that he gets pushed correctly this time.
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