Wade Barrett

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  1. Could he ever be face? I think he will always be known as the leader of the Nexus and Corre so no.
  2. All it would take is a PPV in England where he does something heroic. The pop he would receive would transcend the area he is in. All he would have to do is show up on RAW the next night smiling, and he'd be the typical WWE face.
  3. Yeah, he can be a face in the future, I guess. I don't really want to see it, but I don't doubt it.
  4. His looks kind off works against him. He looks like a bad guy.
  5. I think he looks like a bad guy as well.His English accent makes him sound like a heel as well
  6. He's a great heel, I think he justs needs a gimmick tweak. His look is of a natural heel, he's good on the mic as a heel, and his history can help with his heel runs, so please keep him heel.
  7. He can, just like Senhor Perfect said, but I would never even think about it.
    Wade is a great Heel. period
  8. Yeah I could see him being a face. He wouldn't eve have to change much since he's already getting clean wins. All Barrett would have to do is face more heels than faces and he would automatically be face. His demeanor could stay the same, sort of like Orton except less boring
  9. And British. Don't forget. For some reason I feel like it would become a key factor in his face character.
  10. Yeah it could become a key part of his character. He could lose to Americans :jeritroll:
  11. INB4 Barrett breaks Undertaker's skull with a tea tray.
  12. inb4 John Cena dumps Wade Barrett's personal supply of tea into the Boston Harbor
  13. I can see it now.

    "In an unthinkable act, John Cena, in front of his hometown crowd, dumped Wade Barrett's personal supply of tea into the Boston Harbor, reminiscent of the Boston Tea Party of 1846.
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  14. :pipebomb:
  15. British people in the WWE are born heels.
  16. He's got a great wit so could imo.
  17. Gawd if this happens please shoot my arse. Wade's a natural heel, why try to disrupt it gahhh
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