Wade Barrett.

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by RoyalRaven, Apr 8, 2013.

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  1. What's next? Since losing alot of his Matches as IC Champ and now losing to the Miz. What's next? Back to midcard? Getting another title push?

    Personally i think he'll stay in mid card, which is a shame since i'd like to see at least someone from Europe hold a decent title for a change.
  2. Yeah he probably going to stay in the mid card ranks for a long time until they think he's ready for one of the top 2 titles. But with his current gimmick, we could be waiting for a while.
    They might stick him in another feud with Sheamus or maybe Christian when he comes back( just a random thought in my head)
  3. Him losing was good news, not bad news. It opens up a possibility for him to be repackaged and pushed back into the ME.
  4. That is true, it is good news in a way but I thought when he won the IC title on New Year's Eve, there was only a matter of time before hes given a big push.
    Time will tell and we shall see what happens tonight on Raw if he uses his rematch clause tonight
  5. Will probably be buried and spend a while in the midcard.
  6. I could see him maybe winning the world championship money in the bank this year because so far he is the only person who stands out
  7. I'd love you to be right but I won't hold my breath, btw dope new name don't change it.
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  8. I could see that happening too but he might have competition from Sheamus, Christian and many other mid carders so there could be a slim chance he could win MITB, he could have won it last year if not for his injury.
  9. one minutes hes champion and another hes a waste land..... confusion.
  10. Watch RAW :gusta:
  11. Makes me feel good :obama:
  12. Jobber
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