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  1. Barrett was a guy we all figured would be a Main Eventer for sure when he was in Nexus. It was an awesome angle, Barrett cut great promos, it was awesome. Then Cena buried them. Wade then went to SD with the Corre, it was alright, then they lost and lost, broke up and WB jobbed to Zeke. He then ran around doing nothing until a feud with Orton, jobbed. We heard reports saying they were going to have MITB and Wade was taking it then he got hurt. Before his return they came up with those awesome video packages, then he came back, beat jobbers for a while. Then started to job, won the IC, jobbed while champ, lost the belt, and now that he lost MITB as well he's just a jobber. So far I've just rambled about how much WB has jobbed but the point isn't really to grief on Barrett's chances to succeed, but really to try to figure out why. OK, he's not that good in the ring, but he's a perfectly fine worker, this hasn't stopped them before. He's tall, has a good look and can cut great promos, so what the hell? Why do you think Barrett is in this position? Does WWE simply hate him? Does WWE like him but can't seem to find a way to book him well? Are they holding out for a push at a later date, are they making him pay his dues or whatever? Discuss.
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  2. I agree with you, his jobs can fill up a resume sheet IMO. ; - ;

    I think that WWE secretly hates their British superstars. Look at Regal, not winning a major championship in his career.
  3. Yanks and Brittish accents! Thats why!
  4. I don't get the Barrett love and i am English. He is a decent talker but not nearly as good as some people make out i think its the accent that makes people believe he is better then he really is. Also his ring skills are pretty mediocre,cannot remember a stand out match from him.
  5. Maybe heat backstage. Maybe he doesn't kiss the boss' ass like the others *cough*Sheamus*cough*
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