Wade Barretts new look

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Jul 30, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]
    Taking classes from Seabs I see Wade.
  2. He looks like a :boss1: I wouldn't :laugh: in his face other wise I'd end up :sad: whilst he's all :lol1: :umad:
  3. One smiley sums it up: :fap:

    Seriously though we need that badass look on TV.
  4. He... He's beautiful. :cornette:
  5. Nice beard.
  6. He's coming back as a face for sure. I hope.

    Show Spoiler

    He's a natural heel, no face turn should be done in the near future.
  8. Beard always means Face.
  9. That is fucking awesome. Ohhh so so awesome !
  10. Hogan, Miz, Bryan all grew them out as heels lol.
  11. lmfao this.

    Barrett is no face
  12. Punk and Jericho are another two that spring to mind. I'm pretty sure there's been more heels with beards than faces tbh.
  13. Heelbeards rule.
  14. Apart from Miz's one, that's an abomination.

    Oh and how could I forget :sandow::finger::otunga::bury:: and of course :steiner:
  15. Sorry but that is a very stupid statement. So many more heels had beards than faces. Seabs already pointed out a couple.

    It is much easier to look menacing or evil with a beard than kind and benevolent. Mick Foley works as a face with his beard because he overall looks like a kind old uncle.
  16. Miz's makes him look abit more hollywoodish IMO, played in well with his return promo.


    Do I look menacing?
  17. Miz's needs to grow out more or be darker IMO, it looks like something that I would grow tbh, really bumfluffy.

    And yes you do look menacing :urm:
  19. IT'S WOLVERINE. :booker:
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