Wade Barrett's return/theme

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. If WB returns with a new/different theme than the one he left with I will give everyone ITT a +5 rep.

    If he returns with the same theme, I'll -5 everyone who posts ITT.

    Discuss his awful theme
  2. He should have a theme done in the style of Oasis IMO, it would fit him pretty well and breaks off the British stereotype of classical themes.
  3. Posting for rep because all you do lately is neg me :emoji_slight_frown:

    His theme(s) have all been bad minus Nexus. Catchy, but so bad. He needs a proper mega-heel theme, similarly to HHH's.
  4. I have more neg rep from you than you have from me :haha:
  5. Only because of spite :emoji_slight_frown:!!
  6. Once again Crayo has been abusing power.
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  7. you removed my negatives?? Idk how to feel about this
  8. I play on people's emotion strings like a puppeteer.
  9. I feel like you will regret that when I neg rep you tomorrow
  10. I really will. You have no idea :emoji_slight_frown:.
  11. Don't try to guilt me into not neg repping you once every three days. Man up and take what's coming to you.
  12. It's okay, I'll treat them as accurate reflections on your true feelings for me. And there's me going around telling people we were broskis :sad:
  13. An evil man that needs a push needs a song by the God of metal, and one of the best guitarist ever, but composed by one of the best bands ever.
  14. I don't pos. rep people anymore. If you get neg rep from me cherish it and remember it forever.
  15. No I'll continue to take it personally and cut myself each time you do it.
  16. It's to dangerous to cut alone, cut yourself with this! [​IMG]
  17. But what if he comes out with a remixed version of his new theme that's actually pretty good?
  18. Not possible.
  19. Didn't think it could happen with End of Days either, but they turned that into some pretty solid entrance music on about the 15th try.
  20. I have faith in Wade to get me 5rep.

    Just me who thinks he changed his theme just to annoy us?
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