Wade Talks About How Creative Ruined His KOTR Moment

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Solid Snake, Aug 14, 2016.

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  1. "Speaking to Wrestlezone Daily, the former season one winner of NXT detailed how rushed the whole process of the King of the Ring was in 2015 and although the concept itself has proven to be solid down the years, the WWE gave little thought to it this time around.

    “The title of King of the Ring can be prestigious but if it’s followed up by non-existent writing then it’s pointless," Barret declared. "Which I think was the issue in regards to me. The tournament itself is fine, there were some good matches and we got a bit of hype behind it and then it was followed up with three months of two grown men fighting over a toilet plunger. Which, you know, you follow something up with writing like that and it’s not going to lead to anything good. The title of King of the Ring is fine on it’s own but you have to follow it up with good writing.”

    Even if they had hoped the win would catapult Barrett into the main event picture, according to the Preston North End fan, the company never gave him a serious chance.

    “It was thrown together very last minute. I think we did the quarter finals the week before and then we came back the next week and did the actual semi-finals and the finals on a one hour special on the WWE Network. Probably about forty minutes before the show went live we didn’t even know who was winning the tournament. We knew that it was going to be me and Neville in the finals. It all honesty, a complete lack of thought had gone into it. I was given Booker T’s old outfit from ten years earlier. Obviously it didn’t look great. There was no follow up to it with a storyline or anything like that. If it was meant as an attempt to push me or get me over I think there really wasn’t any effort put in from the word, ‘Go.'”

    When you think about Steve Austin, Owen Hart, Brock Lesnar, Triple H, Edge and Kurt Angle winning the event, it really meant something to their careers. Barrett was almost given the win for the sake of it with no thought process for its direction.

    Barrett really was wasted in the WWE and he was one of the hottest heels in the industry as the leader of the Nexus. Right now, he is essentially retired until his hunger returns and one has to wonder if creative mishaps like this are partly to blame."

  2. I wish King of The Ring was set up how it was in 2002 with Lesnar. Winner of the tournament gets a world title shot at Summerslam. It just makes sense. It'd be like a summer version for Royal Rumble
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  3. Shame. Barrett should've been so much more than what he got.
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  4. It used to be a big deal and it is like they just kind of buried it using Wade, which wasn't fair to him or his career there. They could have tried a lot harder than they did. :downer:
  5. He was one of my favorites when he came out with Nexus. Even after, he still had decent heat.
    I think that lengthy run with "Bad News Barrett" kind of spoiled him for a lot of people, then you have this mess. Him saying they rushed it last minute makes complete sense.
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  6. I think if Barrett had stayed he would probably be in better shape career wise than when he left. Watching Raw last night and seeing guys get a lot more mic time than usual, some actual effort being put into rivalries leads me to be hopeful about it.
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