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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by C.M. Shaddix, Jun 21, 2016.

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  1. Roman wins clean, Dean plays mind games

  2. Seth wins clean, Dean plays mind games

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  3. Roman wins clean, Dean cashes in

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  4. Seth wins clean, Dean cashes in

  5. Dean wasn't supposed to win MITB and Roman was supposed to retain

  6. Other

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  1. So Roman is now suspended, and now news is breaking out this is from something before MITB. Which means the awesome finish at MITB wasn't supposed to happen. Then what was supposed to be the finish? Seth winning clean and that's it? Roman winning clean and that's it? What do you think was supposed to happen?
  2. Roman wins clean, Dean plays mind games - Possible.

    Seth wins clean, Dean plays mind games - Don't think Reigns' situation could have affected this scenario. Ambrose was probably meant to cash in on Rollins anyway.

    Roman wins clean, Dean cashes in - Don't think they would've had a 3rd cash in on Reigns in just 14 months.

    Seth wins clean, Dean cashes in - Funnily, what actually happened might have been the plan all along.

    Dean wasn't supposed to win MITB and Roman was supposed to retain Improbable. The RAW Shield segment had pretty much foreshadowed Ambrose winning the briefcase.

    All in all, if I had to put my money.. I'd say Reigns was probably supposed to be a lot more protected in his loss than he was, with Ambrose cashing in regardless. Still, should wait for more concrete reports about when did the incident occur. It feels strange that they set the ball rolling for the Battleground match and then suspended him when they could have sold a kayfabe injury or something until Battleground. I think this incident has to be post RAW.
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  3. Dean was not meant to win the briefcase. He was moved into that position when the suspension became clear. KO was the originally slotted winner.
  4. I can sort of buy that, but if they knew he was going to be suspended, why did they make the triple threat match on Raw last night? Wouldn't it have made more sense to have Rollins beat Reigns if they were going to suspend him? And I'm not arguing, I'm seriously curious if that is a route they would use.
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  5. KO still should've won :okay:
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  6. Thats why I was thinking. I think they would of just wrote Reigns off TV instead of scheduling him in a triple threat at the next PPV. But then again he's only suspended for 30 days so he will be back in time.
  7. Reigns was sure to win clean against Seth, for now. Dean wasn't supposed to win. I'm sure KO was supposed to.

    I'm glad with the outcome though. Maybe Roman should keep doing drugs. :emoji_slight_smile:
  8. I think Dean was supposed to win the whole time. The were foreshadowing it weeks before Roman got suspended
  9. Damn, Owens vs. Reigns feud could've been amazing.

    I don't think Reigns was mean't to lose the title. Losing clean like that was an odd choice, but an easy one to get him off the pedestal and give Dean the reign. Glad for Dean. Glad for Rollins. Sucks for Reigns.
  10. Because Reigns is back in time for Battleground.
  11. But he's missing the Draft. Which is arguably the most important night for WWE, this summer, outside of SummerSlam.
  12. Throw up a graphic when he is drafted
  13. Yeah I caught that after the fact.
  14. As long as there was a successful cash-in by Ambrose (or KO, the supposed/originally scheduled winner), any result would've been fine by me.

    This has worked out pretty well. Rollins won clean, Ambrose cashed in and we got The Shield triple-threat made the next night. That is a-ok in my book.
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  15. (Ya I put the used plan in the poll as a vote) anyway I think it was Roman win clean and KO was supposed to win MITB
  16. I knew something was fishy as soon as Dean cashed in. Then Roman gets suspended. I believe 100 percent that Roman would of won cleanly and then Dean comes out to play mind games and cashes in for a triple threat at SummerSlam. We still should get that match, just not sure who will be champ going into it.
  17. I believe this now: Owens was gonna win and Ambrose was going to find a new way into the title picture as Roman went over clean against Seth. Roman faces Dean at Battleground only for Seth to make the match end in DQ, setting up Summer Slam.

    However since Roman had to take the suspension, they had to get the belt off him using Ambrose, but since Roman is going to be gone they still need to build an on air title feud. Which is why Seth won clean against Roman first so he can easily stay in the picture. My best guess is they are making the triple threat at Battleground because they want the belt back on Roman when he returns I guess or they are now going for multiple Triple Threats since this match is a big money maker and Battleground hasn't turned out to be a good ppv as recent history shows.
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  18. I really hope they're not so stupid as to have Reigns return from a suspension and immediately get a title match. The crowds are gonna shit on Roman even worse if they try it.
  19. That's the plan. I'm hoping he turns heel now
  20. If this wasn't the way it was planned, it worked out well in the end...for me at least.

    I like KO and all, but I prefer the triangle of Dean, Seth and Roman.

    I want Dean and Roman to hate each other, turning Roman into a heel, with Seth pulling the strings.
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