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Turns out the greatest feat Brock Lesnar achieves during his second WWE run might not be breaking a made up record, or rendering the 30 day rule obsolete, or even getting Roman Reigns cheered.

Not that that last one was set in stone, anyway, but the more attention drawn to Raw’s absent Universal Champion, the more likely it could become. And with the company itself calling attention to Lesnar surpassing the length of CM Punk’s WWE Title reign, that inspiring people to dig into trivia and statistics about Brock since his return to pro wrestling (such as our own Cain A. Knight and Stef Hatala realizing he likes to take the sixth month of the year off, as they point out in the video above) and tidbits like this one drifting through the blogosphere, there’s a lot of talk about The Beast Incarnate not being around.

From this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required but recommended), commenting on previously reported plans of a Reigns vs. Lesnar bout for the August 19 pay-per-view (PPV) in Brooklyn, which is believed to be the last WWE match Brock is contracted for:

“Lesnar at this point is not confirmed by Vince McMahon for SummerSlam, or any dates for that matter, which is weird since he has the title. He’s aware and knows about it, it makes sense to expect it, but unless it happened in the last day or two, the green light hasn’t been given for whatever reason.”

As Dave Meltzer points out, there’s no reason to think this all won’t get figured out so Brock can drop the belt at Barclays and head off to UFC. But it’s weird if this is correct and it’s not already locked in, right? I mean, we all thought he was definitely losing the strap to Roman in New Orleans, too... yet here we are.

We know The Beast Incarnate won’t be at Money in the Bank this weekend (or any WWE shows in June). Beyond that? Probably SummerSlam, but... who knows?

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WWEF's Resident Puroresu and Joshi Fan
I mean does the universal title have any meaning now? It is literally nonexistent and everything else some have complained about. Vacant was a better champ then Brock.

Mustafar Reginald

The Lunatic Fringe
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The winner of the men's Money in the Bank should just cash-in on a random Raw that Brock isn't scheduled for and win the Universal Championship by forfeit.
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