Wait, I presume we're supposed to forget about Bray & Cena?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 7, 2014.

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  1. Bray cost Cena at the PPV, and then tried his best to cost him his EC spot... I assume now The Wyatt's are going against The Shield we're simply supposed to forget about this? Cena is as well yeah?

    Am I missing something?
  2. The Wyatts will probably interfere in the Chamber, causing Cena to be eliminated. Alternatively, maybe it won't happen, it's not like WWE put any effort into long-term booking.
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  3. I hope the angle develops more and they dont just drop it.
  4. If they are supposedly going to face off at Wrestlemania then it will have to continue to develop... I agree with @Brad Wyatt that The Wyatts will most likely somehow interfere in the EC match causing Cena's elimination... if not that then Cena will interfere in the Wyatts/Shield match causing the Wyatts to lose... either way it will continue.
  5. Well The Shield loudly showed how much they want to destroy the Wyatts and have talked trashed to them. The Wyatts would more go for The Shield since they have a match with them and to shut them up, since they are one of two the top groups currently in WWE. As for Cena, I doubt he would care to go after the Wyatts since he is going for the WWE Championship now in the Elimination Chamber, making the same enemies like the Wyatts mad would more or less possibly cost him a second match, so he would probally just want to leave them alone for now. Just the way I see it, I don't really see the Wyatts going after Cena with the Shield in their sights, and Cena doesn't want to put his title match in jeopardy.
  6. Bray vs Cena will happen, but Bray will end up carrying the storyline that only has a month to progress. Genius WWE.
  7. They'll probably pick up the "feud" again after EC, but maybe it would be best if they did completely forget about it. Stables rarely recover after being fed to Cena.
  8. IE Summerslam 2010.
  9. Poor nexus
  10. A great idea crushed by terrible booking. Classic WWE at its finest. At least they're getting the Shield dissension somewhat right.
  11. How will the Wyatts interfere in the chamber lol. Will they "magically" get in when the lights go out?
    Or will they do the typical "Music plays, Cena gets distracted and rolled up despite being in a fucking chamber"

    My money's on 2, great way to get babyface heat on Wyatt (as if that wasn't gonna happen already) by making Cena out to be an even bigger dumbass. Either way Bray vs Cena is something new for Cena which is always welcome, and as long as Wyatt/Cena gets enough time for Wyatt to look good (how many times have 4 matches gotten time at WM?) that's great.

    Usually don't like these "heel attacks face for no reason and they feud over it" feuds, but with Wyatt you can get away with it since you can say that Bray attacked John because some chick told him to in a dream, Wyatt's so great.

    As for us forgetting? Not really "forgetting" as much as "these guys hate everyone, they'll fight the Shield now and Cena later" and stuff like that.
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  12. Yeah, #2 for sure.
  13. Shawn got in the chamber quite incredibly.
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  14. Bray attacking Cena at the Rumble was just the early planting of the seeds for Cena/Wyatt at Mania. They're occupied with The Shield right now and Cena is focused on winning the title in the chamber, so the feud will pick back up and get off and running during the Wrestlemania build.

    Expect the Wyatts to cost Cena the match for sure. I'd bet on them coming up through the ring like Michaels in 2010. And if Cena is the last guy eliminated, then the show could go off the air by having the entire family beat and pummel Cena all around the chamber (say after Orton picks up the pinfall victory, he hightails it out of there, obviously wanting no part of the Wyatts, and then they lock the chamber door behind them), similar to how Evolution beat the fuck out of Goldberg in the chamber (handcuffs and all) to end Summerslam '03.

    That'd be a great night for the Wyatts - going over The Shield, and then presenting us with the final images of the last traditional PPV in WWE history, which is Cena being trapped in a chamber with all three of them and forced to feel their wrath. Picture Wyatt doing his pose in the middle of the ring with the chamber surrounding him while Cena lays unconscious and handcuffed and beaten to a pulp in the background.
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  15. People have gotten into the Chamber before. It's not like the door is locked or anything. Rowan, Harper, and Wyatt come down (after beating the Shield and causing their destruction storyline to be advanced), get into the Chamber and kick Cena's ass, allowing him to be pinned by someone (my money would be on Cesaro...it would give him a huge rub and HHH is supposedly very high on him). As Cena is hauled out of the Chamber, the match continues to its conclusion and on Raw the next night, Cena attacks the Wyatts. He has a feud with them, leading to a match between Bray and Cena at Mania.

    Nothing is forgotten and both feuds go forward on their logical paths.

  16. You do know that WWE has 6 weeks to work with the storyline if nothing/anything happens at EC? Some of you may see that as rushed, but it's the same amount of time devoted to Undertaker's WM storylines. I think it'll be fine.
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  17. Man, 6 weeks of build for this sounds perfect.

    Wait, what about if the lights go out, BLERP, cut back to Wyatt hanging upside down from the top of the chamber giving his creepy ass Exorcism look... how great would that be?
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  18. Bray writes his own promos, so if WWE allowed that, that would be the shit.
  19. I think if that happened it would be the first time, since Foley flew off the top of HIAC at KOTR 98, that I would literally scream in joy like a little girl.
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  20. I would mark out so much.
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