Wait, where is Bo Dallas?

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  1. The first thing WWE has done right all year is show the door to Bo Dallas who was randomly called up to work with Wade. I'm sticking with my idea that it was used to punish Wade by shoving him with a charisma vacuum; perhaps Wade insulted Vince's suit.

    Did WWE literally GTFO him or is there some injury?
  2. He's back on NXT i believe, guess they didnt know what to do with him or didnt think he was ready to stay on Raw for more than a week
  3. Thank God for that. By the way, how long has Gabriel had that awesome ponytail for?
  4. A while, its kinda his fringe gone to the extreme, its the face he pulls, its so funny


    I guess you hated Bo Dallas then?? Judging by your response of Thank God for that :lol1:
  5. Hate would imply that I care enough about him to react, lol. I simply didn't understand why HE was chosen to debut at the Rumble and not someone with actual charisma. I don't see any star qualities in Bo Dallas at all personally. I really do see him as the most generic of genericness. He has no mic skills, he is relatively boring in the ring, he has a boring look, he has a boring name, the list of boring traits goes on lol.
  6. Everytime his name pops up I just say to myself, "Who?" and then I remember from either reading the thread or worse, I have to google search him if it's not a thread and just some random post throwing his name out there. I can't think of a single other entity in wrestling that failed to make any kind of impression on me whatsoever despite being booked relatively strong. I guarantee I'll forget about him the second this thread fades to obscurity, and hopefully WWE doesn't try and give this guy a second go around, unless he drastically improves.
  7. Vince woke up and said "holy shit, we're pushing Bo Dallas?" and put an end to that tomfoolery. It's a shame, really. Was enjoying the storyline itself (even if the performer sucked) and it could have been a much better use of a Mania spot than Barrett/Miz. Now all it amounts to is yet another thing to add to the Barrage of Barrett Burials.
  8. I'm sure WB is like "thanks motherfuckers"
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  9. Well it looked like he was going to go over Barrett for the IC title. I don't think my old heart could've handled seeing that. :phew:
  11. His face terrified the locker room, he was forced to :gtfo: .
  12. Still in absolute shock that he was spawned from the sack of the great IRS. Such an embarrassment for one Mike Rotunda.

    Glad they saw the error of their ways because owning Wade Barrett on multiple occasions was absolutely lame as balls.
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  13. They realized they pushed the wrong brother.
  14. He's out saving the Divas division...he looks so girly.
  15. Down in NXT. Which would be pretty good, if I didn't watch NXT.
  16. In Dallas #easyjoke
  17. I think Bo Dallas definitely deserves a shot in the big leagues, but it's especially stupid that they don't even do some injury thing, they just toss him out the window after he beat the nxt tournament, made it decently far in the rumble and eliminated the intercontinental champion, and then beat barrett in a 1v1, so if you think about, he might even deserve a title shot, even though i really want to see the miz as intercontinental champion
  18. Whilst I dislike him, simply writing him off was wrong I agree. If they no longer want to push him, have Barrett severely injure him or something.
  19. And have Barrett go over the guy clean. :mad2:
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  20. Bo shot the sheriff. He's in court right now explaining the he didn't shoot the deputy.
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    They just dropped him like nothing. Probally didn't feel like Bo was going to be good, or they just thought that the Miz would be a better choice since Wrestlemania was right around the corner at the time. Either way, should have had something happen to him instead of dropping him like a rock.
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