Wal-Mart Pays More Than TNA?

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  1. It was reported by The Wrestling ObserverNewsletter this week that former TNA star Jesse Neal is now working the night shift at Walmart in Orlando. Once the news got out, Neal wrote the following on Twitter:

    "It's funny how ppl make fun about real jobs and wrestlers we r human too and I have a family to provide for. So YES I man up and provide/"

    "The biggest joke of all is I get paid way more at Walmart then I ever did in TNA and on time. #whatawasteoftime #PrintThat"

    "I started wrestling to live a dream/make money/tell stories/learn as much as I can to give back to the people. Which I was as a kid."

    "Don't think that this is bitterness or pissed I'm not on their show anymore. Cuz remember I left them they didn't leave me. #truth"

    "I'm still wrestling an loving it Having more fun then I've ever had There's a lot of lies going around its just time ppl heard the #truth"

    Read more at http://www.lordsofpain.net/news/wwe...aid_More_Than_He_Did.html#lwBeyJ2OWQ5MZ6jv.99
  2. my care well seems to have run dry for Jesse Neal
  3. Says a guy who was a green-as-fuck lowcarder rookie jabroni while he was in TNA, and was used sometimes.

    I totally believe him.
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  4. Does he happen to work the same shift as Shane Douglas?
  5. Who?
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  6. Well, it's no secret that TNA low carders don't make much. In fact, if you're a low carder in any American fed bar the WWE you're not making a lot, lol.
  7. I understand that low-carders like Jesse Neal do not get paid well but I do find it hard to believe he gets paid more at Walmart than in TNA, unless his contract was a pay-per-appearance kind of deal. Appears to me like just another bitter ex-TNA employee.
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  8. I tip my pizza driver more than what TNA pays their talent. :lady:
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  9. You don't tip :pity1:
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  10. Personally I wonder if TNA has or even will respond to this. AJ Styles is making a grip more in RoH from what we were told, and i'm now lead to believe that someone who is on a tv show that generates enough money to be on a network on TV weekly is paid more at WALMART - a company known for treating their employees horribly - and really at the perfect time now (multi-year contracts including Spud and Robbie E are great examples) to generate the disinterest.

    Maybe BLFFL really was right all along. I'm routing for the people jumping ship to Double J's team.
  11. OHHHHH!!!!!!!
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