Walk With Elias: The Documentary

Grievous II

Revenge Of The Cringe
You don't like Elias?
No...I do...I mean I preferred it when he was known as "The Drifter"
but the guy is the complete package...a wrestler with a defined
character, musical talent & most importantly solid in ring skills.

I honestly think he should have gone over Rollins at MitB &
claimed the I.C title...but no...lets put it on Ziggler...because
its not like he gave up a mid-card title the last time he held

I personally think Elias will never reach his full potential...
mainly because he'll be constantly fed to faces & made to
look like a jackass...while in my opinion he should be pushed
as a serious mid-card heel.

I like Elias...I just don't like the way he's been booked.
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