Walking down the aisle, from Newcastle, England...

Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Marc_NB, Feb 9, 2012.

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  1. Marc
    My favourite superstar at the moment is Dolph Ziggler due to the fact he plays an excellent heel. Way back in the 90's, my favourite wrestler was Jeff Hardy and in the early 2000's it was Spike Dudley due to the fact he was funny and played a good jobber
    Since the mid 90's
    My favourite company is WWE
    YouTube suggestion
    I will be active, yes

    I hope to meet new people and friends on this site! I love discussing wrestling so I hope I will fit right in!
  2. Welcome to the forums man. Never really liked Spike Dudley... At the time he was around, I liked S2H. He was funny, wasn't a full jobber, and knew how to dance lol.
  3. Thanks.

    I loved Scotty 2 Hotty too! I remember seeing them when the WWE came to Newcastle and he wrestled with Rikishi against the Headbangers. Rikishi attempted a stink face on a kid from the audience.
  4. Haha ohh good ol' Rikishi. Dancing legends. I would love to go see a live event.
  5. I wouldn't mind seeing another one if I had the money.
  6. Welcome to WF. I also like yourself like Dolph Ziggler due to the fact that he's doing an awesome job as a heel.
  7. Lmao at Rikishi doing stinkface to a kid, that's hilarious!

    Welcome to the site man, out of curiosity do you support Newcastle FC? Doing well ain't they :emoji_slight_smile:

    You'll have no problem fitting here don't worry :smile:
  8. Thank you. Yes I do support Newcastle :emoji_slight_smile:

    Thank you! He is indeed!
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  9. Going to give you a like just for your avatar :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  10. Thanks :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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