Kayfabe Wannabes

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  1. *Camera pans to Ben Song sitting on his throne with only the webmaster next to him. Ben begins to speak*
    Ben Song: Disciples, by now you all probably know that we have failed you in regards to the title tournament, I because we all underestimated how much of a scoundrel Caleb Hayes was and I do believe The Webmaster has a couple of choice words for his match and opponent but we shall save them for later.
    *Ben Song takes a sip from a bottle of wine labeled 'Satan's blood' before putting the wine bottle back into the ice bath in front of him*
    Ben Song: Now to talk about our match, I'll be honest I didn't know much about these Frost brothers. So I did some research and it seems these two brothers have enlisted the help of another man Ty Creed who not only is a Ric Flair wannabe but the entire group itself have stolen their identity naming themselves 'Bullet Club' and whoever this delinquent GM is allows this behavior. Well I for one think that The Webmaster and I will have to take them down a few pegs. And, well we may have already started. That may or may not be the reason Reaper is not present at this moment in time. But I digress what The Webmaster and I are going to do to the Frost brothers is going to be hard to watch.
    *Ben Song stares directly at the camera grinning*
    Ben Song: So be sure to tune in when we show these wannabes who the real dominant force in Exodus is.
    *Camera fades to black as the disciples begin to laugh*

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