"Want A World Title Match!"

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  1. Want a chance at the World title? Next week we're having a match and the winner of that match will go on to Money In The Bank to fight @Welsh-Wizard-97 for the World title in a ladder match. Only people who can't sign up here are the people in the Money In The Bank match and the Iron Man champion. This thread will only be active for one day and I'm making it now since I don't want it to mess with the Iron Man title match next week because people would just sign up for this. Everything will be random so it's more than fair.

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  2. I really miss the delete posts button.
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    1. Forum Name: The Anarchist
      Character Name: Antonio ' Anarchy ' Stark
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  3. Forum Name: impactking
    Character Name: Chris Young
    Face/Heel Heel
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