Want Garett Bischoff off television?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by [://puls3], Mar 9, 2012.

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  1. Want Garett Bischoff off television and sent to OVW? Tell @TNADixie by signing this petition! - http://act.ly/5o3

    I decided to make this right then. This has GOT to stop...
  2. He's too green. I don't get it - TNA has a deal with OVW and Garrett needs to go there bcuz he sucks ass right now, so why don't they send him overthere?
  3. I doubt this will do anything sadly they obviously have something planned for baby B.
  4. Eric Bischoff is the executive producer, and he's doing everything he can to push his son. If any of us were in that position, we'd do the same thing.

    But Eric HAS to be smart enough to realize that this is hurting his son's wrestling career more than helping it. The fans are completely rejecting it, the writers have given even the most casual of viewers no reason to care, and everyone else knows he clearly isn't ready for this spot. He can't be popular backstage, either.

    Eric, help your son in his wrestling career. Send him to OVW ASAP.
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  5. The thing that pisses me off is that he went from Referee to Wrestler.
    I can't take him seriously, even if he's green.
  6. I'd prefer Eric and Hulk off TV.
  7. Watched him last night in the main event of Impact.... Well, today... My eyes are a tank full of blood.

    Send his Elvis wannabe ass somewhere, anywhere, any-fucking-where! I still cannot believe I'm one of those who liked this story in the beggining. Here's a bitch slap to myself.
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  8. I'll slap you too if you want? :taker:
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  9. :lol1: Maybe because you invented MikeDOT......:laugh:

    The hell with it, do it! #GonnaNoSellAnywayz
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  10. #GonnaHaveCloseFists
  11. He needs to work on his physique, in ring abilities, promo ability, and character, but by god he's got the sideburns to make it in this business.
  12. The fact that he was in the main event with the likes of Kurt Angle & Jeff Hardy blows my mind... and that he got the main event spot over Aries & Roode.
  13. Impact Wrestling. Side burns matter.
  14. He's got a lot of similarities with the Rock if you think about it.

    -Great sideburns
    -Father was a prominent wrestling figure
    -Has tattoos
    -Pushed too soon as a corny babyface, fans reject him

    see what I did thar?
  15. And this is TNA's main flaw.
  16. I'd rather we make a list of his flaws. Let's remember some truly unmissable ones like whispering in someones ear too loudly or stuttering slightly in the odd promo :emoji_wink:.
  17. Several of us liked the storyline at first, then it got a main event spot for no reason at all. The story isn't the problem.

    Anyone remember Mikey Whipwreck from ECW?
    There's the mold you use for this guy.
  18. It's not about being too loud, it's how obvious he makes it visually. You guys can write if off if you want, but it drives me fucking nuts :sad:
  19. At least he's not Cena bad....
    Now this pisses me off.
  20. I never notice them funnily enough. Probably because I'm typing in the discussion thread how bad something is.
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