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  1. 05/16/15 ROH TV is available to Ringside Members

    This week's “RING OF HONOR WRESTLING" TV is available for RINGSIDE MEMBERS by clicking here. If you would like to become a Ringside Member & have Early Access to ROH TV on Mondays, click here.

    This week’s exciting Road Rage edition of Ring of Honor Television comes to you from suburban Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    We kick things off with a grudge match featuring two of the brightest young stars in Ring of Honor as The Decade’s Adam Page takes on the aerial wizard, ACH. Adam Page recently started a social media campaign attacking ACH for what Page perceives as ACH receiving opportunities that he just squanders. Page has been taught by BJ Whitmer to speak his mind and that it’s ok to let the world know your thoughts, whether anyone agrees or not. ACH on the other hand is not a man who does a lot of talking, figuring that what he does bell to bell can’t be matched. But in this case, Page has attempted to make things personal and that does not sit well with ACH. These two are ready to tear into each other and this is not a match you do not want to miss.

    Our main event is a rematch from a much talked about war last August, as the legendary 8x former ROH World Tag Team Champions The Briscoes take on the resurgent War Machine! Ray Rowe & Hanson are back as a unit after Rowe suffered significant injuries in a motorcycle accident. Since their return this past March, they have laid waste to the ROH tag team division. With an eye on a shot at the ROH World Tag Team Championships, War Machine now face their biggest challenge yet. The Briscoes have met and defeated the very best, but the battle last August left a very bad taste in their mouth. This isn’t a rivalry based on hatred, it’s based on who can inflict the most damage and come out victorious. It’s about pride and bragging rights as to who are the toughest. Can War Machine defeat the former champions or can The Briscoes prove one more time why they are possibly the greatest tag team in wrestling history? If the battle these two teams waged last August on ROH Television is any indication, you fans are in for something special!

    To find out when RING OF HONOR WRESTLING airs in your area click HERE, or become a Ringside Member to watch every Monday by clicking HERE.

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