News Basketball Wardell Stephen Curry II's Magnum Opus, just in case you somehow missed it.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Feb 28, 2016.

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  1. Stephen Curry hit a 38-foot game-winning jumper to beat the Thunder 121-118 in overtime on Saturday, scoring 46 points with three rebounds, six assists, two steals and tying an NBA-record 12 3-pointers.
    If you missed it, you will be hearing about this performance. Curry rolled his left ankle and went to the locker room, but returned and went supernova. On the last play, he dribbled the ball up with seven seconds left and pulled up right in Andre Roberson's eye for the shot to fall with 0.6 seconds left. Thanks to this game and his 10-trey game on Thursday to become the first player ever with consecutive 10-plus trey games, Curry managed to break his single-season record for triples and is now at 288 with 24 games to go.

    Steph no you did not just hit em with the Bernie!

    winning gold medals with a broken freakin' ankle!

    what the fuck at these buckets:

    And the shot that almost broke social media

    Steph Curry's OT performance blew the collective mind of the sports world

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  2. Your magum opus is a turd
  3. Curry's the fucking man!
  4. who the fuck are you
  5. Damn dude. This guy is on another level.
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  6. Legendary.
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  7. Monster.
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  8. Ask you mom.
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  9. "If Stephen Curry never hit a 3 at home, he'd still lead the league in 3's
  10. Curry is a legend killer....
  11. dude did it again


    "I'm back"


    so much swag for a ruthless killer ya know
  12. I don't care for him as a player but he has got skills. He will end up being an NBA legend.
  13. He a 2 X MVP. He already a legend
  14. You know what I meant, when he retires.
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