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NXT kicked off their episode tonight (Dec. 11) with a big cruiserweight title match between the champ Lio Rush and Angel Garza.

This match was a rematch from a few weeks back. Garza lost that match, but during it, ripped off his tearaway pants in front of Rush’s wife. This act angered the champ and extended the feud beyond that one match.

After weeks of jawing and a backstage attack from Rush on Garza, the emotional rematch happened tonight.

It was a fantastic bout between these two crazy talented athletes. After a battle, Rush hit the big Final Hour frog splash. But the savvy Garza rolled to the ropes. The champ tried to grab for the challenger’s leg to keep him in the ring, but alas, Angel’s tearaway pants ripped and he escaped to the outside.

A frustrated Rush went for that same frog splash from the top rope onto Garza on the floor but the challenger got his knees up. He tossed the champ back into the ring and delivered his Wing Clipper finisher. The champ kicked out but Garza locked it back in as a submission, forcing Lio to tap.

Thanks to some tearaway pants (and crazy talent), Angel Garza is your new cruiserweight champion.

You can find the results from NXT at the live blog here.

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