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    This will be quick. For those who want to come here and create "troll threads", please don't. I am sick and tired of dealing with your crap and so are other members of this community. Your attempts at trolling just constantly get overlooked by witty replies anyway. Face it - trolling isn't for you. You're poor at it, and we don't want it.

    I have already banned two users this morning, and sent PM's out warning two others. Staff will be briefed on how to deal with these trolls from other websites coming here in their spare time, and expect a zero tolerance policy on it. I want to thank the members here though for reacting to their immaturity so wonderfully.

    I have ran this community since December 2011, and have put my time and money into it. I have no issues with any of you (speaking to the "trolls" here), and I'm guessing you have no issues with me, as whenever I speak to you personally you guys seem completely fine. What you are doing damages the community I created. If you have issues with me, or the site, then please open up a private conversation and we can discuss it, but I will not tolerate this crap any more.

    Thank you again to the members who reported the threads made, you make my job so much easier.


    Edit: I just want to add though, there are members who have come here from other websites and have acted wonderfully. I ask the members here not to stereotype them and ridicule them as we have had some excellent members sign up and contribute to the site. I have even received messages from users who were at the same site as these "trolls", and they too expressed their sincere apologies and don't want to see that crap from them either.

    Edit2: I kind of derped the global alert regarding this thread, so I'm guessing many of you probably thought you were warned. I accidentally pressed enter which sent the alert before I had finished.
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  2. I'm surprised it's taken 19 months for the first real "troll warning" to be dished out to the forum. Most of the time they come onto sites a lot quicker. Shows what an awesome community we have here.

    If you're a :troll: then you you can :gtfo: and :stfu: - UH ARE RETARD?!?!
  3. Oh shit thought that I had received a warning :phew:
  4. I thought I had received a warning as well glad I am not alone
  5. Yeah I thought you would. I explained it in Edit2 lol.
  6. Surely Dolph's has PM'ed you about being an 'murrican mod countless times by now so no need to yell "Hey Crayo, add an 'murrican mod!" over and over.

    Thought it was a warning as well, this got annoying, and it's not MP's fault that stupid people come in through the gates of our beloved site since some smart ones trickle in every now and then too
  7. #crayluminati warning me not to make threads about the truth
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  8. Dolph doesn't want to be mod. Not sure why people think he comes asking for it, lmao. He would have to change his posting attitude drastically to get near any form of power, and neither of us want that. There are plenty of Americans on here though who I have thought of making Staff to help moderate while us Europeans are sleeping. I didn't think it was needed, but this has definitely changed my mind.

    As for the MP thing, definitely. MP isn't the devil, and the members there who come over aren't either. I must stress that it is the minority. I am friends with the owner of MP and I know for a fact he wouldn't want this going on and would be apologetic, but it's not his fault. Members like Suicide, DKJames, DavidTheGiant, Adam568, airbourne908, and more from MP have signed up here and have been fantastic members to have around. This is why I said let's not stereotype them :emoji_slight_smile:.
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  9. Loved the intensity in the OP, very nice bro. And good move too.
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  10. god crayo you shit me up ~ Getting an alert saying warning :mad1:
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  11. So the Bo Dallas is the greatest of all time threads are over? Thank god.
  12. [​IMG]
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  13. Got worried for a sec, Christ. LOL. I tried my best to bury the shit in the Locker Room so it wouldn't be a huge deal, which is why I spammed it. Sorry f I annoyed anyone. :downer: Same with statuses last night too, I just started posting puns, lmao.
  14. Got even more worried when you tagged me on a thread that said "Warning".
    Anyway, thanks for saying I've been a good member. Although, I think I could be doing better, especially my post count which I have been working on. Also, I apologize for the trolls, that's definitely not how they really are.
  15. I shit myself XD, Came back from training to see "Warning" and "Crayo has tagged you in thread Warning". Good to know I am a fantastic member! Love this site so I wouldnt even think of trolling it. I agree with this thread 100%
  16. I also want to reiterate Crayo's point about MP. Yea, there are a few complete fucking retards that need to be castrated to prevent any sort of future procreation, but there are plenty of those guys that are cool to chat with.
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  17. Don't you need to have been through puberty to be castrated?
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  18. I don't care if you come from timbuktu, if you're a good poster you will have a fun time here. I don't know what members come from where, but I just seen those threads. Pretty pathetic.

  19. Not sure how puberty works where you hail from, but no, you don't need to have hit puberty to have your balls cut off.
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