Warzone 09-05-2012

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    Last Week
    • Curt Cutlass was made the first Royal Crown Champion.
    • Sam Cornell won the Gladiator's title medalion from Tajiri
    • The Sholi defeated Zach schmidt and almost broke his leg but King Geordie made the save
    • Lucas Hacksaw was unmasked as the Smasher and forced into tag teaming with James Fatal by The Sholi and Curt Cutlass
      [*]Muhammed Ashraf got in a fight with Aids Johnson

    Sam Cornell vs Puff
    Show Spoiler
    [size=x-small]Pyro hits in an X formation on stage, followed by three burst shooting up lighting up the stage. Lights flick on as Fans get ready for Warzone[/size]

    Sid: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Warzone, I am Sid Parker with my colleague Paul Taylor

    Paul: Thanks Sid, and we are live at the Bradley Center in Milwauke, Wisconsin. This place is pact to the brim, and they sound like a red hot crowd tonight!

    Sid: I'm sure everyone is wondering what's going through the mind of Zach Schmidt who nearly had his leg broken at the hands of Sholi last week on Warzone.

    Paul: I'm sure you're right Sid, and I'm sure we'll get answer's throughout the night.

    [size=x-small]Sam Cornell’s theme hit’s

    *Crowd pop*

    Sam Cornell slowly walks out from behind the curtains with a smirk on his face. He is wearing black jogging jeans with dark green laces; on his left hand he has a black glove and a green one on his right. He has a black jacket on. As he walks down the ramp he pulls his hand through his afro and then throws both his arms out wide as he walks towards the ring. [/size]

    Sid: Cornell is making his way down the ramp, I'm sure this will be a exciting match to start of the show.

    Billy Ford: This match is scheduled for one fall, and is a Gladiator championship series match. From Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 130lbs. Sam Cornell!

    [size=x-small]Sam walks down the ramp slowly looking out on the crowd, then slides into the ring[/size]

    Paul: Sam Cornell is getting cocky just because he won against Taylor Tajiri on a fluke.

    [size=x-small]Sam climbs up on two turnbuckles and looks out at the crowd. He slides his jacket off of his shoulder and then shakes his body so that it naturally slides of his arms and torso whilst he poses for the crowd. [/size]

    Sid: By god so many flashing lights!

    [size=x-small]*Puff's theme*

    *Crowd Boo*

    Puff ignores the boos and poses on the ramp with his right fist held high into the air. He then starts walking towards the ring cockily, waving at the fans acting as if they are cheering for him.


    Sid: Ugh, Here comes Puff, hopefully Sam makes short work of this match.

    Paul: I have to question Mr. Cutlass on not firing Puff yet, or at least sending him to developmental so that he can learn to wrestle.

    The referee rings the bell and both men lock-up in the center of the ring.

    Sid: Both men looking for an early advantage in the opening stages of this match-up.

    Puff Irish whips Cornell into the ropes, Puff goes for a clothesline, Cornell ducks and reverses it, then hits Puff with several kicks to the knees.

    Sid: Them hits to the legs are surely going to have an effect on Puff.

    Paul: ... You don't say? Jesus Sid is this amateur hour?

    Cornell goes for another kick, but Puff slides backwards, making Cornell miss. Puff capitalizes and whips him to the ropes, Cornell holds onto the ropes. Puff is looking for a clothesline... But Cornell pulls on the rope, and Puff is sent flying outside the ring!

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Cheer*[/size]

    Sid: I suppose that's a good way to get Puff of your back.

    Puff is laying out on the floor outside the ring... Cornell slides outside the ring, and brings Puff back into the center of the mat.

    Cornell is going making his way to the top turnbuckle

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Cheer*

    Paul: This could end it!

    Cornell goes for an elbow drop from the top turnbuckle, but Puff coughs and rolls out of the ring.

    Paul: What!? He rolls out of the way by coughing! ?

    Cornell is rolling around the ring in pain after smashing his elbow in to the centre of the mat, Puff notices this and goes to work on Cornells elbow.

    Sid: And Puff goes to isolate the elbow.

    Puff keeps stretching Cornell's arm, Cornell is in the center of the ring trying to break the submission hold, and gives several stops on the foot of Puff.... and the hold is broken.

    Paul: Cornell is in pain.

    Sid: I don’t understand how Puff gets his offense in. He hasn’t showcased any kind of noticeable ring skills but from time to time he gets in a bunch of offense from out of nowhere.

    [size=x-small]Puff taunts to the fans!

    *Crowd heavily boo*

    Cornell runs towards Puff, and hit's him with a couple of kicks to the right knee, and plant's him with a roundhouse kick to the head. He then goes for the cover.


    Sid: Puff kicks out!

    Paul: Cornell looks shocked.. It looked like Puff was out cold there.

    Both men get to their feet, and start trading blows in the center of the ring, it's back and forth action with both men taking the same amount of punishment. Sam clocks Puff in the head, sending Puff to the ground.

    Sid: Both men looking for the victory, who will be the last man standing after this hard fought battle.

    Cornell lashes out with a kick that Puff somehow counters, Puff clumsily gets Cornell up into a powerbomb hold but Sam manages to counter it into a DDT.

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Cheer*[/size]

    Cornell then slowly pulls himself up onto his feet, still showing signs of the earlier damage caused to the arm by Puff, he sees Puff laid out in the ring. Cornell goes over to Puff, and attempts to lock in 'The Sharpshooter' Puff tries to fight back but Cornell locks it in. Center of the mat.

    Sid: It could be all over for Puff here, as he has nowhere to go.

    Cornell is wrenching on his legs with all the power and determination he can afford, Puff is in pain, He's trying to squirm around the ring. Puff reaches for the ropes but Cornell just drags him back into the center...

    Sid: Puff won't be able to stand this forever. You can see the pain on his face!

    Puff is screaming in agony as Cornell wrenches even harder in the center of the ring....Puff start's tapping...

    The referee signals for the bells to ring

    [size=x-small]Sam Cornell’s theme hit’s

    Sid: Puff's tapped, Cornell wins, Warzone is underway folks!

    [size=x-small] The referee raises Cornell's hand signalling him the victor.[/size]

    Cornell start's celebrating in the ring, on top of the turnbuckle, showing his appreciation towards the fans.

    Cornell's theme cuts out as Ramees comes to the titanton.

    Ramees: Nice win Sam, very nice win indeed.

    Cornell is in the ring looking confused.

    Ramees: But you see, you've got more to worry about than Puff. Because I'm coming for you! You think I forgot about having my rumble spot stolen? I'm taking the Gladiators championship at No Limit! So you... need to watch your back!

    [size=x-small]*crowd boos*[/size]

    *[size=x-small]*Titantron fades to black*[/size]

    Puff stands in the centre of the ring, and start's making his way to the back as Sam keeps looking at the titantron.

    Sid: Look's like Cornell now has to look out for the likes of Ramees. Join us after the commercial break for more Warzone.

    Zach Schmidt arrives at the arena

    Show Spoiler

    [size=x-small] A camera backstage catches a glimpse of a car pulling up backstage.[/size]

    [size=x-small]It's Zach Schmidt, and he doesn't look happy.[/size]

    Zach Schmidt : Puff, you seen Sholi?

    Puff: No, and even If I did I wouldn't be telling you.

    [size=x-small] Schmidt carries on walking backstage hoping that someone has seen Sholi. [/size]

    Zach Schmidt : Smasher, have you seen Sholi?

    Smasher: Dude, I'm eating!, but no I haven't....

    Zach Schmidt : DAMN!

    [size=x-small] Zach look's angry bastage, and is quickly losing his patience.[/size]

    Zach Schmidt: Lacky have you seen Sholi? Please tell me you've seen him?

    Lacky: Nope, I'm sorry. I haven't seen him. Did you ask Puff or Smasher?...

    [size=x-small]Zach walks off.[/size]

    [size=x-small] A man walks up to Zach, and it's Geordie! [/size]

    King Geordie: Zach, what are you doing?, You shouldn't be looking for revenge backstage. You should settle it in the ring, don't be rash and run into things unprepared. If you're looking for a fight backstage you're no better than him. Don't stoop to his level. Be the better person.

    Zach Schmidt: Out of my way Geordie! I'm gonna kick Sholi's ass!

    [size=x-small]Zach walks off.... and the screen fades to black as Geordie looks on.[/size]

    Tag team immortality tournament kick off

    Show Spoiler
    Sid: Ladies and gentlemen! It is time! For the first ever match in the tag team immortality tournament!

    Paul: That it is Sid! Want to help me go over the rules for our viewers?

    Sid: Gladly! Every team starts with 50 points. Every match they win they earn five points. At pay per views a team on team match gains the winner 20 points. A fatal fourway gives the winning team 40 points; the two un-pinned teams get 10 points and the pinned team gets 5 points. Once a month except at pay per views the teams can bet points in matches, losing or winning the betted amount of points. The team with the most points by the go home show to Immortality get to pick the stipulation for the match at Immortality.

    Paul: And since tonight is the first ever match in the tournament, we will treat it like a pay per view. We are kicking off with a fatal fourway people! Let’s get this match on the road!

    Billy Ford: Ladies and gentlemen! This is the first match in the tag team immortality series and it is a fatal fourway match!

    [size=x-small]*Clash Of Styles's theme hits*

    *Crowd cheers*

    The lights go off and the lightshow starts. Clash Of Styles and Angel come out on the stage in their respective ring attire, Red and Black wrestlers pants for Clash with his usual design and Styles in his Black and gold wrestlers shorts, Angel has a partisan designer dress on. They strike their specific poses and Clash and Styles turn around towards the crowd, slamming their hands down as pyro goes off. They then head towards the ring.

    Billy Ford: First out! Weighing at a combined weight of 490lbs, Patrick Clash and Jacob Styles! Clash Of Styles

    Sid: Here we have possibly the most charismatic tag team on Warzone. The entertaining duo of Patrick Clash and Jacob Styles is the original Warzone tag team. And tonight the Wednesday Night Delights hope to kick off this tournament with a bang!

    [size=x-small] Clash and Styles walk down to the ring, high fiving fans whilst keeping their attention on the ring. Clash hides his cane under the ring and slides into the ring as Styles jumps up on the apron and gets in between the ropes.[/size]

    Paul: These two losers won’t make it in this tournament. My money is on either the Bubba’s or Mr. Cutlass’s new team, the Dream Team!

    [size=x-small]Clash and Styles climb on the turnbuckles and pose, they dismount and then bump chests, Clash bounces back off Styles, they then pose in the ring[/size]

    [size=x-small]The Bubba’s theme hits and Luke and Bo Bubba come out on the stage. Luke dressed in a sleeve less red and black checkered flannel and Bo in a white tank top. Both brothers wearing stonewashed blue jeans and grey and white wrestling boots. Bo has a red and white John Deer cap on and red hair in a crew cut. Luke has a black cowboy hat covering his shaved head, his face adorned with a dark brown beard. Both brothers have a sleeve tattoo of a highway, Luke on his left and Bo on his right. They walk to one end of the stage each and simulate an air horn. They then get back to the center and head down the ramp. [/size]

    Billy Ford: Their opponents! From Macon, Georgia, at a combined weight of 590lbs. Luke and Bo… The Bubbas!

    Paul: Here are the guys I am putting my money on. Luke and Bo Bubba recently signed to Warzone by Mr. Cutlass to bolster the tag team division.

    [size=x-small]The crowd boos as Luke and Bo stride down the ramp. They get into the ring and each climb a turnbuckle from which they again imitate the air horn. They then get off the turnbuckles and glare at Clash of Styles outside of the ring. [/size]

    Sid: Last week on TNT Luke debuted in a singles match against Clash. Luke won via a low blow that the ref didn’t see and they attacked Clash of Styles after the match. I can guarantee that Clash and Styles are looking for some payback tonight.

    [size=x-small]*James Fatal's theme hits*

    *Crowd boos*

    Fatal marches out to mid ramp wearing black tights with spider webs on both thighs, a sleeveless black hoody, black knee pads and black boots

    Billy Ford: From Edenton, North Carolina. Weighing in at 220lbs, James...Fatal!

    Paul: Now here is a talented man! James Fatal could very well win this tournament on his own. Too bad he was stuck with such a loser of a partner.

    [size=x-small]Fatal walks down the ramp fairly quickly and up onto the stairs, where he stands and looks out on the crowd before walking in the ring[/size]

    Sid: Fatal is indeed talented but you should not disrespect the Smasher. He is also a very talented young man.

    [size=x-small]Fatal walks onto two turnbuckles and raises his hands up with his index finger pointing out, before he dismounts and shakes his wrists confidenty[/size]

    Paul: Why do you keep calling him the Smasher? Cutlass told him to drop that name last week.

    [size=x-small]The Smasher's Theme hits

    *Crowd Cheers*

    Lucas comes running out onto the stage wearing a pair of black aviators, short jeans, big black boots and a brown jacket left open. He poses on stage as pyro falls behind him

    Billy Ford:His Partner! From New York, New York, weighing in at 250lbs, Lucas “The Smasher” Hacksaw!

    Sid: Lucas Hacksaw as we have now learnt his name is seems to have dropped the mask like Cutlass told him in favor for a pair of black sun glasses. Will he be able to work with his partner though? Remember that Lucas and Fatal has a couple of minor confrontations leading up to Summer Bash.

    [size=x-small]Lucas walks slowly to the ring and walks confidently up the stairs.[/size]

    Paul: He better get in line and get with the program. Hacksaw needs to make sure that Fatal gets that championship that he deserves.

    [size=x-small]Lucas poses on one turnbuckle as he stares out on the crowd[/size]

    Sid: We’ll see if the Dream Team as Cutlass named them can get on the same page.

    Man: Laaaadiees and Gentleeeemeeen!

    [size=x-small]A 5.9ft tall, slim man dressed in a black, pinstriped suit jacket with a black zip up hoodie underneath, he has black pinstriped chinos and a pair of white converse. His black hair is styled like a skatepunker, typical bed head. [/size]

    Man: My name if Valentine O’neil! You might have known me from touring with my best selling rock band Mr. Bravo! Well since that band fell through a couple of weeks back I got in talks with Cutlass about managing some wrestlers, and you people know that money talks! Or maybe you don’t.

    Crowd boos

    Valentine: So I got myself a manager’s contract because hey, a face like this one deserves to be on TV. And I have put together a team that I will take to the top. They will be chart toppers believe me! So give it up for my boys, Double A Andrew Austins and the London Landmine, Ryan Fenix!

    [size=x-small]Fenix and Austins come out to White noise by the living end. They are dressed in black tights with white chain link designs up the sides of the legs. They have their last names in white text on their asses. Austins has black elbowpads and Ryan has white tape on his hands. They high five with Valentine before heading to the ring. [/size]

    Sid: So let me get this straight… A former rock musician is now a Warzone manager and has recruited two of our rookies into a tag team under his lead?

    Paul: Well he knows how to sell himself. Mr. Cutlass must have seen something in him to sign him, and a team of Austins and Fenix could be interesting to see.

    [size=x-small]Ryan and Andrew reach the ring and slide in after which the get up on the turnbuckles and look down at their opponents. Valentine gets a chair at ringside. [/size]

    Sid: Here we go! Let’s get this tournament on the road!

    Bo, Lucas, Styles and Ryan start of in the ring. Lucas locks up with Ryan and starts grappling for control. Meanwhile Bo and Styles are trading punches at their end of the ring. Styles catches Bo’s arm and whips him into the ropes, on the rebound he catches Bo and plants him with a spinebuster.

    Sid: Spinebuster! Looks like Styles isn’t wasting any time. He looks to be looking for revenge from two weeks ago when Luke beat Clash and then attacked Styles after the bell.

    Paul: Styles quickly made this personal, shows how unprofessional he is!

    Ryan manages to sweep Lucas leg, sending him to the ground face down. Ryan then slams Lucas head into the mat before locking in an ankle lock; Lucas rolls out of it though, sending Ryan into the corner.

    Sid: Lucas Hacksaw sending Ryan Fenix into the corner hard after getting out of that ankle lock.

    Ryan gets back to his feet and rushes at Lucas who dodges as Ryan jumps into the air, Ryan ends up hitting Styles with a jumping clothesline, sending both him and Styles to the ground. Bo tackles Lucas to the ground and starts dealing punches to him.

    Sid: Ryan taking Styles out but I don’t think he was his intended target. And Bo has taken Hacksaw to the ground!

    Paul: All four of these men want to come out on top tonight. The winner gets 40 points and an early advantage in the tag team immortality tournament.

    Styles gets up to his feet and starts stomping after Fenix who rolls out of the way. Lucas gets Bo off him and they start circling one another.

    Paul: Look at Lucas and Bo, circling each other like hungry lions and Styles is looking to squash Fenix like an ant.

    Ryan manages to perform a toe hold on Styles, sending him into the ropes with his head and shoulders resting outside the middle rope. Ryan gets to his feet and grabs ahold of the top rope; he catapults himself over the rope and hits Styles neck with a slingshot leg drop to the apron.

    Paul: Slingshot leg drop from young Ryan Fenix!

    Lucas and Bo start trading blows again and Bo hits Lucas with a series of knees to the gut, Lucas retaliates by punching Bo in the head and slamming him into the corner.

    Ryan keeps working over Styles head outside of the ring but Styles manages to grab Ryan’s arms and pushes him away from him.

    Sid: Quite an even match so far.

    Lucas lifts up Bo on the top turnbuckle, preparing to superplex him when Styles runs up and hits him in the back. Styles then picks up Smasher with a military press and throws him into the air, on the way down he hits Lucas with a European uppercut.

    Sid: Vicious European uppercut from Styles to Smasher!

    Paul: Look!

    Bo gets up on his feet on top of the top turnbuckle; he launches at Styles and sends him to the ground with a flying clothesline.

    Paul: Vicious flying clothesline from Bo Bubba!

    Bo manages to get to his corner and tags in Luke and at the same time Ryan tags in Austins and both men get into the ring.

    Sid: Two fresh men in the ring!

    Andrew goes directly for Lucas, delivering a running kick to the knee to Lucas as he is getting to his feet. Luke rushes Styles and locks in a half nelson on him before delivering a half nelson driver.

    Paul: Running kick to the knee from Andrew Austins and a half nelson driver from Luke Bubba! This match just got so much more energy.

    Lucas works himself to a corner as Andrew and Luke circle one another. Luke launches for Andrew, who manages to dodge and starts delivering a series of kicks to the mid-section of Luke.

    Sid: Andrew fighting back the bigger Georgia native.

    Andrew manages to deliver a couple of more kicks to Luke before jumping up and delivering a jumping knee strike to the nose of Luke.

    Sid: Luke didn’t see that one coming!

    Andrew capitalizes and plants Luke with a regal plex just in front of the corner where Lucas is resting. Lucas starts climbing the ropes.

    Sid: Regal plex! Andrew managed to plant Luke with a regal plex!

    Paul: Looks like Lucas is going up high!

    Lucas jumps off the top turnbuckle and lands a diving leg drop to Luke.

    Sid: Smasher with a big diving leg drop to Luke Bubba!

    Paul: His name is Lucas you fool!

    Lucas gets up, pushes Andrew out of the way and manages to get to Fatal for a tag, at the same time Styles tags in Clash who launches into the ring from the top rope.

    Sid: And two of Warzone’s biggest high flyers are getting into the ring, James Fatal and Patrick Clash!

    Clash goes and trades punches with Austins. Clash manages to strike out with an elbow strike to the head of Austins, stunning him temporarily. Clash then underhooks the arms of Austins as well as placing them in a standing headscissors clutch

    Sid: Patrick Clash hooking the arms, possibly going for...

    Clash lifts Austins up in a dragonwing lift flips (ustins over as he lifts and rotates him 90 degrees, then drops to one knee and plants Austins across his knee

    Paul: Welcome Home, Mother...well you know

    Austins clutches his back, Clash pushes him down to the mat and looks to cover but Luke comes rushing in and delivers a big boot to Clash, sending him into the ropes.

    Sid: Looked like Clash was going for the cover there but Luke interrupted it with his big boot. Looks like Austins is crawling to get a tag.

    Austins manages to get a tag in and Fenix jumps into the ring and goes for Fatal whilst Clash and Luke are fighting by the other end of the ring.

    Clash and Luke trade punches near Styles corner, Luke manages to catch Clash’s arm and whips him into the ropes.

    Sid: Looks like Luke is setting up for the 18 wheeler!

    Clash ducks the rolling elbow strike and jumps off of the ropes behind Luke, he then hits Luke in the face with a disaster kick, making Luke stagger back a bit. Clash jumps up on the top rope and launches off of it in a moonsault but Luke catches him and plants him with a piledriver.

    Paul: Luke took that disaster kick to the head after a failed 18 wheeler, but he managed to catch Clash as he was trying to hit a moonsault and planted him with a piledriver. Wicked viciousness from Luke Bubba.

    Ryan and Fatal are fighting at the other end of the ring. Ryan and Fatal start running the ropes, looking to knock the other one down. Ryan looks to go for a running kick to the gut of Fatal but Fatal manages to catch Ryan’s foot. Ryan jumps up and hits Fatal in the head with an ensugiri kick.

    Sid: Ensugiri to the head of Fatal!

    Ryan gets Fatal to the ground and locks in the cattle mutilator, trying to force Fatal to tap.

    Sid: Cattle mutilator! Ryan is gonna try and make Fatal tap!

    Paul: Get out of it James!

    Ryan applies the cattle mutilator harder and harder, applying more and more pressure to Fatal. Just as James is about to tap Luke comes running and kicks Ryan in the head, forcing him to let go.

    Paul: Close call there! Luke Bubba saving James Fatal from tapping out.

    Luke and Fenix stare each other down as Fatal sits up on the mat. Fenix and Luke nod at each other and they both deliver hard football kicks to the chest and back of Fatal, sending him to the mat. Ryan then quickly capitalizes and jumps up on Luke, delivering a code breaker.

    Sid: Luke and Ryan working together for a short while, but Ryan was quick to show that he has no allegiance to Luke and his brother.

    Ryan walks over to Clash and the two men start trading blows. Punches and kicks fly as the two athletic superstars try to hurt each other; Ryan manages to push Clash away with a standing drop kick, he then grabs Clash’s arm and launches him towards the ropes on the other side of the ring, instead of rebounding off them Clash hooks them with his arms, his back towards the crowd.

    Paul: Ryan sending Clash into the ropes, he managed to stop his momentum though.

    Ryan rushes at Clash, hoping to deliver a running dropkick. Clash spins backward; delivering a rope bound backflip kick to the head of Ryan, leaving Clash landing on the apron and Ryan clutching his head.

    Sid: Quick counter by Clash!

    Ryan grabs the top rope to right himself and as he is back to a full vertical position Clash lashes out with a rope grip roundhouse kick, sending Ryan to the ground. Clash jumps up on the rope into a slingshot elbow drop, connecting with Ryan.

    Sid: Such athleticism shown by Clash in that combo of moves. Look he is covering!

    Clash goes for the cover on Ryan.

    Luke comes running and throws Clash off of Ryan

    Paul: Luke Bubba breaking the cover!

    Clash is back to his feet and lashes out with a kick to Luke, sending him into the corner, Bo goes to get over the ropes and into the ring to help his brother but Clash hits a savate kick to Bo, sending him over the ropes and out to ringside.

    Sid: Savate kick to Bo Bubba! No interference here Bo.

    Ryan crawls over to his corner and tags in Austins who launches into the ring and goes to work on Clash, Fatal is still resting by a ring corner. Austins works Clash over with kicks and punches to the back off Clash before launching him into the corner, Styles tags himself in and goes to take down Austins, who jumps up on the ropes and hits a flying crossbody on the unprepared Styles.

    Sid: All four men in the ring seem tired, Luke and Fatal are both down in different corners, Austins has taken a bit of a beating and I don’t think Styles has recuperated from his last turn in the ring.

    Paul: What is happening at ringside?!

    Ryan and Valentine have rushed Smasher and attacked him at ringside. Clash runs over and helps Smasher fight off the two.

    Sid: A brawl has broken out at ringside!

    Austins rolls out of the ring and goes to help his partner and manager. He and Clash start trading blows outside of the ring, Austins manages to hit an ensugiri to Clash’s head and then whips him into the guard rail.

    Paul: Oooh. He felt that one!

    Austins goes to deal blows to the head of Clash who recuperates and tackles Austins into the apron. He then rolls Austins into the ring.

    Sid: Clash sending Austins into the ring. Smasher is still fighting off Fenix and Valentine by ringside.

    Paul: His name is Lucas Sid, do your job. And here comes Bo Bubba!

    Bo comes rushing and joins the fray at ringside, fighting all three men at the same time. At the same time Clash has rolled into the ring and prepped Austins up on the top turnbuckle and Styles is trading blows with Luke in the middle of the ring. Fatal is also beginning to stir.

    Sid: Styles and Luke are duking it out in the middle of the ring, and James Fatal also seems to be back to join us in the land of the conscious. I am wondering What Clash has planned.

    Clash jumps up on the turnbuckle and locks his legs around Austins neck, he then delivers a hurricanrana off the top turnbuckle out onto Bo, Valentine, Lucas and Ryan, Clash and Austins land on top of them.

    Sid: Hurricanrana out of the ring from the top turnbuckle! My god!

    Paul: Their bodies must be broken in half! Look in the ring!

    Luke manages to hit Styles with elbow strike near a corner. He then whips Styles into the ropes and hits him with a rolling elbow to the head on the rebound, sending Styles to the ground and his head hits a turnbuckle on the way down.

    Paul: 18 wheeler! Luke took Styles down with the 18 wheeler!

    Sid: Looks like Styles hit his head on the way down as well. Is Luke going for the cover?

    As Luke is going for the cover Fatal comes rushing up and pushes him out between the ropes and out to ringside, he then steals the pin.

    Paul: No! James Fatal gets Luke out of the ring and steals the pin!

    Sid: Looks like Clash is heading into the ring to help his friend!

    Clash has gotten to his feet and is trying to get into the ring to break the pin but Angel grabs his ankle and pulls him out of the ring.

    Sid: What the!?

    Paul: What was that about!?

    Angel slaps Clash’s shocked face before storming up the ramp.

    The ref counts to three and James Fatal wins the match as his theme hits.

    Billy Ford: Here are your winners! The team of Lucas “Smasher” Hacksaw and James Fatal, Dream Team!

    Paul: James Fatal has won the match! He and Lucas Hacksaw take the lead with 90 points! This leaves The Bubbas and Ryan and Austins with 70 points and Clash of Styles with 60 points!

    [size=x-small]Fatal celebrates in the ring before heading up the ramp, not worrying about checking up on his partner who is still at ring side in a pile. [/size]

    Sid: I am more shocked about what just transpired. Looks like Angel Corpuz just turned her back on the team that brought her into Federation X in the first place. Angel has turned her back on Clash of Styles.

    Paul: I don’t blame her. Why would she want to be tied down by the team that is bound to lose this tournament?

    Sid: You really have no faith in the oldest tag team on Warzone Paul? Anyway…The Tag team immortality tournament is underway officially and we will be back with more Warzone after these messages.

    [size=x-small]We cut to black as we see Clash help Styles to his feet, both with confused and angry looks on their faces. [/size]

    Ashraf vs Mark White

    Show Spoiler

    Sid: Welcome back to warzone, next up we have a singles bout.

    [size=x-small]*Muhammad Ashraf's theme hits*

    *Crowd boo* [/size]

    [size=x-small]Ashraf walks out with his head down wearing a turban with the Pakistan Flag on it, black trunks, with the Pakistan flag on the back, and his name underneath the flag, black knee pads and elbow pads with black wrestling boots.[/size]

    Billy Ford:Introducing first, from Pakistan, Muhammed Ashraf!

    Paul: Doesn't Ashraf look happy tonight?.. Look's like he's been sucking a lemon.

    [size=x-small]Ashraf walks out with the spotlight upon him as he ignores the fans and stares down at the ring as the arena goes dark. He then walks up the stairs as he reaches the ring, removing his turban.[/size]

    Sid: Ashraf's scheduled oppontent is Mark White folks.

    [size=x-small]Ashraf climbs the east turnbuckle and stares down at the fans in disappointment.[/size]

    Ashraf stands center of the ring, with a microphone in hand.

    Ashraf: You fans can boo me all you want, but I'm better than you. & You're all pathetic for thinking otherwise.

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Boo very heavily*[/size]

    Sid: Fantastic way to get the crowd on your side Muhammed...

    Ashraf: I find it such a disgrace that my superior talents are been used on such a under-achieving, abysmal wrestler such as Mark White.

    [size=x-small]*You Suck chants*[/size]

    Ashraf: I suck? How cute. But Shut the hell up for one second.

    Ashraf: Mark White doesn't deserve to be in the ring with me, all he is.. is a stepping stone until I gets my revenge on Iscariot.

    Ashraf: I will....

    Mark White’s theme hits [/size]

    Sid: I think Mark White has heard enough of Muhammed Ashraf's insults.

    Paul: Don't be a spoil sport Sid, I was enjoying it.

    Billy Ford: Introducing his opponent from Las Vegas, Nevada, Mark White!

    [size=x-small]*Small pop from Crowd*[/size]

    A man launches up on a lift, his hands balled up, he slowly walks towards the apron stopping just before. He raises his hands towards the sky causing a huge pillar of smoke to erupt at the top of the ramp. He climbs the turnbuckle before blowing a white powder out towards the audience. He then drops down from the apron. [/size]

    Referee rings the bell.

    Both men lock-up in the center of the ring, and Ashraf get's White into a side headlock, Mark White tries to wriggle free, but he's finding it difficult due to the strength of Muhammed Ashraf. Mark finally breaks the hold with several punches to the gut of Ashraf.

    [size=x-small]Both men stare each other down in the center of the ring.[/size]

    Both men move around the ring, looking to find the opening advantage, Ashraf gets White in a wrist lock, and then beats him down to the mat

    [size=x-small]Ashraf taunts to the crowd.[/size]

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Boo*[/size]

    Sid: I don't think it's a wise decision for Muhammed Ashraf to be taunting to the crowd, and taking his eyes of his opponent.

    Paul: Sid, For once shut up. Ashraf has this.

    Mark White get's to his feet, and hit's a drop kick to Ashraf and sends him crashing out of the ring.

    Sid: You were saying Paul?

    Paul: [size=x-small]*Silence*[/size]

    Ashraf gets to his feet, and is receiving abuse from the crowd, he looks on at the crowd in disgust before sharing a evil stare at Mark White, who just sent him crashing out of the ring.

    Ashraf rolls back into the ring, and immedintly runs towards Mark White, who ends up in the corner receiving multiple blows to the midsection followed my several kicks to the gut.

    Sid: Ashraf isn't going on Mark easy tonight, that's for sure.

    Paul: He's obviously trying to make a point to Iscariot.

    Muhammed Ashraf is connecting with everything he's throwing here, Mark White look's defenceless at the moment. Muhammed Ashraf is constantly throwing right hooks to the head of Mark White.

    Paul: That's gotta' hurt haha!

    Muhammed Ashraf takes a step back, before hitting several shoulder thrusts to Mark White..


    The Referee pulls Ashraf away from Mark White.

    Sid: The referee having to pull Ashraf off Mark White then, he'll have to be careful he doesn't get disqualified here.

    Ashraf waits in the center of the ring, until Mark White gets to his feet before charging to the turnbuckle looking to hit the high-knee, Mark White ducks, and Ashraf's leg is caught on the top rope.

    Sid: Rookie Mistake from Ashraf there.

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Cheer*[/size]

    White see's the opportunity and starts to work some of his magic with several kicks to the isolated leg of Ashraf. Ashraf breaks free from the rope and pokes White in the eye to buy him some time.

    [size=x-small]The Referee warns Ashraf. [/size]

    Ashraf turns around and hits a running clothesline on Mark White, who is now laid out in the center of the ring.

    Ashraf start's stomping away at a downed Mark White who is still feeling the effect of Ashrafs early dominance.

    Ashraf runs to the ropes, and back to a downed White, hoping to hit a leg drop, but Mark White rolls out of the way to safety.

    Sid: Smart Reversal by Mark White there.

    Mark White jumps to his feet, and starts hitting punches, and kicks towards Ashraf. & Catches him on the back of the head with a very strong solid kick.

    Sid: That's got to hurt.

    Mark White goes for a pin..


    Muhammed Ashraf kicks out at 2, Mark White look's shocked, and rolls away from Ashraf in disbelief.

    Paul: Mark White look's shocked, I don't know why?... It will take a lot more than a kick to the back of the head to stop Muhammed Ashraf.

    Muhammed Ashraf get's to his feet, and Mark White runs directly for him, Ashraf see's this and counters, Both men are looking a little tired, Ashraf hits Mark White with several European uppercuts, before sending Mark into the ropes, and hitting him with a high knee.

    Mark White get's sent crashing to the floor, Ashraf wastes no time, and connects with several elbow drops, before putting Mark White into the Cross-arm breaker.

    Sid: It doesn't look good for Mark White surely he's going to tap..?

    Mark White, is squirming in the ring, trying to roll out of the cross arm-breaker. But he's finding it difficult to break lose... he eventually uses his reflexes and agility to get his foot on the bottom rope to break the hold.

    Muhammed Ashraf refuses to break the hold...

    [size=x-small] *Crowd Boo*[/size]


    He breaks the hold..

    *Crowd Boo more*

    Ashraf waits until a groggy Mark White finally gets to his feet before hitting him with a spinebuster, before setting him up into a Texas cloverleaf, In the center of the ring.

    Paul: That's it, it's got to be game over, better look next time Mark White. Haha!

    Mark is trying to break the hold, but Ashraf is just too strong. He's about to tap..

    [size=x-small] Aids Johnson runs down the ramp with a chair.

    *Huge Pop[/size]

    Sid: Is that Aids Johnson?

    Paul: What's he doing here!?

    Aids Johnson jumps into the ring before giving Mark White a strong boot to the head, giving Mark the victory by disqualification.

    Referee signals for the bell to be rung.

    Sid: Aids Just cost Muhammed Ashraf the match!

    [size=x-small]*You're Infected Chants break out*[/size]

    Aids hits Muhammed Ashraf in the gut with the chair, before hitting him in the back and couple of times.

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Cheer*[/size]

    Sid: Them chairs shots are gonna' hurt.

    Paul: Get off him Aids you mongrel!

    Mark White rolls out of the ring, and start's making his way up the ramp, after picking up the victory via Disqualification.

    [size=x-small]*Crowd are cheering Aids*[/size]

    Sid: Aids Johnson getting a fantastic red hot reception from his home crowd!

    Muhammed Ashraf get's to his feet before Aids Johnson finally hits him in the head with the chair. Sending him to the mat with blood coming from his forehead.

    Paul: Blood, I see Blood!!

    [size=x-small] Aids Johnson grabs a microphone from ringside. [/size]

    Aids Johnson: Muhammed Ashraf, try ignoring me now. You worthless piece of Sh*t!

    [size=x-small] Aids leaves the ring, and jumps into the crowd to celebrate with his friends, and fans! [/size]

    Sid: Well It's safe to say I didn't expect that when I saw we had a single's bout booked. Join us after the break for more Warzone.

    [size=x-small]Cuts to commercials.[/size]

    Zach is still mad

    Show Spoiler
    [size=x-small]The camera pans backstage to Zack Schmidt who walks past the camera and bangs on a door, the camera man follows him around and shows he is banging on Sholi's locker room door[/size]

    Zack Schmidt: Come out here Sholi, we'll see how you stand after I kick you square below the belt, ducking out of a match, you Coward, Come On!

    [size=x-small]Geordie comes running down and pulls Zack back from the door[/size]

    King Geordie: Woah hang on man, what do you think your doing, You lost by Disqualification, ok, that means you are entitled to a rematch, don't do something here that will get you suspended

    [size=x-small]Zack pushes Geordie's arm of him and turns around[/size]

    Zack Schmidt: Geordie, I am pissed off now move out the way, I am getting even one way or another

    [size=x-small]Zack turns round and tries to slip past Geordie, Geordie pushes him back[/size]

    King Geordie: Listen freshmen, your new, you think you've got everything worked out, well your wrong, causing a fight isn't going to do anything, you have a match at No Limit and I am going to train you, tell you how to win, so by No Limit, no one will doubt you can beat Sholi

    Zack Schmidt: Ok, I'll let it slide only if you guarantee after your training I will be the Warrior's Champion at No Limit

    King Geordie: You have my word Zack, come on lets go and work out a schedule and talk our plan through

    [size=x-small]Zack and Geordie walk off camera and Warzone cuts to commercials[/size]

    Written By Sackfist. Click the Link to rep for his work​

    RA Kyro vs Mad Dogg

    Show Spoiler
    Sid: It’s main event time people! If you remember correctly then you’d remember that last week Cutlass booked a match between Mad Dogg and RA Kyro for tonight. Kyro has to endure a couple of challenges to get to face Cutlass for the Royal Crown Championship at No Limit.

    Paul: Mad Dogg is going to destroy Kyro, bring out the victim!

    [size=x-small]*RA Kyro's theme hits*

    *Crowd cheers*

    The lighting changes to a blue tint as RA Kyro walks out as pyro goes off behind him. Kyro is wearing emerald green trunks with R.A written on the back in white, green knee pads with white flashes, green elbow pads with white flashes as well, a green shirt with white sleeves and R.A written in a fancy font on the back, with Radge written on the front.

    Billy Ford:This match is set for one fall! From Edinburgh, Scotland. Weighing in at 226lbs, R..A...Kyro!

    Sid: I’m not sure you can classify Kyro as a victim Paul. That would insinuate that the Warzone original didn’t stand a chance in this match.

    [size=x-small]Kyro walks down quickly to the ring, holding his hand out for fans to highfive with his eyes fixed on the ring, Kyro walks up the stairs and into the ring[/size]

    Paul: You honestly think he has a chance against Mad Dogg!? You’re insane!

    [size=x-small]RA Kyro climbs the west ring post with one leg on the second rope, the other on the top posing as the lights flash[/size]

    Sid: Radge looking prepared for this match, bring out the opponent!
    [size=x-small]Mad Dogg's Theme hits

    *Crowd boos*

    Mad Dogg walks out wearing a black singlet with a design of a black and red colored bulldog, and upside down version on the back. Black wrist tape on the left hand, and two black elbow pads on both elbows. Two black kneepads, and Black boots.

    Billy Ford: From Houston, Texas, weighing in at 295lbs, Mad Dogg!

    Paul: Mad Dogg looking ready to go to work and eviscerate Kyro.

    [size=x-small]Mad Dogg walks down to the ring twisting his wrists. He climbs up onto the apron and steps through the ropes.[/size]

    Sid: Mad Dogg does have a size advantage but Kyro has speed and great ring skills.

    [size=x-small]Mad Dogg stands in the ring slightly jogging on the spot again twisting his wrists[/size]

    Paul: Him being fast will only help him with running away.

    Kyro and Mad Dogg lock up in a knuckle lock in the middle of the ring, fighting for domination. Mad Dogg pushes Kyro away into the ropes, causing Kyro to rebound off them.

    Sid: Both men struggling for control here early on in the match.

    Kyro dodges Mad Dogg’s planned forearm smash, sliding under the arm. He then jumps up on the back of Mad Dogg and locks in a sleeper hold.

    Sid: Sleeper hold! Kyro has the sleeper hold locked in!

    Paul: Get out of it Mad Dogg!

    Mad Dogg struggles against the sleeper hold. Eventually he throws Kyro over his shoulders and into the ground, forcing him to let go off the sleepr hold.

    Paul: Mad Dogg planting Kyro hard into the ground.

    Sid: Looks like Kyro is getting back to his feet though.

    Kyro gets up to his feet as Mad Dogg stalks him, preparing for Kyros next move. Kyro turns around and jumps up on the top rope, he launches off the ropes and tries to hit Mad Dogg with a flying crossbody. Mad Dogg manages to catch Kyro though.

    Paul: Really smart there by Mad Dogg, catching Kyro in midair.

    Mad Dogg grins wickedly before planting Kyro in the ground with a spinning sidewalk slam. Mad Dogg gets up as Kyro is writhing in agony and taunts towards the crowd.

    Paul: Spinning Sidewalk slam! Kyro is dead right now!

    Kyro works his way up to his feet and sneaks up on the unsuspecting Mad Dogg. He rolls Mad Dogg up for the pin.

    Sid: Roll up!

    No! Mad Dogg kicks out!

    Paul: Thank god he managed to kick out!

    Mad Dogg gets up to his feet, he seems slightly shocked but then starts seething with anger that Kyro managed to almost pin him. He grabs ahold of Kyro and throws him across the ring with a fallaway slam.

    Paul: Big fallaway slam!

    Kyro gets up to his feet and notices Mad Dogg rushing him, hoping to deliver a double axe handle punch. Kyro dodges beneath Mad Doggs arms and starts delivering a series of blows to the gut of Mad Dogg, temporarily stunning him.

    Sid: Mad Dogg is stunned!

    Kyro delivers a gut-kick to Mad Dogg and then applies a three quarter front face-lock

    Sid: Kyro looking for a neckbreaker here

    Kyro spins 90 degrees then stops abruptly and sits down, dragging Mad Dogg's neck across the shoulder of Kyro

    Paul: RA Kyro hitting a neckbreaker stunner combination

    Kyro looks at the downed Mad Dogg, contemplating pinning Mad Dogg, instead Kyro looks towards the corner and seemingly makes his decision.
    RA Kyro begins to scale the corner

    Paul: Kyro going up to the top rope! High risk!

    Kyro slaps his chest and then stands on the top rope

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Sid: Kyro feeling froggy

    Kyro jumps off and hits a frog splash on Mad Dogg, before the referee can being counting Mad Dogg throws Kyro off of him though.

    Sid: Frog Splash!

    Paul: Mad Dogg managed to kick out before the count had even started though!

    Kyro and Mad Dogg are up to their feet again, circling one another. They lock up in front face locks and begin fighting for dominance.

    Paul: And again they lock up.

    Kyro manages to sweep the leg of Mad Dogg and force him to the ground. Kyro then jumps over Mad Dogg and goes to run the ropes, prepping for a running elbow drop.

    Sid: Leg sweep leading into a running elbow drop from Kyro!

    Mad Dogg launches up from the ground and hits Kyro with a spear.

    Paul: Spear! Spear from the downed Mad Dogg!

    Mad Dogg starts pounding at the face of Kyro with his fists. The ref finally forces Mad Dogg off of Kyro and helps Kyro to his feet.

    Sid: And finally the ref gets Mad Dogg off of Kyro.

    Paul: Come on ref!

    Kyro is back up to a vertical base, holding his head. As soon as the ref gets out of the way Mad Dogg rushes at Kyro. Kyro manages to counter though by jumping off the ground and planting his feet in the face of Mad Dogg with a standing drop kick, driving Mad Dogg to the ground.

    Sid: Beautiful standing drop kick from Kyro!

    Kyro climbs the corner again, looking for another frog splash. As he prepares Mad Dogg manages to get up and he rushes up on the top turnbuckle as well, delivering an elbow strike to Kyro before locking him up for a superplex.

    Paul: Is he looking for a superplex?

    Mad Dogg launches off of the turnbuckle, planting Kyro hard into the ground with a superplex. Mad Dogg gets up to his feet and starts taunting the crowd again.

    Paul: He is! Look at the pure athlete that is Mad Dogg!

    [size=x-small]Crowd boos. [/size]

    Mad Dogg grabs Kyro and lifts him up and prepares for the Psycho driver.

    Sid: Mad Dogg going for the Psycho driver.

    Mad Dogg plants Kyro hard with the Psycho driver and goes for the cover.

    Paul: Psycho driver!


    Mad Dogg wins.

    [size=x-small]Mad Dogg's Theme hitsas he gets up on the top rope and mocks the crowd again before rolling out of the ring. [/size]

    Billy Ford: Here is your winner… Mad Dogg!

    Paul: Mad Dogg showing why he is one of the top dogs here on Warzone! Kyro got destroyed!

    Sid: RA Kyro showed a lot of skill though and a whole lot of fighting spirit, he almost pinned Mad Dogg once early in the match.

    Paul: That doesn’t mean anything, only the final result matters Sid.

    [size=x-small]As Mad Dogg heads up the ramp Kyro gets up to his feet and rests on the ropes facing the ramp and stage. [size=x-small]Cutlass's entrance theme hits and he comes out on the stage holding a microphone.[/size]

    Cutlass:Well well Kyro, that didn’t go so well, now did it? You failed to beat my challenge.

    Paul: That’s right! He failed!

    Cutlass:I do feel like a good sport today though so I am willing to offer you one more challenge next week. Do you accept Kyro?

    [size=x-small]Kyro screams yes up at Cutlass and the fans chant along, chanting “one more match!” [/size]

    Sid: Seems like Kyro might get one more shot at the gold.

    Cutlass:Very well then. Next week you will face another opponent. And please, do try to at least put up a fight next week.

    [size=x-small]Cutlass walks off the stage, leaving Kyro staring up at it from the ring. [/size]

    Sid: There you have it folks, next week Kyro gets another chance at getting to face Curt Cutlass for the Royal Crown Championship.

    Paul: We also saw the tag team immortality series kick off tonight. And Sam Cornell beat Puff to retain the Gladiator’s medallion. What a show. See you guys next week, right here, on Warzone.

    [size=x-small]Screen fades to black. [/size]
  2. Chillin in Wisconsin this week :boss1: should make for some good entertainment. Way to beat puff, Sam. Really showing off why you are #2 in the power rankings. :lol1:
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  6. That match was a great read. Seriously awesome.


    That last segment was infuckingcredible. Nice writing whoever handled that business. AIDS FTW.
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