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    Warzone this Wednesday will be live in Hartford, Conneticut at the XL Center. With the first ever Warzone only pay per view event, No Limit coming closer we can expect the show and the wrestlers to start building up to it.​

    Is Cornell afraid?

    Last Week Sam Cornell was threatened by Ramees. Both of these men are taking part in the Gladiator's title series and they also have some bad blood stemming from the qualifiers to the Extreme Rumble. How is Sam handling these threats? ​

    Zach Schmidt vs Taylor Tajiri

    Two weeks ago, Warzone rookie and Warrior's title number one contender almost had his leg broken by his No Limit opponent the Sholi. This week we will see Zach getting back in the ring. Has his close call with injury affected him or not?​

    Muhammed Ashraf vs Puff Puff Pass

    Muhammed Ashraf lost last week to interference from Aids Johnson, this week he is looking to put things back in a positive direction. Will the Wisconsin born bad egg turn up again this week or will he get a match un-disturbed?​

    Kyro's second chance

    Warzone general manager Curt Cutlass decided to keep playing games with the Scottish superstar. Will Kyro manage to pick up a win this week?​

    More tag team immortality

    With the tag team immortality tournament in full swing now we can expect some more build.​

  2. wisconsin born badegg? The question is why isnt AIDS handing someone a loss with an intro? AIds > ashraf. :true: Hopefully aids comes in to beat them both.
  3. inb4 Aids jobs in dark match
  4. :lol1: aids = ambrose to you, i get it. Aids > CM punk > cena > so many more. Aids is the DB of warzone, except i win my ppv matches.
  5. You're like the Alex Riley of Warzone, talented, but over time noone will give a fuck about you. :dawg:
  6. :haha:....sad but :true:
  7. I guess I will be the first to answer these on Warzone.

    Sam Cornell the smallest man in the series, Ramees is a large athlete and has been a dominant bully since his debut. Sam is a fighter, I see him trying to be the tough guy, but will get beaten down by Ramees

    Injury's don't heal just like that, Zach will be feeling the affects, Taylor is a tough competitor but I see Zach picking up the win

    Ashraf is my fav to win the tournament, member of team Warzone for those who remember Battle Lines. PuffPuffPass the jobber he is stands no chance, but I have a feeling Aids will use Puff to embarrass Ashraf

    I don't know, I am still uneven, Cutlass gave Kyro a shot, he failed, Kyro has failed in my eyes, Cutlass is just looking to embarrass him now

    Look forward to Fatal in action, James Fatal #1 Warzone superstar

    But these are my thoughts, what are your guys opinion's?
  8. Cornell is unstoppable, which i never though id say for a 130lb "athlete" but love his matches, especially as of late

    . No idea on the 2nd winner, and im okay with either one picking up the win.

    IF aids jumps in to use Puff to get Ashraf another loss, i hope he crushes puff right after.

    CUTLASS IS BOSS, but not really anymore. Really into that deal

    Like tag teams a grip IRL, so excited to see how all this gets written in. GOing to be another great warzone.
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