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    Last Week
    • RA Kyro lost against Mad Dogg, losing his chance at Cutlass's title. cutlass decided to play with the Scottish star and give him one more chance.
    • Lucas Hacksaw and James Fatal won the first tag team immortality match
    • Angel Corpuz betrayed Clash of Styles
    • Aids Johnson attacked Mohammed Ashraf in the ring
      [*]Zach Schmidt and King Geordie seems to have formed an alliance

    Ashraf vs Puff Puff Pass

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    [size=x-small]Pyro hits in an X formation on stage, followed by three burst shooting up lighting up the stage. Lights flick on as Fans get ready for Warzone[/size]

    Sid: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Warzone, I am Sid Parker with my colleague Paul Taylor

    Paul: Thanks Sid, and we are live from the XL Center in lovely Hartford Conneticut. We have over 17,000 fans here tonight, and I'm sure it's going to be a good one!

    Sid: Your right, Paul. And it look's like our first bout is right around the corner.

    [size=x-small]*Muhammad Ashraf's theme hits*

    *Crowd boo* [/size]

    [size=x-small]Ashraf walks out with his head down wearing a turban with the Pakistan Flag on it, black trunks, with the Pakistan flag on the back, and his name underneath the flag, black knee pads and elbow pads with black wrestling boots.[/size]

    Billy Ford:Introducing first, from Pakistan, Muhammed Ashraf!

    Paul: Well Ashraf look's happy as always..

    [size=x-small]Ashraf walks out with the spotlight upon him as he ignores the fans and stares down at the ring as the arena goes dark. He then walks up the stairs as he reaches the ring, removing his turban.[/size]

    Sid: It was announced earlier folks that Muhammed Ashraf will face Puff'Puff'Pass here tonight, who isn't have the best of times within the squared circle.

    [size=x-small]Ashraf climbs the east turnbuckle and stares down at the fans in disappointment.[/size]

    Ashraf stands center of the ring, with a microphone in hand.

    Ashraf: I see I get a nice crowd reaction again, just like last week, and just like the week before that. But who cares? your opinion doesn't matter. You're just a bunch of nobody's.

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Boo very heavily*[/size]

    Sid: Ashraf coming out, and doing what Ashraf does best it would seem...

    Ashraf: If beating these abysmal excuses of Professional wrestlers will get me another shot at Iscariot then so be it.

    Sid: Look's like Ashraf is fired up tonight.

    Ashraf: C'mon Puff!, come on down...

    [size=x-small]*Puff's theme*

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Boo*[/size]

    Puff ignores the boos and poses on the ramp with his right fist held high into the air. He then starts walking towards the ring cockily, waving at the fans acting as if they are cheering for him.


    Sid: Here comes Puff, hopefully this match won't go on for too long like last week.

    Paul: For once we agree on something Sid, Puff is a poor excuse as a wrestler, I don't even think he knows how to wrestle..haha!

    [size=x-small]Puff rolls into the ring.[/size]

    The referee rings the bell and both men lock-up in the center of the ring.

    Ashraf get's Puff into a side headlock in the center of the ring, Ashraf pushes Puff into the ropes, and eventually takes him down with a vicious shoulder block.

    [size=x-small]Ashraf laughs in the center of the ring, poking fun at Puff![/size]

    Puff Eventually get's to his feet rather slowly.

    Paul: No time like the present Puff....

    [size=x-small]*You can't wrestle, chants from the crowd*[/size]

    Puff, and Ashraf are in the center of the ring exchanging blows, Ashraf clearly coming off as the winner..

    Ashraf is hitting several Clotheslines on Puff, but Puff keeps somehow finding his way to his feet.

    Paul: How long before Cutlass fires Puff...? That's the question on all the fans mind in the Arena tonight.

    Ashraf goes to hit Puff with a vicious strong running clothesline, but Puff very clumsily loses his balance, and dodges the maneuver.

    Paul: Puff's stupidity, and sheer lack of in-ring talent saving him there.

    Ashraf sent himself crashing into the turn-buckle, and Puff starts hitting some very weak punches towards Ashraf.

    Paul: I've seen girls hit harder than that? What is he doing..?

    Muhammed Ashraf quickly get's to his feet, and reverses some of Puff's very weak punches, and start's kicking him in the legs.

    Sid: Very hard kicks to the knees from Muhammed Ashraf there, sending Puff to the ground.

    Puff is rolling around the ring, clutching his knee, after some very hard stiff kicks from Muhammed Ashraf.

    Muhammed Ashraf grabs Puff by the neck, and sends him crashing into the turnbuckles.

    Sid: Muhammed Ashraf showing his dominance here Paul?

    Paul: That's right Sid, Puff doesn't deserve to be on Warzone, he's a poor excuse of a wrestler. I'm not surprised Muhammed Ashraf is winning this thus far.

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Boo*

    Muhammed Ashraf is hitting several shoulder thrusts in the corner of the ring, Puff very clumsily holds onto the ropes to try keep balance.

    Muhammed Ashraf hits Puff with a very impressive Side body slam.

    Puff is laid out in the center of the ring, Ashraf start's stomping away at a downed Puff who is still feeling the effect of Ashrafs early dominance. [/i]

    Sid: It's all one way from here, Muhammed Ashraf is just too strong for Puff.

    Muhammed Ashraf hits a painful leg drop, before setting up the Texas cloverleaf, In the center of the ring.

    Paul: That's gotta' be it folks, surely? Puff is a virtually a dead-man in the center of the ring.

    Puff'Puff'Pass Immediately taps out, and clutches his legs after Muhammed Ashraf finally releases the hold.

    Paul: Pure dominance there from Muhammed Ashraf, Puff didn't have a chance from the word, Go!

    The Referee signals for the bell to be rang, and raises Muhammed Ashrafs arm signalling he is the winner.

    [size=x-small]*Muhammad Ashraf's theme hits*[/size]

    [size=x-small]Ashraf is celebrating in the center of ring, as the crowd boos. [/size]

    [size=x-small]*Iscariot's theme hits*

    Lights turn dark and church bells are heard. Dark red smoke fills the stage, making it hard to see anything.

    Sid: Is it him?, Iscariot? Has he come to see Ashraf?

    Paul: I don't know, but I guess we won't need to wait to find out, as Muhammed Ashraf is leaving the ring..

    [size=x-small] Muhammed Ashraf, starts running up into the red smoke, towards the top of the ramp. [/size]

    Sid: Did you hear that Paul?, It sounded like, Metal banging together?

    Paul: I heard it, you heard it, 10,000 out of 17,000 must have heard it, what's going on?

    [size=x-small]The smoke starts to disappear..[/size]

    [size=x-small]The smoke disappears to show Muhammed Ashraf laying down on the top of the ramp face first, and Aids Johnson looking down on him with a Steel pipe in hand.[/size]

    Sid: By god, It was Aids Johnson. Again? That's the second week in a row he's attacked Muhammed Ashraf?

    [size=x-small]*Your Infected Chants Break out*[/size]

    Aids gets a microphone from the side of the ramp

    Aids Johnson: Can you still ignore me now? Ashraf..? See ya' again.. Real soon....

    [size=x-small]Aids Johnson slowly walks off the stage, staring at a downed Muhammed Ashraf...[/size]

    Sid: This on going rivalry between Aids Johnson, and Muhammed Ashraf seems to have taken another twist... Join us after the break.

    [size=x-small]Cuts to commercials[/size]

    Backstage interview with Sam Cornell

    Show Spoiler

    [size=x-small] We're back on Warzone, and the camera's go backstage where Sam Cornell is with Stan Morris.[/size]

    Stan Morris: Hello Folks, I'm Stan Morris joined by my guest at this time Sam Cornell. Sam firstly how are you?

    Sam Cornell: I'm good thanks.

    Stan Morris: Your "Good?" last week on Warzone Ramees threatened you?

    Sam Cornell: Yeah I know.. You see the thing is Ramees, he's all talk and no action, Like literally when you look at him closely what has he done?. He's a Warzone original, he's been here since it's formation in April. Yet he has nothing to his name, No Championships, No Accolades. All he's really done is get into a rivalry with King Geordie which he lost I might add.

    Stan Morris: So you're not scared that he threatened you?

    Sam Cornell: Scared..? No... But you always have to look around your shoulder. Because you never know where someone could try do something. It's not nice getting beaten down from behind. Remember it wouldn't be the first time Ramees attacked me backstage.

    Stan Morris: Do you think Ramees has blown this whole thing completely out of proportion?

    Sam Cornell: Oh definitely, you see we're in the results business. It's as simple as that. You win you're on top. You lose you're in the gutter. It's up to us to work hard, and earn our chances. Not going around looking for revenge. Instead of looking for revenge Ramees could be working on getting another opportunity.

    Stan Morris: Sam, how will you tackle the thought of Ramees after you?

    Sam Cornell: We're both Wrestlers, we're both adults, he want's revenge. It's up to me to rise to that challenge, and beat him it's as simple as that. I believe I'm better than him, and I'm determined to show it. If he want's revenge then I guess we'll have to settle this in the ring. One-on-One.

    Stan Morris: Thanks for your time Sam.

    Sam Cornell: It's a pleasure Stan.

    [size=x-small]Sam and Stan both leave the Interview area, as the Camera-man lays the camera on the floor and walks away, but he's forgotten to turn the camera off.[/size]

    [size=x-small] The Camera shows Ramees poking his head around the corner with a pretty evil grin on his face before he makes his way over to the camera.[/size]

    Ramees: Is this thing still on?.... Good!, You see how close I was to you Sam Cornell? Wherever you are. I'm there. You're in the locker room? I'm outside. You're in the parking lot? I'm in a car. You're in the match. I'm behind the curtain. I'm with you 24/7. I can honestly say I will eventually get my revenge. You underestimate me, and you don't know what I'm capable of!..WATCH YOUR BACK!..BECAUSE I'm Coming for YOU!

    [size=x-small]Screen fades to black.[/size]
    [size=x-small]Cut to commercials.[/size]

    Tag Team Immortality match

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    Sid: Welcome back folks! Before the break we saw Sam Cornell’s response to Ramees threats placed against him, after which Ramees himself snuck up and delivered a message of his own. But now it is time for a match in the tag team immortality tournament.

    Paul: That it is Sid! We will see the newly founded team off Ryan Fenix and Andrew Austins under the lead of Valentine O’neil face current tournament leaders the Dream Team! Two teams I have been very impressed with so far!

    [size=x-small]The Smasher's Theme hits

    *Crowd Cheers*

    Lucas comes running out onto the stage wearing a pair of black aviators, short jeans, big black boots and a brown jacket left open. He poses on stage as pyro falls behind him

    Billy Ford:This! Is a tag team immortality tournament match! From New York, New York, weighing in at 250lbs, Lucas “The Smasher” Hacksaw!

    Sid: Lucas Hacksaw took a lot of punishment last week, mostly from the two men he will face with his partner here tonight. I have not seen much teamwork from Dream Team yet, I think it is quite obvious that they do not get along.

    [size=x-small]Lucas walks slowly to the ring and walks confidently up the stairs.[/size]

    Paul: They don’t need to get along! Lucas just needs to get in line, follow orders and let James lead so he makes sure that James gets to become tag team champion.

    [size=x-small]Lucas poses on one turnbuckle as he stares out on the crowd[/size]

    Sid: Dream Team might as well disintegrate from inside if they don’t find some sort of common ground to work from.

    [size=x-small]*James Fatal's theme hits*

    *Crowd boos*

    Fatal marches out to mid ramp wearing black tights with spider webs on both thighs, a sleeveless black hoody, black knee pads and black boots

    Billy Ford: And His partner! From Edenton, North Carolina. Weighing in at 220lbs, James...Fatal! Together they are… Dream Team!

    Paul: The visionary and the leader of Dream Team! The revolutionary free thinker that is James Fatal!

    [size=x-small]Fatal walks down the ramp fairly quickly and up onto the stairs, where he stands and looks out on the crowd before walking in the ring[/size]

    Sid: You are over selling Fatal a bit Paul. All he has been so far is a follower and a stooge, a talented one but a follower none the less.

    [size=x-small]Fatal walks onto two turnbuckles and raises his hands up with his index finger pointing out, before he dismounts and shakes his wrists confidenty[/size]

    Paul: And this is Fatal’s time to show that he can lead! He will lead this idiot Lucas Hacksaw to Immortality where Fatal will prove himself and become one of the first tag team champions!

    [size=x-small]Fenix, Austins and Valentines theme hits and Valentine O’Neil comes out on the ramp holding a microphone, dressed in his usual casual suit attire. [/size]

    Sid: Here we have the vocal and brash Valentine O’Neil. He has only been a manager on Warzone for just about a week but he already feels that his team will hold the gold.

    [size=x-small]Crowd boos. [/size]

    Valentine: Ladies and gentlemen! I am your pro wrestling rockstar Valentine O’Neil and it is my pleasure to introduce to you morons the team that will make you chant their names in reverence and then take your daughters! Double-A Andrew Austins and the London Landmine Ryan Fenix!

    Paul: Sure they are young and a bit brash, but this team has shown great talent and ability over the short time they have been on here.

    [size=x-small]The Crowd boos as Ryan Fenix and Andrew Austins comes out in their now standard attire of black tights with white chains down the sides of the legs and their name in white lettering on the back. They high five with Valentine before they head down to the ring. [/size]

    Sid: Let’s see how it goes. This match is about to start.

    The referee rings the bell, and the match starts

    Sid: The referee has rung the bell, and it's show time folks. Ryan Fenix & James Fatal will start this match off.

    Fenix starts quick, delivering several kicks to the gut, followed by an Irish whip, and then taken down by a flying Clothesline

    Sid: Look's like Fenix isn't wasting much time here tonight.

    Fatal is getting to his feet in the center of the ring, only to be kicked right in the chops from Fenix.

    Paul: That's gonna' hurt. Definitely no love lost between these two.

    Fenix senses an early opportunity and goes for the pin.


    Sid: Fatal raises the arm there, I think it's going to take a lot more to put down this team.

    Fatal gets to his feet, and tries to mount some offence with a couple of punches, but is downed after a kick to the back of the head

    Sid: I would hate to be James Fatal right about now, these kicks are gonna' hurt.

    Fatal is sitting in the upright position and Fenix delivers some strong kicks to his back, followed by a headlock.

    Sid: It seems the plan is to wear down Fatal, with kicks and submission holds...

    Fatal is showing little sign of giving up, and starts hitting several elbows to the midsection of Fenix.

    Fatal is mounting more offence here with several kicks of his own, but Fenix catches his leg...then hits him with a vicious dropkick.

    Paul: Damn, that's gonna' hurt. Both teams been very active so far.

    Fenix is walking around the ring, taunting a downed Fatal, before delivering several painful foot stomps to the body of Fatal. Valentine in the meantime is yelling orders to Fenix.

    Paul: Valentine yelling out instructions to help his young rookie.

    Fatal tries to tag Hacksaw but it's a failed attempt after Fenix catches his leg and pull's him into the center of the mat.

    Sid: Fatal isn't looking to good here, he hasn't been able to get into the match yet, and no real opening for him.

    Fenix goes back to a submission with a pretty strong chin lock hold, Fenix is squeezing stronger and strong, giving all the power he has. Fatal reverses the submission into a armbar and tries to apply his own submission to Fenix.

    Paul: Fatal locking in his own submission! This match is looking like it is picking up!

    Fatal and Fenix start a series of mat based submission wrestling, trading holds before Fenix finally locks in a Texas Cloverleaf.

    Sid: Cloverleaf! Fenix locking in the Texas Cloverleaf! Fatal will have to work hard to get out of this.

    Fatal manages to reverse the cloverleaf and get to his feet. He locks in a headlock on Fenix and delivers a future shock DDT.

    Paul: Futureshock! James Fatal is back in this match!

    Fatal stands up tall and starts posing for the crowd and mocking them as they boo him. Fatal even gets up on a turnbuckle and strikes a pose to aggravate the crowd. He then turns towards Lucas who wants to be tagged in but refuses him the tag.

    Sid: Fatal showcasing that bad attitude that he has had since joining Federation X. Lucas has been waiting for the tag for this entire match and Fatal has been dominated throughout most of it. Maybe he should allow his partner to come in so he doesn’t run even more risk of injury.

    Paul: James Fatal is one of the greatest wrestlers in Federation X! To suggest that he would need help should be punished with a fine!

    Sid: Shut up Paul.

    Whilst Fatal mocks Hacksaw Fenix has worked himself up to his feet again and runs up on Fatal and knocks him over the head. He then hits a tilt-a-whirl crossface on Fatal in front of Hacksaw.

    Sid: Tilt-A-Whirl Crossface! I don’t think I have ever seen anything like that before!

    Fenix keeps the crossface locked in in front of Lucas who is trying to reach into the ring to tag himself in. Fenix starts yelling insults towards Lucas. Lucas finally reaches far enough in and hits Fatal’s shoulder with his hand, the ref acknowledging it as a tag. Lucas jumps in and pulls Fenix off of Fatal and lifts him up in a military press.

    Sid: Lucas Hacksaw is in this match people! Look at him holding Fenix high over his head!

    Hacksaw throws Fenix all the way across the ring as the crowd chants “Hacksaw!” Hacksaw stands in the ring and eggs Austins to tag in and get in the ring as Fatal rolls out of the ring. Finally Austins tags himself in and gets in and rushes at Hacksaw.

    Paul: Andrew Austins tags in! This is going to end quickly!

    Hacksaw catches Austins and plants him with a spinebuster. The crowd cheers as Hacksaw gets back to his feet. He then grabs Austins as he gets back to a vertical base and throws him into a corner, Austins then falls to the ground. Hacksaw runs up to the corner and jumps up on the top turnbuckle only to splash down on Austins as he lands.

    Sid: Look at the strength of Hacksaw, and that corner splash probably took the air out of Austins lunges.

    Hacksaw picks up Austins and locks his hand around the throat of Austins, lifting him high into the air and then planting him with a chokeslam.

    Paul: Chokeslam! Andrew Austins driven into the ground!

    Hacksaw goes for the cover.


    [size=x-small]Hacksaw wins. [/size]

    Billy Ford: Here are your winners! Dream Team!

    Paul: Another 5 points for the Dreamt Team! This puts them at 95 points, still the leaders of the tournament by a landslide!

    Sid: What now!? Look at ringside!

    [size=x-small]Fenix and Valentine have rushed Fatal by ringside and start beating him down, driving his head into the apron. [/size]

    Paul: Fenix and Valentine have attacked James Fatal!

    Sid: And here comes the Smasher!

    [size=x-small]Hacksaw rolls out of the ring and fights off Fenix and Valentine, making them back off from Fatal. [/size]

    Sid: Hacksaw saving his tag team partner. Even though they don’t get along he still feels obligated to pull his partner out of danger!

    Paul: Incoming!

    [size=x-small]Andrew Austins launches through the ropes in a suicide dive, driving Hacksaw into the guard rail. He, Fenix and Valentine descend on Hacksaw and start beating him down. [/size]

    Sid: Austins was just playing possum! He allowed himself to be pinned so Fenix and Valentine could attack Fatal! They are picking the team apart piece by piece! Where is Fatal? He should help his partner!

    [size=x-small]Fatal is seen heading up the ramp as the fans are booing him. [/size]

    Sid: That despicable man! His partner puts his own wellbeing on the line to save him and he doesn’t even try to help his partner!

    Paul: Hacksaw knew what he was getting himself into! Fatal shouldn’t have to stick his neck out for someone that’s beneath him.

    Sid: You are impossible Paul. Get some security out here!

    [size=x-small]Security comes running down the ramp as Fenix, Valentine and Austins jumps the guard rail and disappear into the crowd. The last we see before commercial is security looking over Hacksaw. [/size]

    Clash of Styles interview

    Show Spoiler
    [size=x-small]We cut too backstage where we see Stan Morris and Clash of Styles, seemingly preparing for an interview. [/size]

    Stan Morris: Hello again folk's! I am Stan Morris and I am standing here with Patrick Clash and Jacob Styles, Clash of Styles. Guys last week the tag team Immortality tournament kicked off and you are now last in the rankings and your manager seems to have turned her back on you, comments?

    Jacob Styles: Stan, last week a person we thought we knew showed her true colors. Who we thought was a friend ended up being a Judas in women’s clothing, a traitor, a Benedict Arnold if you will. We brought Angel into Federation X and she decided to betray us after we make one decision that she doesn’t agree with. Her petty anger issues towards the Bones brothers and now us as well won’t get her anyway in this company. Angel, don’t come crying to us once this little solo spit of yours goes nowhere. We aren’t taking you back. It’s over, both as business partners and as friends.

    Patrick Clash: Also, shout out to Butch and Buster Bones, now I understand why you called her manhands.

    Stan Morris: Okay… About the tag team tournament then?

    Patrick Clash: About that, we may have lost last week and we are currently last on the leader boards but we are early on in the tournament. We will bounce back. There isn’t a team on Warzone that can compete on the level we can, Cutlass’s dream team doesn’t get along, not a good tag team dynamic. Ryan Fenix and Andrew Austins are green. And the Bubbas, we’ll let’s say we have some unfinished business with them.

    Jacob Styles: So you say that you have beef with the Bubbas?

    Patrick Clash: Do we have beef with the Bubbas? They were signed just to target us! Of course we have beef with them! And Luke, Bobo, I got some words for you and all my Clashtronauts out there. It might not be today, it might not be tomorrow it might not even be this month, but we will get back at you. Nobody on this roster competes at the level we do! No one can bring it like we do! We are built like Humvees with fighter jet engines inside and our only gear is overdrive! When Clash of Styles gets in the ring, people know that they are in for a match to remember, I don’t think any of the other teams can boast the same. We will…

    [size=x-small]Styles claps Clash on his shoulder, grabbing his attention. [/size]

    Patrick Clash: What?

    [size=x-small]Styles points of screen. [/size]

    Patrick Clash: Oh… Stan, you better leave.

    [size=x-small]The Bubba’s walk in on screen and stare down Clash of Styles. [/size]

    Luke Bubba: Yeah Stan, leave.

    [size=x-small]Stan Morris leaves which leaves the two teams staring each other down.[/size]

    Bo Bubba: So… Humvees with jet engines huh?

    Jacob Styles: Yeah, you got a problem with that redneck?

    Luke Bubba: Well then, looks like we need to take the Humvees in for repairs.

    [size=x-small]Clash launches at Luke and Bo tackles Styles into a table. The four men start trading blows backstage. [/size]

    Sid: Whoah!

    [size=x-small]Luke throws Clash off of him, into a set of storage crates located backstage; Luke then tackles Clash, driving him into the crates again. Styles grabs Bo and pushes him away to an arms distance, before lifting him up and planting him with a spinebuster through a catering table. [/size]

    Paul: Ouch! Bo went through the table.

    [size=x-small]Clash grabs a smaller, wooden crate and breaks it over Luke’s head as Bo sweeps Styles legs from under him, sending Styles to the ground. Bo then starts working over Styles with punches as Clash deals knees to the gut of Luke. Security comes running in and separate the two teams. [/size]

    Sid: Finally some security gets there. This young rivalry has only been going for a few weeks but these two teams already seem to want to kill each other.

    Paul: Only the most vicious animal in the jungle survives Sid. I don’t think Clash of Styles is vicious enough off a team to survive against the Bubbas or in this tournament at all. They have too much off a soft side, that’s why they failed against the Bones brothers, that’s why Angel turned her back on them, and it is why the Bubbas will destroy them.

    Sid: I’m gonna have to cut you playing doomsday prophet short Paul because we have to go to commercial. We’ll be right back people.

    [size=x-small]As the security crew continues to separate the two teams the screen fades to black. [/size]

    Zach Schmidt vs Taylor Tajiri

    Show Spoiler
    Paul: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen! We are preparing for a match between Warzone’s newest out of place rookies Zach Schmidt and the Asian sensation Taylor Tajiri.

    Sid: But we also just came back from a brawl backstage where The Bubbas got in a fight with Clash of Styles. These two teams have only known each other for a few short weeks but already hate each other. The tag team immortality tournament is heating up here on Warzone, but let’s moves on!

    [size=x-small]Kiri Tajiri's Theme hits

    *Crowd boos*

    The lights dim and Tajiri comes on the stage wearing black pants, covered in a dragon tattoos. His face is painted with blotches of green and black around the eyes and mouth. He crouches at the top of the ramp and sprays a shower of green mist into the air with his arms spread.

    Billy Ford: This match is set for one fall! From New Orleans, Louisiana, weighing in at 225lbs, Taylor Kiri Tajiri!

    Paul: The Asian sensation Taylor Tajiri, one of Warzone’s wrestlers with a hardcore origin.

    [size=x-small]Tajiri gets down to the ring and rolls into the ring[/size]

    Sid: He is known for working a hardcore style but he is also known for having a huge attitude problem. Taylor has picked fights with people backstage quite frequently and gotten in trouble with guys like Aids Johnson.

    [size=x-small]Tajiri rolls in as he stretches on the ropes[/size]

    Paul: All in the past! Taylor is looking to put all that behind him I can assure you.

    [size=x-small]Zach Schmidt’s theme hits and Zach comes out on the stage to the crowd cheering for him. Zach stands at the front of the stage and raises his hands into the air as pyro goes off behind him. He lowers his arms and looks out at the crowd, smiling. He starts walking down the ramp and egging the fans on. Geordie comes out behind him and heads to the ring with him. [/size]

    Billy Ford: His opponent! Accompanied by King Geordie, From Boston Massachusetts! Weighing in at 240lbs, Zach Schmidt!

    Sid: Zach Schmidt heading down the ramp, accompanied by King Geordie. It was two weeks ago that Zach almost had his young career ended by his No Limit opponent The Sholi. Zach is looking to get back in the saddle and Geordie has promised to help him.

    [size=x-small]Zach gets up on the top turnbuckle and covers his mouth with his hands as he looks out at the crowd. He removes his hands, stretching them out wide as a he screams out at the crowd. Geordie circles the ring and takes his place in Zach’s corner. [/size]

    Paul: Too bad that the horse has moved on and the only thing Zach can get up in the saddle on is a donkey. And Geordie isn’t going to increase his chances of beating someone as great as the Sholi. Geordie is a nobody in this promotion! What has he done? Nothing that’s what!

    Zach and Tajiri start circling one another. Zach and Tajiri lock their hands and start fighting for dominance. Tajiri pushes Zach up against the ropes and Zach then pushes Tajiri off him, leaving the two to stare each other down.

    Paul: Tajiri winning that lock up.

    Zach looks insecure before he finally rushes at Tajiri who counters with a knee to the gut, sending Zach sitting to the ground.

    Sid: Zach seemed to doubt himself before heading into the fray there.

    Paul: Only logical, he almost had his career ended two weeks ago, he has been struck with doubt and fear and that is something that both Tajiri and the Sholi will capitalize on to win because they both are that smart.

    Tajiri gets behind Zach and locks in a sitting full nelson lock. Zach keeps struggling against the hold that Tajiri is locking in harder and harder. Geordie starts slamming his hands into the apron and yelling at Zach to get out of the lock. Zach starts fighting himself up to his feet.

    Sid: Look! Geordie’s encouragement is helping Zach fight out of the Full Nelson lock!

    Paul: I still say Zach won’t win. He doubts himself and that means he will make mistakes that Tajiri can capitalize on.

    Zach gets up to his feet and starts stomping on Tajiri’s foot, making Tajiri let go off the full nelson hold. Zach stumbles to the ropes and grabs a hold of them as he gasps for air. Tajiri prepares and rushes at Zach, Geordie screams at Zach who pulls down the ropes as Tajiri jumps into the air, sending Tajiri out of ring, Tajiri crashes into the guard rail.

    Sid: Tajiri going over the ropes and into the guard rail!

    Paul: See what I mean! Zach is making mistakes and Tajiri might be seriously hurt after that!

    As Tajiri is back on his feet Zach uses the ropes to springboard out of the ring, hitting Tajiri with a plancha. Both men tumble to the ground.

    [size=x-small]Crowd cheers[/size]

    Sid: Does that look like a man who doubts himself Paul? Zach just went airborne right here on Wednesday nights!

    Both men get up to their feet and Tajiri delivers a running knee to Zach’s head. He then grabs Zach and goes to slam his head into the guard rail, Zach puts his hands on the guard rail to halt the blow and he then delivers an elbow strike to the head of Tajiri.

    Paul: And now the match has spread to the outside, something that will benefit Tajiri the most since he has a history of hardcore matches, something Zach lacks and with Zach’s current mental state I doubt he’d do well fighting outside the ring.

    Sid: But he just stopped Tajiri from slamming his head into the guard rail. He might be on his way back.

    Zach slams Tajiri into the ring apron before he rolls Tajiri back into the ring, Zach climbs up on the top rope and poses at the top.

    Sid: Zach sending Tajiri back into the ring and it looks like he is going up top. Wonder if this was part of Geordie’s teachings.

    Zach launches off the rope in a 360 backflip into a legdrop, Tajiri counters it with a backstabber though, sending Zach to the ground.

    Paul: Ooh Backstabber counter by Tajiri. If that was part of Geordie’s teachings I’d ask for my money back if I was Zach.

    Tajiri is back on his feet and Zach is on his hands and knees. Tajiri rests in the corner opposite of Zach and starts sizing him up. Tajiri rushes at Zach and hits him with a running knee to the head, sending Zach to the ground. Tajiri then picks Zach up and preps him in the corner.

    Paul: Two weeks ago the Sholi almost broke Zach Schmidt’s leg and seemingly broke his spirit. Tonight it seems that Taylor Tajiri is looking to break his skull and finish the job. That running knee rocked Zach’s noggin and now it seems we will get the Buzz saw.

    Sid: I am shocked that Geordie as Zach’s secondhand hasn’t put a stop to this match. His friend might be seriously hurt here.

    Tajiri slaps Zach in the face a couple of times before he lashes out with his buzz saw kick to the head of Zach, sending Zach to the ground. Tajiri goes for the cover.

    Paul: Buzz saw and Zach goes down!

    2 No!
    Zach just kicks out at the last second.

    Sid: Kick out at the very last second by young Zach Schmidt!

    Geordie starts slamming his hands on the apron again to wake Zach up as Tajiri gets back to his feet and starts stomping around the ring. As Zach gets back to his feet Tajiri kicks him in the gut and then sets him up for a tiger driver. Tajiri hits the tiger driver planting Zach in the ground.

    Paul: Despite that pasty Geordie screaming his lunges out at ringside Tajiri keeps command and plants Zach with the tiger driver. If the Buzz Saw didn’t end this what is to follow sure will.
    Tajiri locks in another sitting full nelson hold on the now groggy Zach.

    Sid: Tajiri locking in another Full Nelson hold but Zach is so out I don’t know if he can fight out of it.

    Geordie starts slamming his hands on the apron again, yelling at Zach to wake up and to get out of the hold. The crowd starts chanting “Zach! Zach! Zach!” along with Geordie and Zach slowly start to wake up.

    Sid: The crowd is getting behind Zach Schmidt here with the help of his friend and trainer King Geordie.

    Zach works himself back to his feet and again gets out of the hold before he throws Tajiri away. Tajiri rushes at Zach but Zach counters with a rolling elbow strike to the head followed by a stand up ensugiri.

    Sid: And Zach Schmidt has seemingly woken up. He goes on the offense against Taylor Tajiri!

    Paul: He’ll fuck it up again sooner or later no worries.

    Zach grabs Tajiri’s arm and throws him into the ropes. Zach hits Tajiri with a rolling elbow on the rebound before launching him into the ropes on the other side, where he again hits him on the rebound with a rolling elbow strike.

    Sid: Double rolling elbow strikes at high speed! Still saying that this is just flukes Paul? It seems like Zach has found some motivation and drive.

    Paul: Just lucky that’s all!

    Zach launches Tajiri into the ropes again, this time he catches Tajiri on the rebound before planting him with an inverted atomic drop.

    Sid: Inverted Atomic drop that stuns Tajiri. Looks like Zach has taken control of this match as of now. The crowd is going wild!

    Zach drops Tajiri to the ground and does his turnbuckle pose standing in the middle of the ring. The crowd chants his name.

    Paul: Get out of the way Taylor!

    Zach locks in the Cattle Mutilator and presses on Tajiri’s neck and shoulders, trying to force him to tap. Geordie is cheering him on from ringside and the fans are continuing to chant his name.

    Sid: The cattle mutilation is locked in and now it is Tajiri that gets to be pushed towards tapping. I’d say that Zach has stopped worrying Paul.

    Paul: No no no!

    Tajiri struggles to get out of the cattle mutilator, trying to force himself up to his feet but Zach keeps it locked in, adding more pressure to the neck and shoulders of Tajiri who eventually is forced to tap out.

    Sid: Submission! Zach wins by submission! Tajiri is forced to tap!

    [size=x-small]Geordie slides into the ring and helps the ref raise Zach’s hands as Billy Ford announces the win. [/size]

    Billy Ford: Here is your winner! Zach Schmidt!

    [size=x-small]Crowd cheers. [/size]

    Paul: I guess even losers get lucky breaks from time to time. Still I have no doubt in my mind that Zach will lose at No Limit to the Sholi.

    [size=x-small]Tajiri rolls out of the ring and disappears up the ramp as Zach and Geordie celebrate by high fiving the crowd at ringside before they also head up the ramp. [/size]

    Sid: So you do not think Zach even has the slightest chance at winning at No Limit?

    Paul: None at all! Sholi is in a completely other league!

    [size=x-small]After Zach and Geordie disappear backstage the titantron suddenly cut to static. [/size]

    Sid: What the!?

    [size=x-small]The static on the screen slowly fade into a black background and Killswitch Engage’s Fixation on the darkness hits. We see a blue circle with what seems to be the outlines of a man standing with his arms spread wide, simulating a cross, the outlines are in the same blue color. A voice then starts speaking. [/size]

    Voice: Don’t walk the beaten path; beat your own path out of nothing.

    Paul: What?

    Voice: The winds of change are blowing and the question is, will you be swept along… or left in the dust?

    [size=x-small]The logo then fades and the words “Chris Prodigy, coming soon” appear on the screen before it all cuts out. [/size]

    Sid: What… was that about?

    Paul: I have no idea Sid.

    [size=x-small]Cut to commercial. [/size]

    RA Kyro vs a mystery opponent

    Show Spoiler
    Sid: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen! If you are joining us just now we just saw young Zach Schmidt get back in a positive direction with a win over Taylor Tajiri.

    Paul: It was a fluke! After that we got a odd message on the titantron from a man only known as Chris Prodigy, who is he? You’ll have to keep watching Warzone to find out!

    Sid: And now we get the night’s main event. RA Kyro vs a mystery opponent for another chance at facing Royal Crown champion and Warzone general manager Curt Cutlass at No Limit.
    Paul: After Kyro failed in grand style last week Mr. Cutlass decided to play some more with the poor Scotsman and gave him one more shot. I can’t wait to see Kyro fall flat on his face again!

    [size=x-small]*RA Kyro's theme hits*

    *Crowd cheers*

    The lighting changes to a blue tint as RA Kyro walks out as pyro goes off behind him. Kyro is wearing emerald green trunks with R.A written on the back in white, green knee pads with white flashes, green elbow pads with white flashes as well, a green shirt with white sleeves and R.A written in a fancy font on the back, with Radge written on the front.

    Billy Ford: This match is set for one fall! From Edinburgh, Scotland. Weighing in at 226lbs, R..A...Kyro!

    Sid: Young, talented and energetic, these are all words used to describe the Edinburgh grappler R A Kyro.

    [size=x-small]Kyro walks down quickly to the ring, holding his hand out for fans to highfive with his eyes fixed on the ring, Kyro walks up the stairs and into the ring[/size]

    Paul: Here are three other words: Stupid, lazy and loser! Hahaha I crack me up sometimes.

    [size=x-small]RA Kyro climbs the west ring post with one leg on the second rope, the other on the top posing as the lights flash[/size]

    Sid: Very funny Paul. Now, let’s see who Kyro is going to face.

    [size=x-small]Lacky’s theme comes on as the arena goes dark and a single spotlight comes on at the stage. The crowd boo’s as Lacky walks out into the light, dressed in dark pink trunks, white boots and white kneepads with black diamonds on. His hands are wrapped in white tape. Lacky looks out at the booing crowd with a sneer. He slowly
    starts walking down the ramp.

    Billy Ford: His opponent! From the United Kingdom, weighing in at 222lbs, the king of the knock out… Lacky!

    Paul: Ohoho! Kyro is going to get knocked the fuck out! Lacky is going to make short work of him!

    [size=x-small]Lacky walks down the ramp with purpose, he pulls one of his hands through his slicked back neck length black hair in a cocky fashion and sneers at the crowd some more. He walks up the stairs on step at a time and stops on the apron, looks at Kyro and grins before he gets into the ring where he stands in one of the corners like a boxer. [/size]

    Sid: Lacky’s win – loss record here on Warzone isn’t the best either mind you. This English street fighter has shown a willingness to work with some of the less reputable wrestlers on our roster. Who can forget his debut against the Sholi right after Summer Bash where he just laid down and gave Sholi the win!

    [size=x-small]Just as the match is about to start Cutlass's entrance theme hitsand Cutlass walks out on the stage. Dylan is walking behind him holding a tray that houses a glass and a bottle of wine. A group of ring workers carries out a plush chair and a foot rest for Cutlass to sit in. [/size]

    Paul: Mr. Cutlass is joining us! Clearly he is here to see Kyro fail live!

    [size=x-small]Cutlass sits down in the chair and rests his feet on the foot rest as Dylan pours him a glass of red wine. Cutlass grins wickedly at Kyro before waving to the ref to start the match. [/size]

    Kyro and Lacky start circling one another. Lacky starts lashing out with boxing like jabs, trying to hit Kyro who has to dodge and avoid the punches. Kyro lashes out with some kick boxing style kicks to the legs of Lacky to try and force him away to create some space.

    Sid: An early trade off of strikes and kicks between the two, Kyro being much more cautious than he was last week against Mad Dogg, not taking any risks.

    Lacky bulrushes Kryo and presses him up in a corner where he starts working him over with punches to the gut. The ref starts counting to five.

    Paul: Lacky not wasting any time, he is going to take Kyro down hard!


    Lacky breaks the hold and yells at the ref “I have until five!” The ref starts helping Kyro out of the corner and as soon as he is out Lacky lashes out with a kick to the gut of Kyro, sending him back in.

    Sid: Lacky showing off both his bad attitude and his vicious in ring style, sending Kyro back into the corner before he has even had a chance to get out of it.

    Lacky drags Kyro out of the corner and starts delivering European uppercuts to Kyro. Kyro staggers away as Lacky prepares a clothesline, Lacky rushes at Kyro who manages to duck, sending Lacky into the ropes which buys Kyro some time.

    Paul: Just a slight miscalculation there by Lacky, had he hit Kyro would be one head shorter.

    Sid: This could be Radge’s chance to turn things around.

    Lacky and Kyro are back to circling one another in the ring. This time Kyro goes on the offensive with a flurry of fast kicks to Lacky’s legs and torso but Lacky manages to block a couple of them with his arms. Kyro jumps up and hits an ensugiri to Lacky’s head, sending the Englishman backing away from him.

    Sid: Ensugiri kick! Looks like Kyro is taking control off this match here. He really wants a shot at the Royal Crown Championship!

    Paul: He’s going to have to do better than that to earn a shot at Mr. Cutlass.

    Kyro rushes at Lacky who catches Kyro and plants him with a powerslam. He then gets up on Kyro and starts dealing blows to the head of Kyro. The ref again starts counting.


    Lacky get up from Kyro at the count of four and again yell at the ref “I have until five!”

    Sid: Lacky is again playing chicken with the rules. That will get him in trouble someday.

    Kyro gets back to his feet and he and Lacky start trading blows. Kyro locks Lacky’s head and starts dealing knees to the gut of Lacky until Lacky gets out of the hold and grabs ahold of Kyro’s arms.

    Paul: This is it! This is where Kyro’s dreams of championship gold come to an end!

    Lacky launches Kyro into the ropes and then rushes the ropes on the opposite side, causing them both to rebound of the ropes. Lacky lashes out with his arm hitting Kyro with a devastating running clothesline. Lacky then goes to cover.

    Paul: Here it is! That clothesline ended it all!
    Cover here. No! Kyro manages to kick out at two.

    Sid: And just at the last minute Kyro finds the strength to kick out of the pin. Look at Cutlass! He doesn’t look so cocksure anymore; he is actually paying attention now.

    Kyro is back to his feet and kicks Lacky’s leg from out under him, sending Lacky to his knees. He then starts dealing a rapid succession of kicks to the chest of Lacky before running past him, rebounding off the ropes and hitting Lacky with a running drop kick to his shoulders, sending Lacky into the ground.

    Sid: And it looks like Kyro has taken control of this match now. The Scottish warrior is preparing to end this.

    Paul: You give this guy too much credit Sid. He failed against Mad Dogg last week and he will fail tonight as well.

    Kyro starts climbing the top rope as Lacky gets to his feet groggily.

    Sid: Radge going top rope! Are we going to see something high risk?

    Lacky is now fully back to his feet and turned towards Kyro who then launches off the ropes. Kyro hits an overcastle on Lacky and goes for the cover.

    Sid: Wicked overcastle on Lacky! Kyro is going for the cover this might be it!

    2... No! Lacky reverses the pin and rolls up Kyro.

    Paul: Lacky rolling up Kyro! Beautiful reversal of the pin!

    2... No! Kyro gets his foot up on the ropes and the ref forces Lacky to break the pin.

    Sid: Oh but Kyro gets his foot up on the rope at the last second! This match isn’t over yet!

    Kyro and Lacky are back to their feet. The two start trading blows again. Lacky catches Kyro’s arm and whips him towards the ropes but Kyro ends up hitting the ref instead, knocking him out of the ring.

    Lacky rushes at Kyro and starts dealing closed fist blows to the gut and kidneys of Kyro.

    Sid: Lacky capitalizing on the ref being knocked out of the ring! Those punches to the gut aren’t legal!

    Paul: If the ref can’t see them they ain’t illegal!

    As the ref works his way up to his feet Lacky hits on last closed fist punch to the head of Kyro, bringing Kyro to his knees. Lacky locks up Kyro’s arm and prepares for the arm trap neckbreaker.

    Paul: Lacky prepping for the finish of this match. Kyro’s dreams of gold are going to go out with a bang!

    Lacky hits the neckbreaker to Kyro as the ref gets back in the ring. Lacky goes for the cover.

    Paul: This is where it ends!

    2...No! Kyro just manages to kick out.

    Sid: Kyro saves himself yet again! He just doesn’t give up!

    The two combatants are back on their feet and are circling one another. The fans are chanting Kyro’s name as he and Lacky lock up and try to force their dominance on the other.

    Paul: I don’t understand why Kyro doesn’t get that it is time to give up. He has no chance of beating Mr. Cutlass at No Limit anyway! Mr. Cutlass is the greatest wrestler in the world holding the greatest title in the world; it should be obvious who would win if the two faced each other.

    Kyro whips Lacky into the ropes, he rebounds

    Paul: RA Kyro whipping Lacky into the ropes

    Kyro puts his head underneath the arm of Lacky, locks in a front waist locks and flips Lacky over landing Kyro in a bridge, he then let’s go off Lacky.

    Sid: Kyro with his elegant suplex! Radge is back in the saddle!

    Kyro climbs up on the top rope again but Lacky gets to his feet as Kyro is posing on the turnbuckle.

    Sid: Kyro is on top! But Lacky is back to his feet!

    Lacky rushes at Kyro but Kyro notices an lashes out with his Mui Thai kick to the head of Lacky from a standing position on the top turnbuckle.

    Sid: Top turnbuckle mui thai kick!

    Paul: No!

    Kyro jumps off the top rope and hits Lacky with a tornado DDT, planting him hard into the mat after which he goes for the cover.

    Sid: Tornado DDT! Kyro has Lacky down and he goes for the cover!

    Paul: NO! NO! NOOOO!

    3… Kyro wins!

    Billy Ford: Here is your winner! R! A! Kyro!

    [size=x-small] Kyro's theme hits
    as he starts celebrating in the ring, the referee raising his hand into the air. Lacky rolls out of the ring and rests with his back against the ring apron. Cutlass has gotten up from his chair, wine glass thrown to the side.

    Sid: He has done it! RA Kyro has prevailed and beaten Lacky one on one. This means he has qualified for a title shot at No Limit!

    Paul: It doesn’t mean that at all!

    Sid: Oh really? Explain that how!

    [size=x-small]Kyro stands in the ring looking at Cutlass. Cutlass grabs a microphone. [/size]

    Cutlass: Well done Kyro… Well done. You passed your first test.

    [size=x-small]Kyro looks shocked and the crowd starts booing Cutlass. [/size]

    Sid: First test? He never mentioned anything about multiple tests.

    Paul: He is the general manager! He can do what he wants!

    Cutlass: That’s right your first test! You have to face another opponent next week! You have to really show that you can hang around with the upper class of professional wrestling. You think only beating one opponent would prove you had what it takes? Don’t be an idiot! I am general manager and I say you have to face one more opponent Kyro!

    [size=x-small]Kyro rolls out of the ring and starts heading up the ramp angrily.[/size]

    Sid: Kyro doesn’t look that happy with what he is hearing from our general manager... Kyro Look out!

    [size=x-small]Lacky comes running up the ramp and hits Kyro with a running clothesline from behind, driving Kyro’s head into the steel of the ramp. [/size]

    Paul: Attack from behind by Lacky! I guess he wasn’t happy with how the match ended either.

    [size=x-small]Lacky picks up Kyro and delivers another arm trap neckbreaker to Kyro on the steel ramp. [/size]

    Sid: No no! That’s steel down there! Both men could get seriously hurt.

    [size=x-small]Lacky gets up to his feet and delivers a couple of kicks to Kyro before he walks up the ramp. Cutlass smiles at him and hands Lacky a large wad of dollar bills from his pocket. Lacky takes the money and heads backstage. [/size]

    Sid: Lacky was paid! He was paid to hurt Kyro and take him out!

    Paul: We knew Lacky was willing to do a lot for money.

    Cutlass: Let’s see how you do next week Kyro.

    [size=x-small]Cutlass walks backstage with Dylan as the camera focuses on the knocked out RA Kyro. The screen fades to black as the commentary team is silent. [/size]


    Show Spoiler
    Segment 1 & 2 : Lacky
    Segment 3, 4, 5 & 6: Stopspot
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