Was 2012 a good year for WWE?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Star Lord, Jun 7, 2013.

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  1. I know its May but was 2012 a good year for WWE fans?
  2. I liked it because it's wrestling but I don't think it was WWE's best year in the past 5 years tbh
  3. Not at all from an entertainment standpoint.
  4. Sounds like you meant 2013 from what you wrote. Still some time to go, things are looking up.
    2012? Hell no.
  5. It's June actually. But 2012 ended the first date of January, so no worries either way.

    I think 2012 was a pretty decent year.

    -Business wise, it was good for WWE that they broke their PPV records with Wrestlemania 28 and I got the excitement of seeing The Rock defeat John Cena.
    -The "End Of An Era" story line between HHH and Undertaker was my favorite thing going into WM and the match was awesome, though more from a drama point of view than a technical standpoint (which would be a silly nitpick anyway.)
    -Brock Lesnar returned, and while the magic of this has somewhat diminished due to him jobbing in the second match at WM and needing his manager to win the third match, he did no sell the Pedigree and make Triple H tap cleanly in their first encounter. I hated him losing to Cena but I'm not as down on that as others are.
    -CM Punk held the WWE Title every day of the year and had a lot of good/great matches throughout that reign (good Ziggler match, good Elimination Chamber match, couple of great Daniel Bryan matches, good/great couple of Cena matches, etc.) Say what you will about his smiley baby face persona, he still delivered good in the ring and that's what people will mainly look back on.
    -Daniel Bryan's popularity rose with the YES chants that started to flood arenas, and it became obvious that a guy who many doubted would even it make to WWE (let alone get over) actually had the potential to be a star of some caliber after all. Bryan then partnered up with Kane to form Team Hell No, a pretty entertaining tag team (though I didn't care for much of the comedy the duo took part in) that made good use of both guys and gave the tag division a legitimate team.
    -Big Show had a short but pretty decent run as a heel world champion, defeating Sheamus CLEANLY for the belt.
    -Last but certainly not least, three guys with bright futures made their debut together as The Shield, and had one of the best debut matches ever at TLC 2012 against Ryback and Team Hell No.

    The bad? Raw going three hours, most of Sheamus' long reign as champion was boring, Punk was raped as a character for the first half of the year, AJ got annoying and overexposed as Raw GM and brought the Punk/Bryan feud down a bit by getting heavily involved in it, Lesnar losing to Cena, etc.
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  6. Pros:
    CM Punks reign.
    Tag team wrestling was really starting to get better.
    Lot's of memorable feuds.
    Plenty of surprises that wanted you to tune in for more.
    Dolph Ziggler winning MITB.
    Brock Lesnar returned.

    Punk pretty much carried the year on his back.
    Hornswoggle was announced the anonymous GM .
    Many guys lost their buzz (Cody Rhodes).
    The WWE championship match only headlined 3 times.
    3 hours of Raw was made permanent.
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    Maybe for WWE but not to the fans.
  8. Exactly!I have the same arguments
  9. 2012 was incredibly boring. Pretty much turned me off from 'rasslin altogether, lol. So :no:
  10. It was okay. Overall boring for the most part, but it was much better than 2010/2011.
  11. It wasn't that much good. There were more negatives then positives that year, and the beginning of the three hour RAW was something that help contribute to the horrid parts of the year.
  12. Wasnt great it was the start of all the returns. Many of which killed newer stars momentum like Cody mentioned above.
  13. Absolutely no.
  14. 6/10 for the year.

    Some really good matches that I remember was: CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan at over the limit
    The shield vs Ryback and Team Hell no at TLC
    Punk vs Cena at Night of champions
    Punk vs Bryan on raw
    CM Punk vs Jericho in that chicago street fight was tight
    Cm Punk vs Daniel Bryan in the no DQ match at MITB
    Punk vs Ziggler at Royal Rumble
  15. The problem I have with these threads is that I immediately think back to all the good things that happened in 2012 and think 'What a great year that was! Maybe I am too harsh on WWE sometimes.', but I don't really take into consideration the amount of programming in a year. Sure, there's positives when you look back, Punk's promos and the amount of great title matches he had, Bryan getting over as fuck and his awesome WHC reign, Ziggler getting over and winning MITB, Lesnar's return etc. But for the most part, I was rating Raw and Smackdowns < 5/10. There was a lot more filler in '12 than there was in '11 with the additional hour on Raw. There was a distinct lack of interesting stories (Punk and Jericho being the main exception, that was great), and the majority was just filled with pointless matches and promos.

    I guess 2012 was a decent year of WWE programming, the match quality was generally really high for PPVs, but for a lot of the year both Smackdown and Raw were just tedious, and almost impossible to watch for me.
  16. Decent year for programming, especially compared to 2011, 2010 and 2009.
    Great year financially.

  17. I watched 2011 from June onward and thought the programming was much better on Raw and Smackdown.
  18. I preferred Smackdown to RAW overall during 2011 due to the hands off approach from Vince to the show back then. We got the Henry reign and the original rise of Bryan back then. Raw was more hit and miss for me at the time.

    2012 was overall more decent on both shows, evening itself out. At least for me.

  19. That match wasn't worth a fuck lol. Overbooked piece of trash
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  20. 2011 >>>> 2012

    I don't see how anyone can say otherwise.
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