Was 9/11 an inside job?

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  1. Yes.

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  2. No.

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  1. If so, who do you think was behind it? Curious to know everyone's opinion.

    Personally, I blame the fucking Jews. Jewnited States of America, am I right?
  2. When in doubt, blame the jews.

    I'm gonna have to go high priority cia? Building 7 and the 3 trillion dollars that went missing just days before are enough for me to dig it.
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  3. Yes. For land control and oil. Had to think of a reason to go into someone else's land and kill innocent people. No wonder everyone hates America. lol
  4. Well, the government was looking for a reason to go to Afghanistan a little while before 9/11 transpired and that gave them a hell of a reason to go there, so I think it could've been an inside job.
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  5. For dat oil and land homie skills
  6. They did it for The Rock
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  7. Yes. I will post my reason when I get home.
  8. Jews?
  9. I don't know

    I'd lean towards yes. Never met or talked to anyone really familiar with the situation. Only seen conspiracy theories.
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  10. well here is a fair link with credible authority on the building collapse and the ability of the people who supposedly flew the planes.

    Just because it's a conspiracy doesnt mean only crazy people are the ones providing evidence to the contrary of main stream media. Hell how many times have the media lied and had to correct themselves?
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  11. I lean towards no but having heard all of the arguments for it being an inside job it wouldn't really shock me either way. I'm like 55 no 45 yes.
  12. Most likely. They needed oil and a way to invade, so... :jericho:
  13. Yeah, look at my join date. Illuminati confirmed.
  14. I've actually never thought about it much either way. I always just assumed that the people saying it was were the typical conspiracy theory kooks. I do remember someone on an old forum trying to prove legitimately that one of the buildings couldn't collapse the way it did unless some other type of demolition was set off inside of it but someone who knew a lot about Physics came in and explained how it was possible.

    Personally, I don't think the government would actually be so cold-hearted (and I know I'm giving the government a lot of credit there) as to massacre several of it's own people just to justify invading another country when they could easily thought of another reason.
  15. It was propaganda to get into Afghanistan. It's similar to what Hitler did. Burn the Reichstag and blame the communist.
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  16. if you get bored and want to kill some time, the above doc i posted is legit, there is a firefighters one that is really legit, but there is an amazing one that details the actual airport. Shit, i cant find it but for anyone else interested this is a reasonable short doc that entails a lot of evidence of the pilots and the event....but it's really done up more than id like.
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