News Was AEW Fyter Fest or NXT Great American Bash the better show on July 8?

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Who won the latest battle in the Wednesday Night War?

We’d hung this gimmick up back when the pandemic lockdowns started, but with both AEW and NXT busting out PPV-like themed shows for July 1 and 8, we’re bringing it back!

Hopefully everyone enjoys being distracted from the real world by critically comparing and contrasting two fictional television shows. Surely there won’t be any problems... we internet wrestling fans are well known for being able to keep things in perspective.

And, hey. If we can’t, that’s what moderation is for.

Back to the issue at hand. Night two of AEW Dynamite’s Fyter Fest and WWE NXT’s Great American Bash are a wrap. There’s been time to watch them both (you know, if you’re not into that whole sleep thing) - or at least read up on what happened and check out Twitter GIFs or YouTube clips.

So which show did you enjoy more? Who delivered a more entertaining wrestling product?

Was it AEW with another win for the tag champs as the plot thickened for FTR & The Bucks, Taz’s extreme announcement, and Chris Jericho making Orange Cassidy a star?

Or was it NXT, which featured a hardcore women’s opener, Swerve taking Johnny Gargano to the limit, and the end of Undisputed’s era & the start of the Limitless One’s?

You can peruse our Dynamite live blog and our NXT live blog before voting, if you want.

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