Spoiler Was anyone actually disappointed...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by CM Punk, Oct 29, 2013.

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  1. That Damien Sandow failed to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase successfully?

    I honestly didn't really care, I was rather alright with Cena retaining. Don't get me wrong, I like Damien Sandow. But if he won the World Heavyweight Championship, I wouldn't mark. It'd be more like, "Oh. He's champion? Cool I guess."

    The placing of Sandow just doesn't have me invested in him. Even if he won the championship, I doubt that he would even have a good reign. I still think of him as a mid-card or lower mid-card dude and I can't take him seriously until he starts to show more of a side of him that we haven't seen before. A good example would be his beat down on Cena before cashing in. If we had more of that, I could possibly take him seriously.
  2. I'm not to mad for the same reason. I say stick him around the main event scene like that, have him work his way back to Cena and cement him as a main event guy. I think it's much more effective if they build him up, rather than just shove him into the main event scene after plenty of losses then a Preshow win. Damien doesn't have that main event feel just yet, but what he did on Raw shows that he can hang with the big dogs. If they continue to push him to be aggressive and even injury someone via kayfabe to show he is someone dangerous. It would be poor just to shove him back to the midcard after that match with Cena.
  3. I was mad at first but now they have so many options to go with in this storyline, Sandow put on a great match and Cena put him over in a way. What I'm hoping is Cena vs Del Rio vs Sandow for the WHC at Survivor Series, would be a epic match I think considering whats going on right now.
  4. Damien Sandow is incredibly talented, but he's simply not ready to be a world champion. I do think he has all the tools to get there, but I'm not disappointed that he failed to cash in. He'll have his day.
  5. I'm with you on this Punk. I think that having a name like Cena gives the WHC some credibility. Damian Sandow could be great, but Cena undoubtedly is best for business
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  6. Not dissapointed because they didn't really bury him. However, it was wierd seeing him lose after he beat the shit outta John. I mean- lol cena sux bryan 4 wwe champ.
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  7. I wasn't. Having him win the MITB briefcase still puts a nice feather in his cap even if he doesn't have the World Heavyweight Championship to show for it, and given how young he is, there's still plenty of time to win the belt later on. Plus, it makes cash-ins more unpredictable as scenarios like this show that a cash-in doesn't always guarantee a new world champion. And an attempted cash-in and a good match between Cena/Sandow was a great way to start off Raw last night.

    And for all we know, Sandow might get revenge on Cena by costing him the WHC against ADR at Survivor Series or Sandow's attack on Cena's shoulder last night might end up playing a crucial part in his rematch with Del Rio, where Del Rio might apply the cross-arm breaker for a long period of time, leading to the doctor at ringside ordering the match to be stopped (something tells me there's a deeper reason for that doctor being at ringside to always make sure Cena is OK to continue), awarding ADR the championship. In that case, Sandow's attack last night and perhaps another attack leading up to Survivor Series could end up playing a role in Cena dropping the title at SS.
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  8. I was extremely disappointed, but I'm the first to admit I'm a mark who doesn't really overthink things. I just saw Cena winning and it was like blind rage. I know Sandow isn't ready, but god fucking damn. Cena absorbs a savage beating and wins with only one arm and one move? Lol. Just lol.
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  9. I am so angry Damien was royally screwed last night from losing his MITB cash in this is so fucked up fuck you Cena burying new talent he just cant handle anyone getting the spotlight thats why he rushed back as he knew Daniel Bryan was taking the spotlight. And now hes back he got the title off Alberto Del Rio and now has cost Damien his title reign this is so fucking wrong Damien should be world heavyweight champion he deserves this hes a great new talent and he should be in the spotlight
  10. Damien is the kind of guy that needs organic growth up the card, some mid card feuds, a mid card reign to test him out and then the world title down the road. No need to rush.
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  11. Yeah because Cena controls who wins matches and how long a torn muscle takes to heel :pity1:
    HE's my 2nd fav and he lost!




    I almost broke my laptop when i saw sandow losing lol :/
  13. Merged.
    Plus that wasn't news, it was a spoiler.
  14. I fully expected him to job to Cena so I wasn't disappointed nor would I have been super hyped to win the top mid card belt.
  15. I saw it coming a mile away, and we all knew how the last 3 moves would work out. SUper cena won, i just cant believe how badly it was handled. So now Cena can face anyone, but has already HANDLED the 2 top stars for the belt. This is classic WWE fucking things up. Cena comes back with his arm in as bad a position as it can be in, and he still overcomes shit, not once, but two fucking nights in a row. This right here is a perfect example of why wwe is dogshit.

  16. Wow. This is very amusing to read.
  17. For people saying "he's not ready", well why couldn't he hold on to the briefcase and see how Sandow is doing in 6 months time?
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  18. Sure that's a possibility, but now he has the stigma of being the only guy to lose. Someone had to be that guy. It makes MITB less predictable and not such a sure thing. This is far more interesting frankly. Also it gives his character an instant chip on his shoulder, and something to shoot for. I'm sure by this time next year, Cody and Sandow will be rekindling their rivalry and it will be for the World Title.
  19. Cena already wasted a briefcase but yeah I take your point.
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  20. Oh yeah!!! LOL shit... how quickly I forget.

    All the same, I think it still works in the way I had laid out.
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