Was anyone else impressed?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. With how good Cody was this week on SmackDown? His mic skills are improving most weeks I see him. He manages to get lots of heat when on the mic when many people don't care about the IC Title.

    I think they've done well so far reinventing that title to what it once was.
  2. Agreed, he's improving week by week and looking sharp.
  3. ive been missing wwe havent had time to watch it lately.
  4. Check the downloads in RAW and SmackDown for the latest episodes if you want :emoji_slight_smile:. Or we have them both on YouTube. Your favourite (presuming he's your favourite because he's in your avatar) Kane is in the main event atm :emoji_slight_smile:.
  5. Great mic skills, he builds up the tension very well. He has an annoying lisp though, just not as bad as Jack Swagger's.
  6. Lol yeah no where near as bad as Jack. After Mania' I'd drop the IC from him and put him in the ME.
  7. Cody has been good for a while now, especially on the mic. I think they need to change his look to fit his character though. He's psychotic right? Well, sort of. He has this horrible wife-beater type jacket on, and looks like a normal guy. I'd perhaps introduce a leather-feel, or perhaps those eye things that changes the colours of your eyes.
  8. Isn't he passed his psychotic phase since he lost his mask. He seems more arrogant then anything else to me.
  9. I don't think so. You can see by his facial expressions and movement, that he's still struggling with like "Anger management". I compare him to Orton really. He's ignorant, arrogant and has no remorse, which all fits into his psychotic persona. I still think a new look would suit him, he actually has a gimmick why not capitalize on it?
  10. Don't think he fully is Seabs. I'd love to see more extraordinary gimmicks, it's just something WWE isn't fond of any more for whatever reason.
  11. Personally I feel like they dropped the dashing gimmick way too soon.

    He was getting great heat, and his promos were very entertaining. Though, the same can be said now. Really enjoy this guy.

  12. I enjoyed his dashing gimmick, but WWE made it stupid. They made it so whenever he was kicked in the face he literally moaned for ages. It done my head in, couldn't take him as a contender then. At first though it was incredible. Such a common overused gimmick and he turned it into an original segment each week.
  13. He surely has improved and so has Dolph Ziggler. They are the future and it's funny how everyone thought including me that DiBiase would be the bigger star.
  14. Yup I thought the same too. Back then I didn't know Ted was diabolical on the mic and Cody was good. I also prefer Cody in the ring, but Ted isn't a bad wrestler by any means.
  15. I fear for Ted's future really, perhaps his surname might keep him in the company though.
  16. I really can't see them firing Ted due as you say his last name. I wouldn't be surprised if he left to work Japan again at some point though.
  17. Dunno, he's a movie star isn't he? Well, he's involved in movies. Going to Japan isn't going to help him.
  18. Well one thing is for sure, he has to stop this whole storyline with Jinder Mahal and go for Rhodes Intercontinental Title. Than Rhodes can upgrade to World Heavyweight Champion Caliber.
  19. To be honest, no offense to Ted, but the IC title has just become interesting again. Cody needs to stay there for a bit before moving on. When he does move on, give it to someone more entertaining than Ted :S.
  20. He's only been in the sequel to the Marine I think. Plus he worked there before the WWE and I think turned down an initial development deal to do a tour with Noah in 2007. So I think he has some passion for the Puro scene probably from SR who was a pretty well known performer in the mid 80's particularity in the tag team division. So I can see him going back eventually similar deal to MVP.