Was Brock vs. Cena at E.Rules a really match?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Mar 27, 2013.

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  1. Was Brock vs. Cena at E.Rules a really match? I watch this match and it seem more of a fight. Brock right from begining started proch jab away at Cena and made him bleed with less then a min into the match. Which in this PG World you can't have. I know they that knew who win going in but alot of the thing that did just same to hard to make look real. Alot look like a really fight to it. And it have that fale to it the whole match. ​

  2. It was not a really match!
  3. wtf is this shit.
  4. I knew that! I asking about the thing that did in the match. Brock have cena beeding within a min. of the match not even. Alot of the thing Brock was doing did look real and not thing u pre plan to do.
  5. You are asking if they were shoot fighting?

  6. I said in a thread recently that it was more of a beat down than a match. Just call it a completely one-sided match, if you will.
  7. It was a wrestling match. Brock is just working a ring style that makes it look like he was still a MMA fighter. Striking stiff and such.
  8. But he made him Bleed in less then a min. and there real strike. not the fake strike that wrestles normally do.
  9. They planned it that way. I could make you bleed in 5 seconds with an elbow to the forehead. It isn't difficult.
  10. That's what striking stiff means. A stiff punch is a real punch. The first thing Brock did was strike with his elbow (possibly the hardest point on the body) to Cena's head, there are a lot of shallow blood vessels on top of the head, busting one of those with an elbow is not hard if you know what you are doing. It was done for effect.
  11. But there PG so I though that not alot people bleed inless it just have been?
  12. Brock and Cena are top guys. It's not like Vince was going to march out there and yell at them mid match. They either had permission beforehand or they got fined (as in paid a little money).
  13. The best beat down that cena has received in the last years ....Of course the blood was scripted
  14. PPVs are unrated, not PG. Try again.
  15. If that the case why is there NEVER BLOOD I EVERY MATCH IN PPV THEN!? :pipebomb:
  16. ^this is it
  17. There is :pipebomb: just when its needed . If you want blood the go watch Japanese wrestling
  18. It was a one sided match but very entertaining. The finish/result was bullshit though.
  19. Blood has nothing to do with a rating. PG isn't the reason they don't blade more often. They just don't view it as necessary most of the time, which it is not.
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