Was Brock's push to his first WWE title the perfect push?

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  1. A short recap for anyone who doesn't know / remember it all.

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    He started off by destroying well everyone in a hardcore multiman match.


    He attacked both Hardy's leading to a match with Jeff at Backlash


    and against both Hardys with Paul Heyman at Judgement day.


    This lead to the king of the ring, which he won all be it with interference from his manager Paul Heyman


    and again at Vengance, he lost Via DQ but he beat RVD down, making him leave not under his own power.


    This then lead to the big one at Summerslam Vs. The Rock


    So was Brock's push one of the best ever, and possibly described as a perfect push? Was it too rushed or timed just right? Let's here some opinions.
  2. Paul Heyman.
  3. Yes he was involved, doesn't really answer the question however.:burns:
  4. Very well, I will expand upon it.

    Paul Heyman is one of the greatest managers and promo writers to ever exist and the main reason Brock got over with the crowd. Many monsters came before and after Lesnar's debut but none were as successful. Why? Paul Heyman.

    Nothing against Brock himself, but when Paul left the picture, the magic wasn't there for me. IMO, Paul was Brock's mouth and his personality up until 2003. Brock then began to break from his shell on his own.

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  5. Yes in my opinion it was. It was a push that got him over, it was an interesting push and was thoroughly entertaining. Paul or no Paul, it was perfect.
  6. Given Cena's skill set, he was allowed to get himself over and remain so. The cuffs were off and the right workers put him over.

    Orton's was good, but his opponents deserve so much credit in making him more than he was at the time.

    Bottom line. I'll take Cena's push over anyone's bar none
  7. Brock Lesnar had the best push to the top out of all the talent but obviously he only stayed in the company 2 years as he couldnt handle the schedule. Just imagine if he had stayed in the company he would of been champion so many times by now cos of how great he is
  8. His huge push is one of the reasons he left. So no. The rock left too after he accomplished everything in WWE. But it took him 7 years to do it. Lesnar got pushed to the moon in 2 years time that a lot of athletes wouldn't get in 20 years and left.
  9. I don't know if I would call it the 'perfect' push since there are so many different subjective ways of looking at that, but it was a very solid push, because people had already completely bought into Brock as a legitimate main eventer after only having been there for five months when he beat The Rock (cleanly, pretty much) for the WWE Title.
  10. Not sure if it's the perfect push, but it's a very good one. Too bad WWE doesn't do things like that anymore.
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