Was Daniel Bryan going through the comedy character good for him?

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    [size=xx-small]Kane is super smelly[/size]

    I was reading a post on the Layfield Report (JBL's website it's a decent hub for various information) and a piece about Daniel Bryan really caught my eye. In it was the following quote :

    This got me thinking, Bryan whilst always a good mic worker never really was that guy who got you to hang onto his every word, he was enjoyable but never excelled at it like others did. An example is here :

    I'm not talking about character as well he didn't have any in this segment but he uses the term "you mean" alot as if it's a placeholder for him to think about what he's trying to say. He sounds nervous as if he's scared of performing in front of the crowd.

    Compare this to his current day promo's his voice seems more stable and he uses less placeholders in his work, it's like the fear is gone of being on the big time ( as much as we all love the American Dragon, performing in front of 1000s must be much more intimidating than the 100s he was used to.)

    Now this could have been a natural adaption sure however I believe an important part was the comedic traits the WWE gave him, it forced him out of his comfort zone and to work something new. Once he found at that was OK he seemed less nervous of the big crowds and more in control of his character integration with the audience.

    So do you think the comedy character has helped Daniel Bryan as a performer?
  2. Absolutely. In WWE, your abilities as an in ring performer are viewed by management as secondary to how entertaining/marketable you are. It also has helped him to sell a ton of merch, thus making him a lot more money.
  3. It helped him get over with the crowd and as mentioned, helped to sell a lot of merch. So it's been good for his career. I personally hate the comedy stuff he does, but I think it'll be good in the long run since it'll make more of an impact when he finally snaps out of it and becomes more serious... Assuming they ever let him go that route. I'd like to see him eventually become someone who hurts people with submission moves and stuff. That's a way to play up his strengths in the ring, given he's smaller than most guys on the roster.
  4. Well it shows that he has more depth then certain people thought he never could reach. He does seem more confident when performing in front of that many in the wwe. It also as others have said got him over. If you can show a lighter side people warm to that.
  5. Haha this promo is too funny.

    >Miz ''annihilating'' Bryan :pity2:
  6. I can see DB being the next Kurt Angle, mixing both comedy (outside the ring) and seriousness (inside the ring). He needs to show a bit more of his serious side though, and some of his comedy crap is a bit too much (like the borderline homosexual stuff).
    They (Cole, WWE) should play up to his wrestling abilities more as well, and make him look like a real threat.
  7. Being with Kane has probably helped him a lot. I remember Stone Cold once said being in a tag-team is what launched his career and made wrestling fun again, and that inevitably causes you to produce your best work. I don't think this is Daniel's best work, because he's much better than a midcard comedy character, but he is easily one of the most entertaining guys on the roster, and it shows his versatility in abundance.
  8. I've noticed it too. He seems way more comfortable, personally myself, I think it's the beard. :bitw:

    Also, didn't notice but the shirt Kane is wearing looks kinda cool.
  9. Absolutely. It shows how multi-talented the guy is - he's a born entertainer whether that be through his wrestling skills or otherwise. He's going to be a big star.
  10. I mean he's better
  11. ....I need some context here... Better than what? who?
  12. I mean than he was before.
  13. Can't agree more, dude
  14. For sure. It's given him confidence, more versatility and it got him over.
  15. What I noticed is when he's doing a serious promo, he tends to have a grin or smile on his face like he's out of charachter a little.

    Hence why the beard to cover it up a little, maybe..
  16. Not sure if this is just me but it seems like the goat references have lessened majorly over the last couple of weeks/month.
  17. Well, JBL still talks about it a lot. Don't remember King though.

    But yeah, DB corpses a bit.
  18. DB corpses A LOT. Lol
    I don't mind it though. Then again this is cumming from someone who'd let him stick it in da butt, so I might be a bit biased. :bitw:
  19. Bryan is a great comedian. And obviously, if you have taht humor, you have lots of fan. :emoji_slight_smile:
    So it's good for his career.
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