Was Foley the worst TNA World Champion?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by seabs, Jun 1, 2013.

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    I honestly can't think of any rhyme or reason he was given the title in 2009, he wasn't a monster draw or anything and was 10 years off his best and retired more times than I care to count. He won it against Sting at Lockdown (​
    highlights can be seen here before participating in that confusing ass Ultimate Sacrifice Match which Sting won via pinfall but didn't pick up the title since he pinned Kurt and got ownership of the Mafia. It was some randomness of pinning Foley made you champ, pinning Kurt made you the godafather, pinning Jarrett made you TNA owner and pinning Sting did something else. Foley even sat out for a while to do commentary. Then he dropped it at Slammy given Joe's random turn to join the group he'd hunted for the past year. TNA was a clusterfuck at the time but was anyone a worse champion than Foley in company history?
  2. Well, I wasn't watching then, but the Russoish matches and Foley's condition (at least what I expect it to be then) probably was pretty bad. If he was a big draw I could understand but since he wasn't, yeah idk.

  3. Try and find the fourway it's hilarious it's terrible nature.
  4. He should have been no where near a world title at that stage of his career. They should have let him just be an authority figure.

  5. That would have made too much sense for 09 TNA lol, if anything we should be greatful he wasn't made Godfather of the Mafia.
  6. - What is so confusing about 4 Way Ultimate Sacrifice match? Everone had something at stake, Angle had Mafia leadership, and he lost it to Sting. Foley and Jarrett weren't pinned, so they didn't lose their respective ownings.

    With that out of hand, I think he was the worst champ, but I wouldn't degrade him as being so bad either. He was a good draw (that's why Jarrett booked him to win in the first place) and his matches were decent.

  7. It's clusterfucky as hell, a title match where winning the match doesn't render you champion is incredibly awkward.
  8. And unique. It stood out from any other company in the world. That's why I loved it, along with KOTM and some other good TNA gimmicks who are now gone.
  9. Agree to disagree on the loving point, I'll give you it was unique though. I agree of KOTM, it seems like an easy play to do it too.
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