Was giving Christian the IC title a bad move?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jun 8, 2012.

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  1. SmackDown have lost Orton and Jericho and now their IC champion is a face, which means at least for the first two months he'll be a super face beating loads of "heels". So far, he's been facing heels like Mahal, even though he's feuding with Rhodes. In my opinion they could have used the IC title to elevate some other faces, Christian is known/over despite that title, he's a household name now.

    Let's use Ryback as an example. Needs a feud, needs a decent heel to go over to solidify himself. He could have went over Rhodes after a PPV open-challenge, became the new champion, defended it against Rhodes after the rematch clause, wins again, so Rhodes can move into the main event and Ryback has gone over a decent heel.

    But all we're going to get is an already over sort of old household name beating an up-and-coming heel, it doesn't help anyone apart from Rhodes moving into the ME scene.
  2. It's a good question. I like Christian, and it was an interesting surprise to see him win the title, but it did stop some possible plans I would've, which did involve Ryback, him going over Rhodes for the IC title, true. But I think there's a bright side to Christian being champion, it could help elevate the midcard. If Christian was put in an awesome feud with a heel, let's say, Sandow, and if it was well booked, could help not only Sandow, but make the midcard more interesting. However, we're seeing Christian beat guys like Hunico and Mahal, which seems not to bring the midcard up, but bring Christian down. So, considering that this can be a good thing or a bad thing and we're talking about WWE, they'll probably screw it up.
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  3. Very nice post, liked.

    I agree. Christian could elevate the lower heels like Sandow but apart from him who else is there to compete with Christian really on the mic? This is where I wish Riley was a heel.
  4. Exactly, that's where I struggled, to find a midcard heel who's not a jobber, not in the tag division, or not supposed to be in the main event. Maybe they could elevate Cesaro as well, that would be cool.
  5. Exactly, Riley has to turn heel, he is too good on the mic to be on NXT and theres too much competition for a midcard face, is he still in the WWE dog house or is he winning again now, last i heard he was jobbing to Jinder :facepalm1:
  6. I feel that WWE might make Christian drop the title to Rhodes this PPV and have Christian go and feud for the World Heavyweight Championship. I don't care who WWE have face Sheamus for the World Title though as long as it's not Del Rio. I can't stand him. He's so stale and boring. I mean you know what he's going to do the moment he comes out "It's my destiny".

    If Christian drops the title I'll see WWE bring Christian back up to the Main Event, Have Rhodes drop the title the next ppv to someone like Dibiase, Ryback, Swagger or The Miz. Give it to a guy like the Miz, Make him have a solid run and bring guys up while holding on to the title, This would be a good way to bring Miz back up to the top and I can see it doing great things if they do that. If they go with Dibiase I'd see it as more of Ted getting revenge from their last feud. Ryback would basically be just him getting some clean wins over established stars and getting a title although I don't want to see this happen I think it will and Swagger I see getting it but I don't think he'd make any sense.

    Also I think that Dolph Ziggler might leave Swagger and Vickie and go after Sheamus' World Title.

    Just a few ideas. I'd love to see Ziggler go to Smackdown and feud with Sheamus.
  7. I think Kidd should have a run as IC champion, hes really good in ring and has improved massively on the mic.
  8. He actually won his first match for like a year the other day in a house show.
  9. Progress :obama:
  10. I'd love to see Kidd get the title but him and Justin Gabriel will still be teaming up when Gabriel comes back from injury so I don't see Kidd getting the title unfortunately, Besides they'd need to build him up right or he'll just win it and fall straight back down to the bottom.

    The guys awesome in the ring, Improving heaps on the mic but I don't want the title thrown at him, I wanna see him brought up properly like Rhodes so that way he won't fall back into jobbing because honestly he is to good for that.
  11. Good point but it just bothers me that almost all of the NXT roster deserve a massive push and could carry that belt, but Vince either only pushes people so much that we now cant stand them (excluding D-Bry) or makes them job to everyone and everything, mainly Brodus.
  12. To be honest almost EVERYONE on NXT is better then the people on the main roster.

    Michael Mcgilicutty and Tyson Kidd are great and deserve a push!
    Derrick Bateman is great! He has the look and the skill to be awesome!
    Kaitlyn has improved so much since going back to NXT. For someone with only a few year's experience she's better then half the divas.
    Titus Oneil and Darren Young I am happy to see on tv but really they're just the new Cryme Tyme.

    Anyway in my oppinion almost everyone on NXT is better then alot of the main roster.
  13. I don't think they'll have Christian lose the title to Rhodes, it makes no sense. Why did they give him the title in the first place then? I also wish Kidd, Hennig and other NXT guys were on the main shows, but these two in special. I like their work a lot. About Ziggler, having him come to SD to carry Sheamus into watchable matches and feuds would be good, but he may be OK on Raw too, I don't know.
  14. Well for 1 it's WWE. They do some of the dumbest shit and go around in circles to do one thing. This one thing would be dropping the title from Christian so he can go into the main event status then having Rhodes drop it the next ppv. Really they're just going in circles...

    And I feel Ziggler would be lost on Raw. They've already got their main title feud going and I doubt they'd put him into it as well. I think he'd fit in better feuding with Sheamus because Del Rio is extremely boring and there's nothing special happening in his feud with Sheamus.
  15. Yes, WWE tends to do silly things, so that could happen, but I don't think it's a good decision. And Ziggler probably won't have much time on Raw because, well, normally no one gets time on Raw except for HHH or Cena, and because the big summer storyline is coming relatively soon, so unless he's playing a part on that, he'd probably be lost. And I also agree on the fact that Del Rio is boring and his feud with Sheamus is just like that as well. Ziggler would make it a lot better, but if he's supposed to be buried, no thanks. If he's winning the title and saving SD I'm all for it.
  16. I'd wanna see it with Ziggler getting DQ'd for a mistake like bumping into the referee so that Sheamus can keep his title but Ziggler doesn't lose credibillity and then have Ziggler take it from him at Summerslam or the ppv after.

    I'm also hoping that Ziggler will win one of the Money In The Banks after No Way Out. I'm hoping for him and Wade Barrett to win them.
  17. I do mean buried in the long run, so that decision would be cool and would actually make Ziggler look good. About the MITB winners, Ziggler and Barrett do seem like two good possibilities. Maybe Cody Rhodes wins one of them, I'm not sure. I don't even know if they'll have separate MITB matches, as the brand split doesn't exist anymore.
  18. I'm hoping for 2 matches that way atleast 2 of my favorite guys will be World Champions ^_^

    I'm expecting Ziggler, Barrett or Rhodes to win them and if that happens I won't complain all though I do see a face winning one of them. Not sure who that will be though.
  19. I'd like to see one of those win, not really sure which face could win it though. But one thing I'd also like to see would be a different cash in for one of them. Not the same thing with the guy being attacked and the MITB holder coming out... maybe a cash in like RVD or something.
  20. Agreed Cesaro and other International stars deserve a chance for the IC title. I think Christian beating Rhodes was only for a temporary change. He will lose and *HOPEFULLY* there will be a group of people looking to move up in the title range, but who are clearly not world title holders (people like swag who have a championship but you wouldnt be suprised if he somehow lost to hornswaggle at a weekly show, or seeing them on superstars jobbing) Christian is going to be back in the World Title race soon, im a Christian mark but in no way do i want him beating jobbers every week any more than i want to see him be one weekly on SD.

    I hope It's Kidd, Cesaro, Rhodes, Ziggler (i know hes world title material, but the matches would be so great and a better chance to see the show off over him squashing to Show/Cena/ anyone else) and like i said before i am all about the tag division, but i wouldnt be hurt to see hunico, Titus, and maybe even one of the Uso's get in for a shot at the title...maybe even set up a Rumble/battle royal full of up-and-comers who deserve recognition.

    Santino having the US title is CLEARLY a bad move, he barely ever defends it and his walk to the ring alone helps the title lose even more momentum. I think the IC should be for smaller, faster, high flyer candidates like Sin Cara, Rhodes, and Kidd, while the US should be for people like Swag, maybe even Cesaro to rub it in the American's faces like in his last interview, Europeans do everything better than their American opponent.
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