Was Heyman right last night?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Nov 20, 2012.

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  1. He mentioned how we all want the Attitude Era back, and edgy television, but when we got that (the edgy part) with the Lawler story it received a lot of backlash from the casuals AND the smarks, so is he right? Has mainstream media and such affected how the fans perceive such storylines?
  2. Loved that comment, absolutely destroyed the crowd. I completely agree with what he said.
  3. Yes, Heyman is correct. Very nice way to put it.
  4. Heyman was correct
  5. Right and wrong.

    Right in a sense that everyone went apeshit about the whole thing, but he's wrong because the angles in the attitude era weren't mocking people's death (even if he only died for 20 minutes) - So.... yes and no.
  6. Big Boss Man dragging Big Show's dad's coffin around after his car says hello.
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  7. Mocking somebodies heart attack with their consent is a lot better than promoting things like Necrophilia.

    Good shout Stop lol ^
  8. Do you think the audience in the AE would have complained like babies if this angle happened back then? Of course not.
  9. Is Heyman ever wrong?

    Yeah exactly. Not to mention, I feel people who really complain about it completely missed the point of Foley's portion of the segment. People who bash the segment saying it was wrong, in bad taste, and crossing all kinds of lines are just reiterating everything Foley said and normally not even a fourth as well. I mean, I can understand the argument against the angle had Foley's promo been left out, but his inclusion and delivery did nothing but highlight how terrible what Punk & Heyman just did.
  10. Heyman was correct because as much as ppl are all for the AE coming back. Those same ppl take kids to the show and as soon as something gets a bit risque or on the edge they dont like it as they deem it inappropriate for the kids.

    I mean the AE did the vast majority of us on here no harm watching as kids. But as computer games and films show the media in certain circumstances need scapegoats and use games like GTA and films etc as such. The WWE if it went to overboard and back to the AE even with a TV-14 rating would still risk the wrath of the media if anything happened that could be related to wrestling. Plus the same parents calling for the AE return and an edgier product would be first in line supporting the media in the moral outrage.
  11. He absolutely was.
  12. Heyman touched on so many points about what is wrong with fans today that it isn't even funny
  13. I was thinking Attitude Era 2 was gonna start at RAW 1000 since they talked about a new era but hopefully Attitude Era 2 starts 2013.
  14. There won't be an attitude era 2 in my opinion. Recreating something does not guarantee success. More likely then not they would fail. They should instead work forward towards something new and exiting.
  15. There doesn't need to be. Just more entertaining unpredictable television is enough, something I believe WWE is moving to.
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  16. This. As some of us on here has stated multiple times a TV14 rating will not result in great TV. Entertaining and unpredictable product will.

    I would like that post but Crayo already has so many :dawg:
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  17. Ha funny you posted this because I said that the story line had a lot of controversy which is exactly what the attitude era evoked. I love being right.
  18. Yeah, Seinfeld is rated PG, and it deals with a lot of ''edgy'' shit (masturbation contest, female body parts, diaphragms, abortion, homosexuality etc) and it's on TV basically 24/7 and not too many people complain :dawg:
  19. Yes, I've seen documented proof on 12-13 year old forums complaining about Rock, Austin and Triple H

    The fact is, fans of the AE were imbred, cousin-loving, foul mouthed alcoholics who enjoyed low brow entertainment

    Today, those same fans are either old or have kids now and are teaching them a shade of morality
  20. Heyman was absolutely right.
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