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  1. That Bryan lost in the short match at WM against Sheamus? It was the launchpad which got him so over and gave us a further evolution of his character. I was pissed at the time and still am to an extent but it could well have helped him more than a classic would have.
  2. I don't really know what the ramifications would be. Him jobbing out in a classic wouldn't have the same character effect and we saw that match at Extreme Rules, so yeah, I think it was OK. Although starting WM pissed off wasn't that good.
  3. I really don't think he'd be any less over today than he was before then if it hadn't of happened. Looking back though, it was a good little idea. It was a Wrestlemania moment of sorts, and it gave them a chance to have a classic match at Extreme Rules instead. If it had been the main event of Wrestlemania, then there would be grounds for being pissed.
  4. No. Bryan imo was going to get over regardless. People forget the stadium was chanting yes before he lost to Sheamus in 18 seconds. It was horrible but DB saved it and now he's grown beyond it. I think of it as a lucky escape. Horrible decision.
  5. He was over sure, but was he ever as over as he is now? I can't recall him being so.
  6. It was a smarky crowd but the yes chants were all over the place beforehand. The night after, with the same smarky crowd, yes' became a massive part of the show. From then on, it trended into other shows. I think that smarky crowd is the main reason the yes chants caught on. I simply think him jobbing to Sheamus was a massive risk that perhaps sped the process up, who knows, but it was inevitable in my opinion and it was a horrid Wrestlemania moment for DB.
  7. If nothing else it ruined the crowd at Wrestlemania before Taker picked it up. That alone should have told them it was a retarded decision.

    I'm not sure how much it hurt Bryan, but it sure didn't help Sheamus any
  8. Don't think so. I think it would have been better for Wrestlemania itself and Daniel to have a good Wrestlemania match. While he did get over, I think he would still anyways. Plus now he has a 18 second match to look at whenever you look at the history of Daniel Bryan. It'll forever be with him, and it would have been better to have a close match between the two instead of a squash match for the World Heavyweight Championship.
  9. I do remember the crowd going nuts chanting "Yes" before the squash indeed. And it did get the crowd sort of dead when it happened, yeah.
  10. Wasn't Sheamus boo'd at the end of it by some? Oh how ironic. I know him and Big Show were boo'd massively the next night.
  11. Yep, Sheamus was booed after winning the WHC. :lol1:
  12. The crowd was barely behind Sheamus though. Both Sheamus and Daniel Bryan were getting cheers, but it seems Daniel always got more anyway.
  13. In my opinion I don’t think he would be in the position he’s in if he didn’t lose at wrestlemania the way he did. I also think the crowd from WM and Raw had a lot to do with him getting over as I wasn’t interested in Bryan before then. When Bryan lost in 18 seconds I thought it was really cool at first and was actually cheering for shameful, but then I learned about how things work backstage and how much of an idiot Vince and HHH are, having no remorse in humiliating people at what is the biggest stage of them all. I did feel bad for Bryan because even though he knew he was going to lose the title that way, he still went into the match and gave 100% of his enthusiasm. I’m glad it’s turned out this way for him as it could have been a complete burial. The funny thing that came out of it was all of the hate sheamus received for it :haha: :bury1:. I remember the discussions on the forum about WWE screwing themselves over for doing it.
  14. DB squash is always bad, tired of waiting for his big win again this year. Makes me wonder if he will win by next wrestlemania.
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