Was it the right decision?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Baraa, Jun 19, 2013.

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  1. Alberto Del Rio was over as a face, one of the few superstars nowadays in the WWE who are better as a face than as a heel imo.
    Now don't get me wrong, I liked the way they made the double turn at Payback, but lets just forget about Ziggler for a minute and focus on Del Rio...
    Was it the right call to turn him despite him being so over as a face?
  2. He was not that over at all. Half the time the only reason he got a reaction was because of Ricardo at the beginning of his entrance, and this is coming from a big ADR fan. He is a much better heel, and I for one am glad they turned him when they did.
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  3. He was so successful as a face , and many reports said that they were please at the way his turn was going and that was even why they gave him the World title at the end of last year.
    They booked him strong as a face, he won 2 Last Man Standing matches against Big Show was had a big push at the time, and he won at Wrestlemania against Jack Swagger who was also getting pushed.

    I was so surprised when he started acting as a heel at the PPV and then followed it up by the official turn on RAW.
  4. He was getting pops early on but they seemingly disappeared whilst the ZigZagTrain was going strong, I can't hate on it as ADR got some reaction last night and they stopped fighting DZ as a face.
  5. Alberto was dull as a face. His look and persona work much better as a heel. While some might not catch Alberto entertaining at all, he was just dull to me as a face with the same ole same ole stuff. With this heel turn at least we get something that pertains better to his persona and he looked hella brutal against Ziggler with those kicks to the head. It might not be a huge improvement, but I see him better as a heel then a face.
  6. He is money either way :adr:
  7. Alberto was over? lol
    When was this?
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  8. He got decent reactions as a face. He could start si chants on demand.
  9. Dolph is in la la land when it comes to ADR being over. Si chants were so rare and Ricardo were to thank for those. ADR has currently bummed as a face and a heel in terms of reactions. Let's hope feuding with someone over like Dolph (we think) will help him. I'm already bored of another ADR reign though, but I'm not an avid fan of his tbh.
  10. You damn right it was the right decision. Not just the double turn, but going into Payback there was a recent trend in WWE PPV's.

    Going into Payback we knew we were going to get good wrestling, but judging from recent PPV events I don't think many of us seriously expected much more than that. We were throwing around theories that "Oooh, Jericho's going to be a Paul Heyman guy now!" or "Hey, don't miss Orton finally turning heel", but none of us would be surprised if this PPV didn't give us any real interesting content. ESPECIALLY the Ziggler/Del Rio match. Going into it we all thought "Ho, hum, we'll get some damn good wrestling, then a fluke Ziggler win that nobody will care about" before getting back to fapping over Punk's return.

    There's something to be said for unpredictability, I'll be looking forward to a WWE PPV a lot more knowing that something could come out and surprise us, especially after that didn't happen at all last year. Ziggler lost the title reign nobody cared about but gained a lot of fan support from the great storytelling, and for the first time ever ADR is getting something resembling a reaction (although I'll still mock him for fun). I'm skeptical as to whether or not it'll work in the long run but at least for now these two characters came out smelling like a rose.
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  11. I don't care what anyone says. Del Rio got fine reactions as a face. Si chants all day. I HEARD THEM DAMMIT. THEY ARE REAL TO ME.
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  12. K
  13. Without Ricardo, i'm not so sure Rio would even be in a relevant discussion.
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  14. fuck you asshole

    ADR >>>>
  16. kk
  17. Oh cmon, Rio isn't on the league of the top faces or heels(reaction wise). He's just in the middle of the roster.
  18. No disrespect, dude is mad talented. Just sayin.
  19. Who pissed in Dolph's's Cheerios tonight? Did the local shop burn your tacos?

  20. He got minimal reactions as a heel the first time around. His reactions as a face weren't elite, they were just sufficient. People act like he came out to crickets as a face which is just bullshit.

    And now as a heel (1.5 matches) he is drawing plenty of heat, so SUCK IT HATERS.
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