Was Jeff Jarrett ever more entertaining than in his MMA gimmick?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by seabs, Mar 17, 2013.

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  1. How awesome was he during this time? His matches with Kurt were obviously great, he was great on the mic and drawing heat. The MMA seminar he set up on Impact is still entertaining and the way he teased naming Angle before saying he learnt the Ankle Lock from Shamrock was an old school touch and textbook heeling it up.

    So yeah did you find Jarrett any more entertaining in TNA than this run?
  2. He was never more entertaining in any run he's had anywhere. His segments were the highlight of the night each week for me. They could've kept the gimmick going for years and I would've kept tuning in for it. I'd love for if/when he comes back, that he will continue where this left off.
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  3. People bitched and bitched about the drawn out Angle/Jarrett feud but I fucking loved it

    This shit was mark out worthy

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  4. That's how you structure a fight, also how great was Bully.
  5. That's taken straight from the Van Damme movie Lionheart, which made me mark out even more :gusta:
  6. Going off on a tangent but is that the one when he's in the French Royal Legion and ends up bare knuckle boxing for his brothers wife or something similar?
  7. You are correct sir!
  8. Jeff Jarrett attacks the? Cenation

  9. You'll never reach my level but you're starting young so you might get near my level :terry:
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  10. "Ken Shamrock made it famous, but I perfected it."
  11. This is an armbar I perfected it in a day
  12. Fan-fucking-tastic forgot some of this stuff :lol1: please come back Double J!
  13. lmfao, and yet JJ is HATED by most in the IWC. I love that motherfucker. He is brilliant
  14. The internet is full of retards that's why, I'm all for differing opinions but the majority hate for no reason. That's why I like this place the invasion hasn't begun yet.
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  15. Loved that gimmick a lot actually.
  16. Most cite him being overpushed in WCW and booking himself to the title a bunch of times in TNA. Then they spout off the typical Corentte quote "Broke a thousand guitars and never drew a dime" line and call it a day. Pussies.
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  17. It's funny that the majority will rock CM Punk avatars whilst complaining about drawing money too, either that or Daniel Bryan ones. I'm all for indie wrestling but you can't hate on one guy for not drawing then support those two who fail to draw either without expecting some backlash.
  18. I really don't care who draws and who doesn't. I'll let WWE sweat that. It is something to consider when talking about a guys career, but it is no reason to hate a performer. If he entertains you he entertains you.
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  19. Quite ironic that there's boring chants in the OP video, lol.
  20. It's heat lol, he deliberately stretched it out to annoy people. Jericho did it all the time with his slow ass promos, it's text book heeling it up.
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