Was last night the best RAW in a while?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Was for me personally. Most the matches meant something even if they were short, most if not all mic segments were very good. It was great build up for the Royal Rumble PPV and finally I'm actually excited to buy that.


    -Dolph Zigglers opening promo
    -Foley appearing and wrestling (and on the mic, woo)
    -2 Johnny ace segments
    -Brodus Clay making me laugh yet again.
    -Jeritroll trolling everyone :troll:.
    -CM Punk's mic segment at the end, best since his shoot.
    -Johnny taking out foley.
  2. It really was. Everything went pretty swell.

    It makes me want to watch the rumble.
  3. Was most decent RAW in like 3 months!
    Punk shooting johnny down at the end was decent, I honestly thought he was firing Foley though...
    Ryder storyline could be interesting I'm thinking he'll take the title back or creative have moved him up from that scene too quickly IMO!
    Hilton was absolutely pointless and the fake jump when pushed by one of the Bella's was ridiculous!
    Cena & Kane needs to end at the Rumble though, been dragged out long enough now, although they got it right with the mini segment between them this week!
    Jericho is brilliant, that is really all you can say about that!
  4. It was a good RAW episode but I don't understand why everyone thinks Foley's return was impressive.
    He could barely move his feet to be able to run.
  5. I have to say after watching Monday's RAW I was actually quite satisfied and I am already looking forward to next weeks. The end promo from CM Punk with Lauranitus and Foley aswell was just awesome!
  6. He's had more good one's after his shoot.
    Like the Summerslam signing.
  7. The segment with Vince yes, I include all of those with his shoot. He had about 4 weeks of epic mic skills with that story-line. Then they sort of fizzled him out, he was making Cena-like jokes, not good.
  8. It was pretty good but the CM Punk's mic segment was really good. Did you hear how loud the crowds were chanting him and cheering? Haven't heard that big of a crowd chanting for a long long time. That was the best moment.
  9. Yeah they seem to love his rants, that happened throughout the summer with Punk :emoji_slight_smile:
  10. Yes, I know but yesterday's was big. The crowd reaction was very loud.
  11. Yeah the crowd was quite hot for the main event-type segments, typically quiet for the others though :emoji_slight_frown:.

    Btw, glad you started posting :emoji_slight_smile:. Seen you browsing quite a lot.
  12. Yah, I've been lurking around since I joined here. Figured it's time I start posting here.:cool:
  13. Damn Right! Where have you been?
  14. That's the spirit! :coolgun::coolgun:
  15. I haven't seen much RAW in my life since I've actively watched since early November but it was one of the best ones I've seen so far. Nicely filled. Good promos. Good matches. Well, except for the Funkosaurus.. But most matches were quite good and well performed. I really liked the storyline with Cena. The way he beat on Swagger made him look out of control and honestly badass for the first time since his 2002-2004 heel chapter.
  16. Agreed. I actually like the Funkasaurus matches at the moment, the guy makes me laugh a lot when he speaks during.
  17. I agree that his gimmick is awesome. His entrance is awesome. But he looks a bit too overpowered. Sure, he's a big guy, but taking someone out with 3-4 moves.. I don't know about that. I do like it when he starts shaking things up, everyone goes "ew".
  18. I think the main purpose of him squashing other competitors is to make him look like a legitimate strong guy. Most comedic type wrestlers now like Santino, Hornswoggle, Ryder (before he got over) never do well in the ring. They're seen as "funny but weak". Being funny gets you over big time with the fans, but they don't get the serious pushes. Brodus has the look, ability & skill on the mic to actually be a serious contender AND be funny.
  19. I'd prefer Santino to be pushed instead of Brodus Clay. I think Santino has more personality as the not-so-grown-up-grown-up. Imagine.. Brodus against someone like Triple H. I agree though that we need some more funny guys in the top-tier. I'm glad they kind of pushed Hornswoggle by winning from Sheamus in that one top-rope elimination match.
  20. Santino will never get that sort of push unfortunately. He's been jobber #1 now for years. Plus, does he look the sort (or act the sort) to hold a championship? Brodus is like 6 ft 8 and 300-400lbs I think, but can still do some pretty athletic stuff. That's who I'd want as a champion :emoji_slight_smile:. All about opinions though, some people might prefer Brodus in a more serious role, but I think he's excelling in his current gimmick.