Was last weeks RAW proof that...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Sep 12, 2012.

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  1. Cena is one of the best mic workers in the world? He's constantly knocked down but if you think about it, the one thing that mostly gets Punk respect from the IWC the most is his gifted talent on the mic. Cena -- in my opinion -- is on par with Punk and I rate Punk as the best mic worker in the world. However, Punk is obviously more consistent than Cena because of Cena's horrific gimmick.

    Some will reply "Well dur, he's always been one of the best", and I would agree but he does get a LOT of hate and gets called average on the mic and such so I thought we could debate it.

    Also whilst we're here. Was that segment the best promo-segment of the year?
  2. Best promo segment of the year? lol

    anyway, Punk is overrated on the mic. BITW my ass. Cena > Punk. Cena just sucks 95% of the time because he is Vince's puppet and used to entertain kids
  3. I've always considered Cena a good mic worker, no doubt. But his gimmick is the problem most of the times.
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  6. Definitely. A shame because he could be fucking amazing.
  7. I'm sure that at one point in his career before he retires he'll stop being the top face superman that he is and we'll have some nice Cena character for a change.
  8. Cena's work on the mic is good at times. When he was going head to head with The Rock I found that Cena's promos were a bit better (probably cause Rock wasn't investing his time in them, hence the notes on the wrist & him flubbing his own remake of "We Will Rock You"). Cena can do some solid promo's but I wouldn't call last weeks promo, the promo of the year. The only reason it was so good is because he said son of a bitch & we love cuss words. :hardcore:
  9. I think he's very good at the mic, it's just his sucky character that overshadows it, making it suck for the IWC marks.
  10. Re: RE: Was last weeks RAW proof that...

    I agree
  11. I completely forgot he said it, I highly doubt many people enjoyed it because he said a swear word lol.

    It had so much emotion, it's how you sell PPV's. He answered what we ALL wanted the answer too -- how come Punk's change never came and why was it forgotten? Punk also solidified himself as a pure heel tearing into Bret Hart and Cena, really putting his name out there as the top guy. It made the championship look really important, Cena didn't bring up stupid kid jokes, Punk was showing pure emotion, it felt edgy too. Everything was perfect in that promo.
  12. He needs the right opponent for this gimmick, if you look at his thuganomics gimmick he was great on the mic. He has always had lots of mic time, but a lot of the times it's with opponents that don't go with this gimmick. Opponents like heel Edge, heel Orton, and CM Punk go well with this gimmick he has.
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