Was last weeks SmackDown one of the worst ever?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Apr 21, 2013.

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  1. I've not come across anyone who said it was good in any form. We had a Shield promo which was decent I guess, but I don't remember anything else. Oh, Fandango's promo. That's it.

    Was this one of the worst?
  2. From what ive seen, it wasnt one of the best Smackdown shows, im guessing they couldnt be arsed doing much, lets save it all for the O2 arena and make the fans happy there. Who knows??
  3. It was really bad indeed. Can't say one of the worst ever but one of the worst in recent time, at least. Although Swagger/ADR was alright.
  4. Liked opening segment. Liked shield. ADR/swagg was okay. That's it 1/10
  5. It was certainly lackluster and there weren't any exciting matches. The fact that Ziggler wasn't on definitely didn't help things.
  6. You aren't a fan of insufferable characters fighting over a parking spot, Crayo? Damn, thought you'd be a big mark for that.
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  7. Didn't even know that happened. Skipped through SO much.
  8. I remember watching that 6-person tag. I cringe every time I see them entering, because Khali, because Hornswoggle and because Natalya should be in a muuuuch better spot than a valet for Khali (why use the best diva in your main roster as a valet while the Bellas are wrestling? Damn it), but I'll admit, having that match over a parking spot, while ridiculous, is better than having the match just because. Also funny to see the racism with the latino people having music out loud on the car :lol1:
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  9. Meh, it's better than her farting gimmick she once had.
  10. It is, but you know, at least she wrestled when she was farting.
  11. Watching the match, all I could think was "this feud > Sheamful and Henry"
    Second everything Leo said.

    As for the OP: It's hard to say, seemed very par for the course for IrrelevantDown but 4 recaps of a shit Raw (thanks Dolph's for counting) definitely puts it in the conversation.
  12. Smackdown is the show that I put on to watch, but ends up on the computer glancing at it from time to time so they're all a "Meh" to me.
  13. They're all the worst ever nowadays.
  14. I've seen worse, it was bad though
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