News Was Randy Orton Written Off TV On RAW?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Sep 11, 2015.

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    We all know what went down on Raw this week. What are your thoughts?

    Was Randy truly written off TV, in order to take some time off?
    I remember rumors about him wanting to work a lighter schedule, but that could've also been a tease for NOC and he may end up teaming with Reigns and Ambrose after all.
  2. Hopefully he was. Even though I've been waiting for them to finally pull the trigger on an Orton/Wyatt feud for a while now, having him become Ambrose and Reigns' partner would be a pretty underwhelming way of doing it. On the other hand, Orton being taken out and then returning at a later date and surprise attacking Wyatt and his family would be a much more fulfilling way of beginning a rivalry between them. (Bray and the family becoming the recipient of a sneak attack themselves for a change would be a nice way of serving them a dose of their own medicine.)
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  3. Good for him. I'm sure this is gonna lead to an Orton vs. Wyatt feud as Lockard said, but I'm just glad that he's getting a well deserved vacation.
  4. I only disagree because I recently picked him in your fantasy game.
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  5. Orton just came off vacation.

    But, if he wants to work a lighter schedule that's fine by me. I enjoy orton but it's getting kind of old. And, him fighting bray will happen at some point.
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  6. Don't want to sound like Idiot #1 here but Randy might be the worst booked guy in WWE right now. I'm sure he's raising hell backstage at anyone involved with him having a bunch of pointless ratings/crowd killing matches with Sheamus with no direction, he seems like the type of guy who'd beg for some time off if he has one more of those damned things
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  7. I think orton should be fighting for the IC title and every once and a while be involved with people like bray. But what else do they have for orton really?
  8. Tt's about having a performer play to his strengths and the things he enjoys as a person. Randy seems to enjoy either being a badass or doing something that makes him feel cool, like if it's a match with an awesome finish, a story he can get into, or a match where he can prove himself against one of the best workers, he'll make the most of it and Orton will deliver. Throw him in a random match against the same dudes over and over and he'll start delivering walking clotheslines and taking a nap in the ring. Hell in his last big push they even had him cutting long promos. Blah
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